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  1. I see you lurking. You haven't posted in almost 3 years. Nice to see you.


  2. Melissa1334

    I love Hawk Harrelson

    As soon as I saw the thread title I knew you made this thread mike haha. Anyways I'll always appreciate hawk and all but just don't like him anymore. I really dislike how he ignores things that stone says and how he gets quiet and certain things like kc special is tiring. I understand he's a big fan, a homer but he needs to be a bit more professional, when they're losing. Love Benetti and stone
  3. Melissa1334

    4/26 Sox vs Royals, Now, CSN

    QUOTE (fathom @ Apr 26, 2015 -> 03:37 PM) KC pitching coach does an incredible job of getting his guys to throw with max velocity while maintaining command. Jason frasor
  4. Melissa1334

    4/26 Sox vs Royals, Now, CSN

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Apr 26, 2015 -> 03:31 PM) Volquez is getting every pitch. I don't recall him being this accurate Only 3 walks issued this season going into today had 70 something last year. Interesting lol
  5. Melissa1334

    Who can the Sox acquire?

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Apr 26, 2015 -> 09:47 AM) I didn't and wouldn't suggest Anderson. And if you think he will end up at .179, that's your prerogative. A 36 year old player shouldn't be getting top prospects in return It was a joke(hence the smiley) and of course he won't and just saying they won't be giving him away for leury. I'm talking about them not what anyone is saying here
  6. Melissa1334

    Who can the Sox acquire?

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Apr 26, 2015 -> 09:44 AM) No one suggested giving up Anderson for anyone, let alone an over the hill Aramis Ramirez. No one did but that's what the Rangers would ask for, one of the better prospects. They're not going to dump him. Even if his value at this point were, for example, Sanchez, I don't think they'd even do that, I seem to recall reading somewhere they want him to retire there(since he's probably a future hofer), >and I never mentioned aramis
  7. Melissa1334

    Who can the Sox acquire?

    QUOTE (daggins @ Apr 26, 2015 -> 09:40 AM) Cheap rentals on older guys with playoff experience. If it comes to rentals. Aramis Ramirez seems like 2012 Youkilis right now, struggling on a struggling team, although no one is obviously pushing him out. Carlos Ruiz is still reasonably good and likely available. Gerardo Parra in the OF. Guys on expiring contracts. No need to go all in on 2015. You figure even someone like aramis would still cost someone like Sanchez, and idk if I would want to give up Sanchez for a rental player, I still think he has value. One of those nice bench players you can have year after year(replace bonifacio eventually) or if Micah gets hurt or struggles too much
  8. Melissa1334

    Who can the Sox acquire?

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Apr 26, 2015 -> 09:30 AM) Personally I would go for Adrian Beltre. High price tag but that defense offense combo even at his age is pretty hard to come by He's hitting .179, he'd fit right in Idk, he's 36 , making 18mil next year, would be tough to give someone up, like Anderson, for a 36 year old
  9. Melissa1334

    4/23 - White Sox vs. Royals 7:10 CST

    QUOTE (WilliamTell @ Apr 24, 2015 -> 12:32 AM) I never thought I'd see the day where the Royals may be my most hated team. I hate The Tigers and their fans, But even before this game, I hated kc more. I hope they squash kc every time they face each other and if the sox can't win the division I hope Detroit does. Kc and their fans , acting like theyve been perennial winners
  10. Melissa1334

    4/23 - White Sox vs. Royals 7:10 CST

    Ugh sucks to have lost this game and we have no idea what to expect from the next 3 starters although if we don't hit it won't matter. So disappointing
  11. Melissa1334

    4/21- White Sox vs Indians 7:10 PM CT

    With Herrera getting suspended 5 games, any chance he misses some games this weekend? I'm sure he'll appeal but not sure how long that process is?
  12. QUOTE (raBBit @ Apr 19, 2015 -> 05:27 PM) Other than Drabek, Putnam would be the guy I axe despite his ERA last year. I don't think Albers has looked that bad. Putnam has arguably looked the worst and as you said, he should t have a spot secured based off one good season he's had
  13. Melissa1334

    Ventura on his job status

    Sorry if it was posted, how many years left does robin have on his contract? IMO, the sox will never fire him but I could see them not renewing his contract when it's up
  14. Melissa1334

    4/12 - Twins vs White Sox

    Is robin going to use bonifacio at all?lol
  15. Melissa1334

    2015 AL Central Thread

    QUOTE (Big Hurtin @ Apr 12, 2015 -> 12:26 PM) Tigers already up 3-0 in top of 1st. After Cabrera 2 run HR, Martinez hit in ribs, warnings were issued. Still in the top of the 1st. 6-1 now lol that line up is so good. At this rate, they won't even need a good bullpen or back end starters lol