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  1. South Side Fireworks Man

    Lopez’s Perfect Game(thread)

    CB Buckner is one of the worst umpires of all time.
  2. South Side Fireworks Man

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Another reason to doubt this organization's ability to accomplish a successful rebuild.
  3. South Side Fireworks Man

    Twins @ Sox 1:10 WGN Odorizzi vs Giolito

    Congratulations! 😉
  4. South Side Fireworks Man

    A’s at White Sox, 6/22 now straight doubleheader

    Yolmer Sanchez is the best middle infielder on the roster. Move both Anderson and Moncada and put Madrigal and Sanchez in the middle where they belong.
  5. South Side Fireworks Man

    Sox @ Sawx, 12:05 CT, 6/10/18

    Should have gotten more for Sale.
  6. South Side Fireworks Man

    Game Day in Chicago Saturday June 2nd at 1:10 Pm CDT Brewers and Sox

    Let's strive mightily to win today!
  7. South Side Fireworks Man

    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    I hope the Sox don't bring up Jimenez until they feel his defense is developed enough to play an adequate major league outfield. Everyone always focuses solely on his hitting when determining when he is ready for a call up. I hope the Sox are also concerned with developing his defense and other baseball skills as well. This franchise never seems to put enough value on defense. Unless of course they plan on Eloy being a full time DH, I hope he doesn't come up too soon and be an embarassment in the outfield. I'm tired of watching that kind of White Sox baseball.
  8. South Side Fireworks Man

    5-13 GT - Sox @ Cubs - 1:20pm CST

    Nice job, Rondon!
  9. South Side Fireworks Man

    5-13 GT - Sox @ Cubs - 1:20pm CST

    Stone keeps confusing the Cubs with the Sox.
  10. South Side Fireworks Man

    5-13 GT - Sox @ Cubs - 1:20pm CST

    Atta boy, Engel and Yolmer!
  11. South Side Fireworks Man

    Sox vs Cubs 1:20 NBCSN

    Engel breaks up the no hitter! What a bunt can do LOL! 😀
  12. South Side Fireworks Man

    Sox vs Cubs 1:20 NBCSN

    Another first round draft pick by this brain trust.
  13. South Side Fireworks Man

    Sox vs Cubs 1:20 NBCSN

    Rodon can't even stay healthy and may never be that effective. Fulmer sucks so far. Giolito sucks so far and has lost velocity for some unknown reason. Two first round draft choices and the primary piece to a major trade, these were supposed to be key pieces of the rebuild. Last year's number one draft pick tears his Achilles twice already. There's no guarantee this rebuild will be successful.
  14. South Side Fireworks Man

    5/11 - White Sox vs Cubs

    Hahn needs to be beaned everytime he's about to make a first round draft selection.
  15. South Side Fireworks Man

    Thompson / Saladino

    Now Leury can go back to being the backup infielder and not have to play outfield again.