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  1. South Side Fireworks Man

    Thompson / Saladino

    Now Leury can go back to being the backup infielder and not have to play outfield again.
  2. South Side Fireworks Man

    White Sox @ Twins 4/12

    QUOTE (Jake @ Apr 12, 2018 -> 07:55 PM) Wonderful.
  3. South Side Fireworks Man

    White Sox @ Twins 4/12

    We traded Chris Sale for this guy?
  4. South Side Fireworks Man

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    Rodon and Anderson for Machado sounds good to me.
  5. South Side Fireworks Man

    Our Next Manager?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Oct 26, 2017 -> 09:52 AM) Does Jerry still own the White Sox? Unfortunately.
  6. South Side Fireworks Man

    Who says we cant compete next year?

    I wouldn't count on much from Rodon. But yes, the Sox should be competitive next season.
  7. South Side Fireworks Man

    Yolmer Sanchez Appreciation

    Best Second Baseman on the roster.
  8. South Side Fireworks Man

    Adam Engel

    Fine, let Moncada play everyday at 3B but keep Yolmer at 2B.
  9. South Side Fireworks Man

    Adam Engel

    I'd let Yolmer play 2B and let Moncada play 3B. Davidson can play 3B against some Lefties since Moncada struggles from the right side anyway. Leury at SS and Engel in CF. Baseball is a defensive game and I'm sick of garbage defense up the middle. Leury, Yolmer and Engel gives the Sox premiere defense up the middle.
  10. South Side Fireworks Man

    Cleveland at Our Sox

    QUOTE (Scoots @ Sep 7, 2017 -> 07:32 PM) Well whaddya know. A leadoff Yolmer Homer off Kluber. Yolmer is a good ballplayer.
  11. South Side Fireworks Man

    Adam Engel

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Sep 7, 2017 -> 01:52 PM) These guys can all play next year, but all of them will have to improve in order for them to be regulars on a team the White Sox will sell as a contender. Engel will have to hit a bit. Leury is going to have to become a bit more baseball savvy. Hanson.....he just isn't a championship calibur player. And Anderson should have to improve his defense as well as his offense. Yet he seems to be the anointed starting SS. Why not let him compete for a job like everyone else? Leury is a much better SS and it's his natural position. Defense matters.
  12. South Side Fireworks Man

    Adam Engel

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 7, 2017 -> 12:06 PM) If we have the choice between someone who can't hit, but plays gold glove defense versus someone who can hit, but hurts his pitching staff in CF, give me Engel everytime. With an already bad defense and a young pitching staff, I don't want to make it harder on them than I have to. Engel is a young pitchers best friend in CF the way he turns doubles in the gap into loud outs. Agreed.
  13. South Side Fireworks Man

    Cleveland @ Chicago

    Atta boy Engel!
  14. South Side Fireworks Man

    Adam Engel

    QUOTE (Two-Gun Pete @ Sep 5, 2017 -> 08:04 PM) I do like competition, and I would not count out any of our cavalcade of middling OF options for next season. I'd let Tilson, Engel, and Liriano duke it out for CF; I'd let Anderson and Leury duke it out @ SS for next season. As it should be.
  15. South Side Fireworks Man

    Adam Engel

    QUOTE (Lillian @ Sep 5, 2017 -> 07:47 PM) Leury was always regarded as a plus middle infielder, but the outfield is really new to him. Right. And now that he has come around with the bat, he deserves a shot at the SS job. Anderson should not be annointed as the starting SS but should have to earn it. Let them both compete for the job next year.