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  1. ptatc

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    To be fair, this shouldn't the primary factor in the decision for the Sox. The decision should be what is best for his future which in turn what is the best for the team to win now and in the future.
  2. ptatc

    White Sox Garage Sale - Tomorrow 10AM-1PM

    People most definitely line up like black Friday. I've been to a few to get game used jerseys, bats etc. It is a madhouse. It's worth it for select items though.
  3. ptatc

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    Not sure who designed it. You can go with evolution, intelligent design or anything else. Fact is that humans needs to reach over there head to accomplish function tasks so that joint needs to be relatively unstable to accomplish this. You can decide how it got there. Everyone's glenohumeral joint is most certainly slightly different than others. I've looked at hundreds if not thousands of cadaver joints to realize this. Some muscles are bigger, some labrums are thinner, tendons can be calcified. This is why some people can throw 100 mph and other 50. The overall structure is similar but there is definitely differences.
  4. ptatc

    Rodon watch: Starting 9/29 vs Reds

    It would be really interesting to read the op report when they look at the medicals for his next contract.
  5. ptatc

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    Yes, pitch count is the standard now. It still mostly equates with innings as they limit innings based on pitch counts. The max effort really isn't much of a factor in today's game as it's all max effort now. Few pitchers start off slow and work their way up for intensity anymore, it's balls out from the beginning which is why most starter don't hit the lineup a 3rd time. The one most people miss as you state is the amount of get up and downs in the bullpen as those have a greater intensity similar to a game as they may rush to get ready. This is work that the starters don't have so you can probably add a few innings on to Kopech's load from there.
  6. ptatc

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    He should be able to handle at least 50 pitches or so without any detrimental effects based on his previous usage. I agree. I think the Sox handled him about the best they could with the injury in the middle of it. He was never going to throw more than around 80-100 innings, it was just they were going to use them. The fact that Rodon pitched so well allowed them to take their time with him. He should be in good shape for the playoffs where he could reach up towards 80 total innings which I think was their goal.
  7. ptatc

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    In the 80's is when the research started and we has the theories. Its always evolving but in the early 90's is when the current knowledge base really started.
  8. ptatc

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    A pitcher can't throw 100 pitches and be effective if they haven't worked their way up to it during the season. He could throw that many but he would fatigue probably around the 50 pitch point and probably start causing damage by 100. Your glenohumeral joint is by design a very unstable joint because it has a large range of motion compared to for example the hip joint. Because of this it is largely dependent on small stabilizing muscles (rotator cuff, supraspinatus, infraspinatus) to keep the joint working properly. Once these fatigue, there starts to be excessive motion or instability in the joint. This in turn will start to place excessive stress on other tissue and cause damage. So its not that he couldn't throw 100 pitches. It's that he would be far less effective and cause fatigue which would most likely lead to damage in the joint.
  9. Speak for yourself. 2 years in a row is a great feeling as a fan. Not too many firsts as a Sox fan but this is one
  10. C'mon I look forward to the entertainment. 😁
  11. They really want to make this as painful as possible don't they.
  12. Hence the reason I wouldn't trust him with men on.
  13. Probably hurt himself running up the dugout steps. The outfield is flat.