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  1. It's amazing what happens when you have an offensive line that actually blocks. It would be nice to see the Bears line actually open a hole for an RB. I don't think I've seen one all year. My seats are in the south end zone so you can see when holes open or not.
  2. ptatc

    A Realistic Offseason

    Which is a better Free Agent off season, this or next? I don't see the Sox as serious playoff contenders until 2021. Winning record, Contention 2021. So which off season would be a better use of their money this one or the next one? I'll hang up and listen for the answer.
  3. ptatc

    David Crosby Documentary

    He performed at the small venue where I teach. He stayed around afterward and just talked to people. He was very personable but he did discuss regretting the way he treated people when he was younger and under the influence.
  4. ptatc

    Will Strasburg opt out? thread

    You know that none of the Boras clients will sign early. He will play them off one another and they won't sign until a month into spring training.
  5. ptatc

    Will Strasburg opt out? thread

    This should not play a factor in any signing. They should do what they think is best to help the team have the best opportunity to win a world series. End of story. If any GM makes decision based on what would appease the fans, he will not have a job long. winning will invigorate the Sox fanbase, nothing else.
  6. I don't believe that is what I said. It was an example of how if you allow coaches to yell and the officials. the coaches will take advantage of it. It was in reference to your statement that the umps in baseball are too powerful and can throw mangers out for even arguing balls/strikes. My response was that they can't allow the mangers to argue balls/strikes because the games will take forever if they allow it. Just look at the nfl. If they let the coaches argue with the officials they will, all the time, not just and the end of a game when the officials have been bad as you stated. They officials aren't bad because they argue with the coaches. The officials are bad because it's a part time job and they don't practice enough.
  7. What repercussions would you like? They already get graded and the highest grades get to work the playoffs and get bonus money. If you allow the managers to argue strikes/balls it won't just be at the end of the game if the ump has been bad. Managers will take advantage of it and do it throughout the entire game to give their team an advantage. Look at football. the coaches are constantly yelling at the sidejudge about calls. If you allow the manager to do this to the homeplate ump all game, it will take away from his job at the plate.
  8. It would be nice to appease the fans but would it really improve the quality of their calls? They already get to work the playoffs based on their grades during the season. If they aren't calling playoff games, they were graded poorly compared to their colleagues.
  9. Do you really think that sitting in front of the media talking about a blown call is going to improve the quality of the calls? Should the league just let the mangers argue every ball/strike call? If you think that the games are long now , imagine if they let the manager come out and argue all the time. Those aren't the answers. It may make you as a fan feel better but it will kill the game with 4 hour games.
  10. I disagree. the officaials are responsible to the league and teams not the fans. It really doesn't matter what the fans say. Just like a good GM doesn't run his team with fan input, neither should a ref.
  11. I think they need to make all officials full time employees and train them year round. I know they are phasing it in but they should just do it now and maybe it will help the quality.
  12. ptatc

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    The question is then were they truly principles before or was it just for PR?
  13. ptatc

    NLCS- Nationals/Cardinals

    I love it when a player sign a big money free agent contract and his previous team does better without him. The great thing about baseball is that it is truly a team game. It is unlike any other sport where the team can't put the best player in position to win it. Other players have to perform in the batting order. It's only luck if the best hitter comes up in the big situation. This is what makes baseball so unpredictable.
  14. Look at the holes the packers RBS get to run through tonight. The bears RBS haven't had one of those this entire year.
  15. It's the line. There haven't been any holes. Hunt wasn't a straight ahead runner and thrived in a similar offense. Same with shady McCoy.