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  1. ptatc

    Joe McConnell R.I.P.

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 10, 2018 -> 12:22 PM) Joe McConnell was a true pro. RIP. But on to Harry. Can someone explain to me if Sportsvision was the Sox death knell and WGN and Harry were the Cubs pot of gold, how come in 1982 the Sox outdrew the Cubs by over 300k. In 1983 the Sox outdrew the Cubs by 650k, and in 1984 the Sox, despite the Cubs making the playoffs, outdrew the Cubs by 25k? Sportschannel was over by then. This was before big money in TV. Bill Veeck's last season as an owner, the Sox were getting $3k a game for TV. 1984 happened. That's what turned the Cubs into the darlings they have remained. It wasn't Harry. This stuff does happen. The Bulls couldn't draw flies until Michael Jordan. Now they lead the league in attendance when they try to lose. The Hawks probably will have that. The Bears have no problem filling Soldier Field. Maybe someday it will happen for the Sox, but something really unique is going to have to happen. They will probably have to have an incredible run. It can't be ownership, because if it's anti Reinsdorf, why doesn't it carry over to the Bulls, where so many tried to blame him for the break up of their dynasty which resulted in, at least at the time, the worst 3 or 4 year stretch of any team in NBA history. I'm surprised you don't know such an obvious answer. It's because the Sox have Kenny Williams.
  2. ptatc

    4-8 Gamethread - Tigers, 1:10pm, CSN

    QUOTE (ChiSoxFanMike @ Apr 8, 2018 -> 04:11 PM) Lopez and Rondon looked amazing, that's good enough for me. Lopez, the new Quintana.
  3. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 5, 2018 -> 06:36 PM) Soria is awesome. Pull the pitchers too early too often and youll see the lesser talented pitchers too often.
  4. ptatc

    1st Homestand weather

    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 4, 2018 -> 07:03 PM) I'm not advocating retro fits, I'm advocating that the next generation of stadiums have retractable roofs. From this point forward it should be non-negotiable. The only benefit would be that the teams would actually play the games now. By having games postponed, they are essentially creating the double-headers others want. A few thousand more people in the stands isn't worth the cost of a dome. Just play the games later in the year, if the weather is bad.
  5. ptatc

    1st Homestand weather

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 5, 2018 -> 07:44 AM) Maybe they could buy a used one cheap. I think Costco has them in the back.
  6. ptatc

    1st Homestand weather

    QUOTE (Sox-35th @ Apr 4, 2018 -> 11:48 AM) Just make it 30 and be done with it The end of rosters are bad enough now. Imagine how bad the 30th players would be. It would really decrease the quality of play.
  7. ptatc

    4/4/18 GT: White Sox vs Blue Jays

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Apr 4, 2018 -> 08:09 PM) Fulmer hardly deserves that crappy fate tonight... Pulling the startng pitchers far too early will be the death of me.
  8. QUOTE (Real @ Apr 3, 2018 -> 09:05 PM) this pitching staff is a great way to ruin team chemistry, literally 2 guys responsible for this L lol. The more often they go to the bullpen, the more often the lesser quality pitchers come into the game. The starters need to go deeper into games as the season progresses.
  9. ptatc

    Can Illinois Survive?

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Feb 28, 2018 -> 09:32 AM) National report shows inequity in Illinois� education funding system deeper than previously known: Report updates widely circulated data on educational inequity The issue is that Illinois is one of the last states, I believe there are only 2 others, who use local taxes to fund schools. This creates an inherent inequity because wealthier districts will of course have more money. Most states collect all of the taxes and distribute the money from the one pool.
  10. ptatc

    Can Illinois Survive?

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Mar 1, 2018 -> 02:03 PM) It's probably worth pointing out that Illinois already faces a teacher shortage, and gutting pay and protections and labor rights certainly wouldn't help fix that problem. It hasn't hit the Chicago area quite as hard, but districts across the rest of the state are struggling to fill open positions. The 2011 tier 2 pension and the newly created (from the latest budget) Tier 3 pension has really decreased interest in Illinois teaching. Chicago doesn't have the issue as they don't pay into the pension system and they also have an average higher salary than most other districts.
  11. ptatc

    Can Illinois Survive?

    QUOTE (Jerksticks @ Mar 1, 2018 -> 01:40 PM) I don’t think a cushy retirement is a right that all Americans should have. I subscribe more to every family has a right to acquire as many dollars as they want. If you choose to do something that doesn’t gather many dollars then someone else in your family should gather dollars as well. We all have the right to pursue happiness, but not the right to happiness. Anything else leads to budget crises time and again. Probably too far gone to ever get back on track so it is what it is now. The state pension system crisis isn't caused by a cushy retirement. State employees pay their social security money (+ some in our case, we pay 9% of our salary) into the pension fund and the state pays a set amount as well. This amount can't exceed 80% of your best 4 years of income. The issue is that the state went over 15 years of not paying their part. That's the whole issue. If the state kept up their share each year, the pension debt would be 0. They just decided over the years that the money should go elsewhere. This is true everywhere in the state except the City of Chicago. Back in the 90's the city agreed to pay the teacher's portion as well so they don't pay into their pension.
  12. ptatc

    Can Illinois Survive?

    QUOTE (New Era on South Side @ Feb 26, 2018 -> 07:41 AM) Well, he’s 75. Having Madigan in as the speaker is one factor, but the Illinois constitution also restricts doing anything as well. Hopefully that can get amended and there’s a way to ensure new employees, current employees and retirees of the teacher’s retirement system can get some sort of retirement benefit, but with age cutbacks and with a greater emphasis on 403(b)s while still contributing to the pension system. They already have this option inside the pension system and external to the pension system. The option in the pension system is the "self-managed" plan as opposed to the"traditional" plan.
  13. ptatc

    Gun Violence in America

    QUOTE (New Era on South Side @ Mar 1, 2018 -> 07:53 AM) Since Trump and some republicans counter that this is a mental health problem and not a gun problem, what can they actually do about mental health? Throw money at the problem? Unlikely. Enact the Obama executive order (that Trump got rid of) under actual legislation? What would they actually propose? Also, what can be done about guns bought in neighboring states that are brought back to Illinois and put in the wrong hands (gangs)? What can be done about that? It needs to have Federal backing. That is the only way to make change. Illinois can change it some, it will help but the federal government needs to do something similar to Illinois at a minimum. I'm the first person to say their should be fewer federal regulations and the states should have more autonomy. But something like this is just reasonable for safety. Automatic weapons and high capacity magazines, while fun to play with, are just too tempting for the wrong people to cause massive damage. For whatever reason more and more people are thinking this type of action is a good idea so unfortunately these changes need to be made. We will never be able to stop all incidences. If someone really wants to do this they will find a way such as bombings instead of automatic weapons. However, it should be made as difficult as possible.
  14. ptatc

    Ryan Cordell

    QUOTE (fathom @ Feb 28, 2018 -> 06:40 PM) Agreed and it's surprising to me he seems to have the CF edge over Leury I think part of it is that they are still rebuilding and the stellar defense will help the young pitching. Its the same reason they signed a veteran catcher with stellar defense. If they were planning on being competitive I dont think Engel would even be a consideration to start.
  15. ptatc

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    QUOTE (wrathofhahn @ Feb 28, 2018 -> 10:45 AM) Yeah, all I'm saying you don't really mess around when it comes with the knees. It kind of reminds me of Troy Glaus who you thought was going to be this great 40 HR guy but ended up retiring at 33 partly due to shoulder problems but mainly because of his knees. It can end that fast for some guys. There arr different knee issues that would effect them long term. ACL injury is not one. Other things like patlleofemoral pain syndrome and others would worry me. The Glaus knee injuries had more to do the his "chemical enhancement" than anything.