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  1. ptatc

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    You're right. It really isn't that big of an issue. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.
  2. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    They might. But if they think the risk of playing is that high from their view, they wouldnt have played anyway so it really doesnt matter.
  3. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    No doubt.
  4. ptatc

    MLB issues threat to MiLB

    It may be in preparation for MLB to eliminate minor league teams.
  5. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    I wouldnt blame them either. It's their choice. However, they do have a contract with the school and they may lose that scholarship if they don't abide by it.
  6. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Yes. They have the option of dropping out if school if they truly think they are at too much risk and the medical staff doesn't agree. If they have identified risks, it would be the decision of the medical staff and coaching staff.
  7. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    No its not. While he is the most popular, guys like Rendon, Puljols and Upton will provide quality play from the players. People starved for sports will still watch.
  8. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    I don't think there will be a significant difference in the viewership if it's only a player or two on each team. If it get above 50% of the team, it's a different story.
  9. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Being part of a union, I bet most would. It's all for the collective good. Whatever helps the majority of the players is usually the view. Mike Trout is going to make more next year than most of the players make in their entire career. They won't be too worried about him.
  10. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    It's really all about the money. Look at the players proposal. Keep the prorated salary and add more games so they get more money. This pushes the season later so there is a less likelyhood for more playoffs thus the owners get less money. They are both posturing for more money.
  11. ptatc

    I blame...

    Deservedly so.
  12. ptatc

    I blame...

    It was actually the fault of a few colleagues and myself. In February at our national convention, we were bemoaning the fact that some DPT program are going to a format where the student do all didactic material online and only come to campus for short intense lab sessions. We were all glad that we were going to retire before this became the norm and we would have to do it. Guess what in March we were and still are forced to do all of our courses online and will need to do the short intense lab sessions whenever we are allowed to. 😁 We have accepted our responsibilities and await appropriate punishment.
  13. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    I think it's a pretty good idea. The article made a good point that the owners make most of their money in the post season. There is a pretty good chance that no matter what anyone does there will be a resurgence of the virus in the Fall. If this happens and the playoffs are canceled it could be devastating for some teams. The sliding scale with post season money if they are played makes sense.
  14. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    When you aren't part of the union and most likely never will be, you tend not to be a high priority.
  15. ptatc

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    I think there are enough trials out there that it will happen earlier than that. Obviously there is no way to be certain. However, just like the discussion of baseball there is far too much money involved for it not to get pushed along. It will be interesting to see the FDA approval. The FDA is far more conservative than any other country. Normally it can take years before a drug is approved here after it is in Europe. I bet that doesn't happen here.