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  1. Cool. i didn't see that. i like the decision. I figured they would skip one with the day off.
  2. ptatc

    4/19 Games #CeaseRainedOutDay

    I don't think you'll see much power until AAA.
  3. I wanted to see how Santana looked and if he continues to struggle, see how banuelos handles starting. This just delays that decision.
  4. ptatc

    And that's a White Sox winner!

    Always possible. However it's his awful upright follow through that concerns me. That's the origin of his shoulder issues.
  5. ptatc

    And that's a White Sox winner!

    I agree. The window to win should start next year. Keep him unless it is a great offer, By the way, new research shows with current pitching, throwing a higher percentage of fastballs is the primary factor for elbow injuries surpassing slider use.
  6. I think Banuelos is going to take Giolito turn this time through the rotation. If Santana stinks again and Banuelos does well, you may see the switch.
  7. It somewhat difficult to tell when the Cubs and Astros truly started the rebuilds but each team lost about 90 for 5 years before they had a winning record. In my opinion it takes about 4 years for drafted prospects to make it through the minors. It varies but is the timeline for good ones. This FO should have gotten a good jump on the rebuild with trades. So my timeline is being competitive within 4 years, which puts it next year. I know its arbitrary but that is what I would give them.
  8. I agree. The additions of Cease and Kopech next year should really help this team next year. This is the catch 22. This FO has dug this hole for the team. But it is trending towards them digging the team out of it. I'm not sure how to judge them if they do field a winning team. However they should only get this year and next to prove it. Four years of a rebuild is more than ample opportunity.
  9. It is all of their fault. They've all put the team into a hole they need to dig out of. I've stated all along that the current FO has this last chance to field winning team with this rebuild otherwise they all deserve to go. However, I dont try to turn every post into a vendetta and constantly push a negative agenda with every post and go crazy with it. My post was a joke due to the fact I've always said that they kept him down to long. You went way overboard to a sarcastic comment. That's all.
  10. By what? Someone overly sensitive to constantly bash and berate the front office? I always stated that they should have brought him up earlier because he would have benefitted from learning at the MLB level last year. I argued consistently that they kept him down far too long. Some people just can't get out of their own agenda to look at things objectively and take things for what their worth.
  11. So I guess the whole "he needs more time in the minors to work on his defense" wasn't BS from Hahn.
  12. As he should. It will continue to hurt him in the long run but he is correct.
  13. If that's the consensus then fine, but it needs to be a policy so the aforementioned umpires like Joe West have rules and it's not up to him to make a judgment call.