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  1. ptatc

    5/22 GT - Sox @ NYY (Double Header)

    As opposed to Bears fans chanting fire Nagy at a high school game with his wife and kids there? Fans do dumb things when it catches on.
  2. ptatc

    5/22 GT - Sox @ NYY (Double Header)

    No doubt.
  3. Everyone didn't know that as it wasn't possible yet. This was the year to start it as he would have been in the Kopech re of part time starter. Unfortunately the injury happened. He has a big arm. The question was can he handle a starters load. So far, it's no but they'll need to ramp him up again.
  4. That's not what you're wrong on. You're wrong on them pigeon holing him as a reliever. With the amount of innings he had in college he had to be a reliever for the first two years to build up innings, whether it was in the MLB or minors. Sale was a full time starter in college and had built up the innings.
  5. ptatc

    Knights fire Wes Helms

    Death before Disco.
  6. ptatc

    The "Real" Standings

    The real standings are on August 1st.
  7. With all of the players injured running to first, many in here were telling players not to go all out to first.
  8. ptatc

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    Agreed. That one can slide.
  9. ptatc

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    May 27th should be a Holiday. Obi-wan and stranger things drop.
  10. ptatc


    Until too many players hit into the shift then people will want them to hit the other way.
  11. ptatc

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    Isn't this more the hitting coach? I would think he is the one who goes over the specific pitchers and their tendencies.
  12. ptatc

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    Not that I totally disagree, but the offense was pretty good last year and the lineup shuffle was the same.
  13. ptatc

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    That's may not be the best focus this year with the new ball flying less.