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  1. ptatc

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    It's probably for the best as he is probably the most familiar with him as he caught him at AAA.
  2. ptatc

    Banuelos to IL; Fulmer recalled

    This is why he will be up sometime not too long after the ASB. Probably that next homestand.
  3. ptatc

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Yep. They wanted a guy similar to Toews as a two way player. He will help the defense unlike some of the other center men or forwards available.
  4. ptatc

    Sox sign Hector Santiago

    Cease will be called up at some point this year.
  5. It's not a bad idea except for the fact that the money made through athletics funds many academic scholarships. The athletic money far and away exceeds any other money the university gets so getting rid of athletics will actually deprive the university students of academic scholarships.
  6. ptatc

    Strike zone yesterday.

    I prefer the ejector mound where he gets shot into the air and lands on a cushion in the bullpen.
  7. ptatc

    Job Thread

    Depends on the job. My wife who works for a worldwide insurance company does a great deal of work with London and Zurich. Because of the 6 hour time difference she has to stick to a schedule due to meetings with others. The flexible hours are fine if you aren't meeting with others constantly but it's not always the best option.
  8. ptatc

    Cease Struggling in AAA Recently

    The reason you get a Despaigne is that they will only have him for this year. They don't need any special this year. They will have 5 for next year with the additions of Cease and Kopech, plus 1 to find in the off season. They price for a trade (if they go that route) will be too high during the season with the new trade deadline.
  9. ptatc

    Cease Struggling in AAA Recently

    I don't think they planned too. They are expecting to compete next year with a rotation base of Giolito, Lopez, Cease, Kopech and Rodon with Dunning in the minors. They didn't want to acquire anyone who would take innings away from that group for next year. Even with Rodon going down they really only have one spot for next year. For this year they can fill the rotation with literally anyone. Find another Despaigne.
  10. I wouldn't either. Not because Danks but I wouldn't sign a pitcher that wasn't on my team for that long of a contract. If they're on your team you know their medicals inside and out. You just can't do that for a pitcher from another organization.
  11. Strikeouts are facist. Throw more groundballs, they're more democratic.
  12. He prefers Smirnoff. He had the best line for retirement I've ever heard. someone asked him what his plan was for retirement and he said, "my wrists and knees don't allow me to golf as much as I would like so my plan right now is to turn Smirnoff into urine."
  13. He's just having fun. that'd what the game needs more of, at least that's what I'm told.
  14. In 30 years in the field I have never seen a player forced to play. I've seen some talk them into it, but I've never seen someone refuse to play and them forced to. Most of the time it's the players themselves contradicting the medical staff. Whether it be from not wanting to lose a roster spot or the competitive drive to win. I can't tell you how many times an NFL player would come off the field with a head injury and say it was their shoulder so they wouldnt check for a concussion. This is why they came up with the AT spotter up in the booth and the independent neurologist on the sidelines.
  15. ptatc

    Banuelos to IL; Fulmer recalled

    I don't think they are playing a service time game with Cease. I think it is more how to use his innings efficiently this year. I don't think they want to just shut him down in August. I think they want to limit his innings in the minors so they can have extended starts in the MLB.