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  1. Bridgeport Sox

    White Sox looking for new 3B and C

    wow really?
  2. Bridgeport Sox

    Sox to honor CPD officers for NATO duties

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ May 22, 2012 -> 01:24 PM) CPD has something like 15,000 sworn officers, that's 30,000 free tickets they plan to give out. I really don't think anyone is going to complain if they aren't CHC or NYY games. We have no where near 15,000 LOL we wish we had that kind of help LOL
  3. Bridgeport Sox

    Has anyone received their season tickets

    I was told I'll get em in March
  4. Bridgeport Sox

    Should the Sox go young?

    Does this mean rebuild mode??
  5. Bridgeport Sox

    Kenny Fires Back At Frank

    wow...just wow...i love it
  6. Bridgeport Sox

    Mr. Zero is headin back to Japan

    Thanks Shingo!!!
  7. Bridgeport Sox

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas Soxtalk!!!
  8. Bridgeport Sox

    Sox Acquire Javier Vazquez

    QUOTE(Buehrle>Wood @ Dec 13, 2005 -> 03:40 PM) Thank you. But :puke sorry all, i started this thread in palehose talk without looking here first
  9. Bridgeport Sox

    US Cellular Seats For Sale

    QUOTE(FGarcia34 @ Dec 12, 2005 -> 07:02 PM) Now that I'm officially a season ticket holder, my first privledge came in my e-mail today. The Sox are selling those hideous neon blue seats for 450 bucks a pair. Is anyone here actually going to shell out the cash to buy these? nope, not that much. Just a little too steep for me. It's sad because I really want one
  10. Bridgeport Sox

    Will Frank Thomas ever Play for The Sox again?

    ummm no, he wont be back
  11. Bridgeport Sox

    Oh PTI...

    QUOTE(Heads22 @ Nov 30, 2005 -> 04:36 PM) A minute reserved for Konerko, and half of it goes to Red Sox/Yanks. Yeah i said the same thing, i couldn't believe they devoted just about the whole segment about jerking off the red sox.
  12. Bridgeport Sox

    Hirotoshi Ishii

    anythings worth a shot to replace Marte
  13. Bridgeport Sox

    Hawk ringtone

    How about DJ's "Uh Oh"
  14. Bridgeport Sox

    Sox getting a Metra stop.

    QUOTE(RibbieRubarb @ Nov 2, 2005 -> 04:11 PM) Awesome!! The neighborhood is going to boom with that addition. the neighborhood has already boomed
  15. Bridgeport Sox

    Party Up!!!

    me toooo