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  1. shoeless_joe21

    8/8 Games

    It's okay that rain suspended the Charlotte game. Eloy needed to demonstrate perfect form on a Mark Buehrle tarp slide to check the final box.
  2. shoeless_joe21

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    In fairness, all he did was tweet "Lol." For all we know he was laughing at how long it took for a team to select him, or something else entirely.
  3. shoeless_joe21

    White Sox @ Reds, 7/3/18, 6:10 pm CDT

    I always liked him better when he was Lucas Zapata.
  4. shoeless_joe21

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

    Surprisingly, only once. But that's just because it got him so pumped up that he spiked his smartphone into the pavement.
  5. shoeless_joe21

    2018 MLB Draft

    I really love Madrigal. With that leg raise and sweet swing, he reminds me of Keston Hiura from last year's draft. He'd be a much more solid pick though, since he doesn't carry any of the major defensive concerns Hiura had.
  6. shoeless_joe21

    7/24 Games

    QUOTE (fathom @ Jul 24, 2017 -> 08:28 PM) Here's my concern about Fulmer as a reliever in the majors. When he got called up last year, his stuff didn't improve out of the pen. If they want to make him a reliever, make him prove he can be a quality reliever in the minors. Yeah, exactly. I meant let him close at Charlotte.
  7. shoeless_joe21

    7/24 Games

    With Burdi out, I wish they'd just let Fulmer try his hand at closing. I'm normally all for giving a pitcher every opportunity to stick as a starter, but it just seems like they're delaying the inevitable. Kind of bummed I feel this way, but I struggle to see him ever becoming a reliable starter.
  8. I'm so glad that things have shifted in the Yankees' direction. An hour ago, I was having a hard time convincing myself to get excited over any of the Red Sox prospects not named Devers or Groome.
  9. shoeless_joe21

    Nationals acquire Doolittle/Madson from As

    I've always got a kick out of how that movie made it seem like the A's went on that historic winning streak due to Beane brilliantly seeing the value in guys like Hatteberg, Rincon, and Bradford. Any non-baseball fan who watched that movie probably has no clue who Hudson/Mulder/Zito are.
  10. shoeless_joe21

    7/12 Games

    Batting leadoff appears to be Dickman's kryptonite. Maybe the coaches knew what they were doing keeping him 9th all that time. Hopefully he gets hot again soon.
  11. shoeless_joe21

    7/3 Games

    Ever since he became Dickman, Mendick has done nothing but rake.
  12. shoeless_joe21

    Draft Day Three - discussion thread, Tracker in OP

    Wake Forest is playing on ESPNU right now, if anyone wants to watch Sheets in action.
  13. shoeless_joe21

    Day Two Draft Discussion

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jun 13, 2017 -> 02:41 PM) Jake Adams just went, I think there was a hawkeye on the board that really wanted us to get him. Rats, I was really hoping the Sox would take him. I had kind of given up on it though, after they used the first two picks on Burger and Sheets. Adams has the same power potential/limited defensive flexibility, but they definitely have much more polished approaches at the plate.
  14. shoeless_joe21

    Day Two Draft Discussion

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jun 13, 2017 -> 01:27 PM) David Banuelos is a guy I'd have liked the Sox to draft. His bat might not play, but he really really has a shot at being an elite defensive catcher, which I think works in this era. Me too. May never hit well enough to amount to much, but man, he looked like a defensive wizard.
  15. shoeless_joe21

    Sox claim Alen Hanson

    Just the latest step in Hahn's quest to field the most baffling roster in sports. Every lineup card a riddle. Alec/Alan Hansen Geo/Gio Soto The groundbreaking All-Garcia outfield This is some Veeck-ian stuff.