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  1. longshot7

    White Sox supplant Cubs on QC radio, bit of a shocker

    Still not sure why anyone would waste their time on radio stations that barely come in when you can just listen on the MLB app clear as day....
  2. longshot7

    Spring Training thread

    Easy to say. I saw him pitch in person a few years ago before the injury and he was ELECTRIC. Can't just ignore his stuff. Worth making it work if you're them.
  3. So White Sox. Goddamn this team - I love em and I also hate them at times. Christ.
  4. longshot7

    STAR WARS Everything

    It holds up remarkably well. At the risk of heresy, I think it's a better story than Empire.
  5. longshot7

    Student Loan Debt

    Yeah I don't recall ever hearing it - I have literally as much debt (if not more) as a mortgage!
  6. longshot7

    Student Loan Debt

    This is what got me. I took loans upon loans out for grad school thinking the lenders would make it reasonable to pay back - and unlike say a mortgage, no one sits you down and spells all your monthly payments back to you so you know what you're getting into. It's classic predatory lending. I have $400K in debt that I will never pay off in my lifetime, and yes it means I will never own a home or be able to have children because it's just not feasible. Those were the choices I made - never knew how it would affect me 20 years later...... and counting....
  7. This is a quote from the Hendriks press conf/zoom call fyi...
  8. I'm surprised he thought it was positive!!
  9. longshot7

    $15m and two moves to finish the roster

    Sign Bauer, sign Yadi, sign Cruz or LaStella. Done and done.
  10. longshot7

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    What would I check every hour then?????
  11. longshot7

    Oscar Colas declared free agent

    They have these as Podcasts now in your Podcast app. Inside the Clubhouse.
  12. longshot7

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Good points - hope you're right. Fingers crossed!
  13. longshot7

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Reading the rest of his tweets, there is a pretty uniform professional tone to them. This person is connected.