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  1. longshot7


    Well, I can't speak to your current board, but our previous board died when certain people were asked to curtail their slurs and offensive memes, so 🤷‍♂️ They did us a favor tho - how much better our lives are without those people in them! Congrats and best of luck - to this day, when I see Pepe memes online or in the news, I think of you all. (And I can't claim credit for the magazines, but it still makes me laugh. Were they good ones? Popular Mechanics? Boys Life? Christianity Today? I never found out! Enquiring minds want to know haha....)
  2. longshot7


    LOL. "There's some very fine people in that group of racists and homophobes...."
  3. longshot7


    Glad you remember us. That was a fun (very short) period of time. Hangar is still around, here and there. That was his board. The rest of the crew became a bunch of alt-right weirdos and left. They're probably still making racist memes on Reddit somewhere.
  4. longshot7

    My opinion: Sox need to make another megadeal

    Tired of Anderson's act? What team are you rooting for? Also, the Dodgers don't need him. Their position players are stacked.
  5. And cut that sig by 2/3rds. It takes 10 min to scroll through it.
  6. longshot7

    What would it take to get Mike Trout?

    Plus the Angels signed him to like a $350-mil extension in the offseason so LOL for even breaching this topic
  7. longshot7

    FS Podcast: Keith Law

    Great interview Clinton. Thx for the good content this week. My only nitpick is just watch the background noise - it was fairly distracting at times, but not a dealbreaker. Thanks!
  8. Y'know what, I didn't even notice.
  9. longshot7

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Saw a UCLA/Ore St game in person earlier this year where Adley hit 2 homers - yeah that's what I'm hoping for too
  10. longshot7

    Sawx @ Sox, May 2nd, 7:10pm CT

    Who is this other guy in the radio booth?
  11. longshot7

    Harry Caray Book...

    Wish we wouldn't even talk abt him. Once he crossed town, he became dead to so many of us-- like crossing a picket line. I wish ppl would just forget about him.
  12. longshot7

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Went to the Oregon St/UCLA game today - Rutschman went 4-5 w 2 hrs and one was a moon shot. Christ, I hope he falls to #3
  13. longshot7

    Bryce Harper Updates

    From what I've heard tho, the Dodgers are not that keen on a 300-400mil contract but will talk to him if the market falls through. I think that leaves the Sox to wow him and seal the deal.
  14. longshot7

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    I don't understand this attitude. It's fine to want the draft pick more, but they ARE rivals. To deny that is to be BLIND abt the way life is in Chicago. Fuck the North Side and fuck their baseball team. I HATE them - if you don't get this, there's any number of Chicago history books out there to explain it.
  15. longshot7

    CWS Games of Drafted Prospects

    Micah Coffey in this game too. Single in his first AB. K in his second.