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  1. YASNY

    Float a name!

    The point is to bring up some names the have not been thought of lately and maybe, just maybe, start some discussion. Memories or whatever. It's going to be a long off season.
  2. YASNY

    Float a name!

    It has been months since I've visited this site, but I believe I may have an idea that may spark some discussion this off-season. Float the name of a former Sox player that wasn't a star. For example, Casper Wells. I'll start by floating this one ... Bill Almon.
  3. YASNY

    Trade Possibility with Cardinals

    QUOTE (southside_hitman @ Mar 9, 2013 -> 11:03 AM) I noticed that there is a thread of intolerance shown towards people and players of color, black or brown, that runs through the threads and signature quotations some people have used here. There has been a lot of it against Ozzie, Kenny Williams and some of the current Latino players. That kind of things is really is intolerable, especially in a sport where it took until the mid- 1947 to even BEGIN a process of eliminating racial segregation and racial prejudice. As far as Alexei Ramirez, I am very impressed with his work ethic and that includes the work he put in with Viciedo training together in the of season. And, at least from what I have seen, he and Viciedo appear to have a good foundation in terms of their upbringing and their character. That not only makes them good people, but solid team players. I doubt you will see the kind of sleaze and criminality that Starlin Castro was involved with, allegedly date raping a young girl after dragging her home drunk to his f --- pad, and then grabbing the first plane out of the country the next morning. So yes, Alexei is a solid if not outstanding shortstop defensively, has occasional power, has been a clutch hitter, and is a very good teammate, especially to young players like Viciedo. He takes a big cut with one of the longer and heavier bats so he strikes out too much, but how many players can we say that about? Dunn, Flowers, Morel,... I've been reading your crap on here for quite a while, just biding my time and seeing how things play out. But this is nothing but a big steaming pile of BS ... which it seems to me is what you spew regularly. As far as I'm concerned, either contribute to the site in a manner that presents baseball viewpoints and stop with the personal attacks, or just go away! I speak my, and only my, opinion here.
  4. A wind blown pop up. Didn't ADA get a windblown infield double last year?
  5. YASNY

    ST: Reds at Sox 3/2

    QUOTE (Al Lopez's Ghost @ Mar 3, 2013 -> 02:21 PM) It's on delay tonight. 10 central. Thank you
  6. YASNY

    ST: Reds at Sox 3/2

    I was thnking that this was going to be on MLB Network ... Is there anywhere that the game is on for free?
  7. YASNY

    2013-2014 NFL Thread

    I absolutely will not speed on Illinois Interstates, ever. I drive 65. Yes, even watch the Interstate limit in Chicago. 55 right? I always get to my destination.
  8. YASNY

    Grady Sizemore worth a flyer?

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Feb 27, 2013 -> 05:16 PM) Bah, none of them should be even really considered to replace Wise this year, and that'd be Sizemore's role if he was ever signed. I wasn't talking about them replacing Wise this year. I was thinking about taking away AAA AB's from them.
  9. YASNY

    Grady Sizemore worth a flyer?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 27, 2013 -> 03:00 PM) It makes no sense even when he gets healthy, unless it a minor league deal, with a very small major league cost if the team decides to pick him up. Even with that, you impede the progress of our young up and coming outfielders.
  10. I have been to 2 Cardinals games by myself. Once was a work related stay across the river. I got bored and went to a ball game. I ended up talking with a nice looking single mom there with her two kids. Made for a nice evening of conversation for both of us. Second time, I just wanted to check out the new Busch Stadium and made a day of it ... 3 hour drive, 3 hour game, 3 hour drive home.
  11. YASNY

    2013 Spring Training catch all thread

    QUOTE (flavum @ Feb 19, 2013 -> 11:43 AM) In just interleague games or NL goes to fulltime DH too? I see both sides...fans like what they're used to. I kinda hope they keep it the way it is, because if they ever have the same rule in both leagues, then they would be one step closer to radical realignment where the Sox and Cubs would be in the same division--and I would absolutely hate that. That's a good point.
  12. YASNY

    Most Pleasant Surprise of 2013

    QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Feb 9, 2013 -> 09:57 PM) ADAM DUNN no longer bats 3rd. So ... how many games has Dunn batted 5th?
  13. YASNY

    2012-2013 Sox off season Catch-All thread

    Eliminating the twirlybird concept on the scoreboard would be like eliminating fireworks after a Sox homer. It's part of the White Sox history and part of the experience. No way that I'd approve that. If you want to eliminate everything Veeck, then elminate names on the back of of the uniforms. Veeck was a marketing genious that does not not get near enough respect.
  14. YASNY

    2012-2013 Sox off season Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Feb 8, 2013 -> 10:54 PM) With the current renovations The Cell is wonderful. Also, I know there are a lot statues, but they add a nice touch as well. I agree. It's now a beautiful ballpark. Still, that skyline beyond the outfield would have been wonderful.
  15. QUOTE (Cali @ Feb 8, 2013 -> 11:07 PM) Well Kenny was quoted as saying he had to convince Robin to take the job... Couple that with the fact that Robin has a very nonchalant attitude, it gives off a "whatever" kinda vibe... A calm demeanor is not a misdemeanor. I'd say that Robin making the team take infield during the season and his diligence on fundamentals in ST are very strong signs that he's 100% invested.