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  1. Pauly8509CWS

    Music Thread

    QUOTE(The Critic @ Apr 26, 2007 -> 06:12 PM) QUESTION: Better use of laryngitis - Yoko Ono or Ron Santo? Sometimes Ronnie is entertaining...
  2. Pauly8509CWS

    Music Thread

    QUOTE(StrangeSox @ Apr 24, 2007 -> 12:51 AM) I've really dug Kings of Leon lately. Anyway, I was browsing a rap board today during one of my classes and saw a large scale argument battling over who was the better rap group, Wu-Tang Clan or G-Unit? Honestly, I didn't think it would even be a contest, the Wu ain't nothing to F*ck with. But unfortunately, the garbage known as 50 cent has quite the following, any thoughts from the ST boards?
  3. Pauly8509CWS

    Music Thread

    QUOTE(GoRowand33 @ Apr 22, 2007 -> 08:42 PM) Pitchfork announced the other two bands to perform albums in their entirety with sonic youth during the pitchfork festival they are: Slint: Spirderland GZA: Liquid Swords Oh god, I will be there, the Genius playing one of the best rap cd's ever, it's a must.
  4. Pauly8509CWS

    Music Thread

    New Arctic Monkeys is absolutely fantastic. Flourescent Adolescent is an excellent song. And I'm just getting into the new NIN record, totally weird story with that whole album but it caught my interest.
  5. Pauly8509CWS


    I might get flamed for this, but I love the Killers, and they do a really different, but in my opinion, an excellent cover of Romeo and Juliet from Abbey Road Studios, for those of you who like either song or band, it's worth a look... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9VqosFpHe4
  6. Pauly8509CWS

    Official South Park season 11 thread

    Very, very witty episode.
  7. Pauly8509CWS

    Hometown Discounts

    QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Feb 27, 2007 -> 04:57 PM) Don't tell me that you have to take care of your family and the difference between doing that is $20-$30 million when you're already making $30 million. Unless of course your name is Shawn Kemp.
  8. Pauly8509CWS


    QUOTE(BobDylan @ Feb 28, 2007 -> 01:51 PM) Is longevity what makes a band great? I consider the Libertines great. They were short lived and have spawned numerous bands that I like, Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things, etc. I think Sublime fans would say the same. Barely 8 years is a relatively short time in the music industry. Good question though, and I think in some cases, longetivity is a factor in a band's greatness, although, some bands stick around too long and begin producing s***ty music, ie my favorite - Dave Matthews Band. Haven't done a legitamately good album since 2000 when their last session with Steve Lillywhite was leaked. Since then, each album has sucked.
  9. Pauly8509CWS

    Chief Illiniwek.....HE GONE!!!

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Feb 25, 2007 -> 07:06 PM) I posted relevant responses and submissions from the Peoria tribe. The date of their submission and passing of of a resolution has nothing to do with whatever site was linked, but the one I linked from was uiuc. Their stance has been against the Chief, still awaiting your response on how I was wrong, and still waiting.... My point was, is wrong. There are no more Illini Indians, they've been long gone since before the institution was founded, and if I'm not mistaken the Peoria Tribe was a distant relative of the Illini. Which would be like a brother-in-law fighting the case here. They're not direct blood descendants of the Illini, they are another Indian Tribe located in the Midwest fighting this cause.
  10. Pauly8509CWS


    QUOTE(CryptviLL @ Feb 25, 2007 -> 06:06 PM) Indeed, good cd, and yes The Roots are very solid. If you like them, allow me to offer you some other excellent choices: J-Live, Nas (he's a must have for any hip hop fan, particularly the cd 'Illmatic'.), Talib Kweli (he's a style similar to Jay-z), Mos def (check youtube for a song "Dollar Day aka Katrina Klap"). If you like those guys and are willing to stray away from mainstream, I suggest anything by Dead Prez, Gangstarr, J Dilla, The Coup, and my favorite white rapper of all time, Atmosphere. He's kinda emo for a rapper, but its good stuff.
  11. Pauly8509CWS

    Chief Illiniwek.....HE GONE!!!

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Feb 25, 2007 -> 04:07 PM) Still waiting for your sources. So you post a "retire the chief" site, I post a save the chief site, and somehow they're supposed to be legit responses? Give me a break, yours were probably the first two that came up on your, "anti-chief illiniwek" google search. Basically, if you read your source at all, my response was correct, the man is apparently part of all three tribes, which, if I remember my history correctly, is impossible. You can't be Dakota, Illini, and Peoria. And wow, what a response by Addy. Haha
  12. Pauly8509CWS

    Chief Illiniwek.....HE GONE!!!

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Feb 25, 2007 -> 03:03 PM) Im not sorry, I really dont think its that great. As far as being part of a tradition at a University, mine was founded in 1809, there were plenty I took part in. As far as the fact that im wrong. Heres a PDF that can show you who is actually wrong in this case. You might want to start posting informed opinions, instead of just typing. http://www.nah.uiuc.edu/faculty/tyeeme/doc..._resolution.pdf Heres another link showing the illiniwek descendants opposing the Chief. http://www.retirethechief.org/Dialogue/haney.html if you can come up with something more recent that says that they supported the Chief, feel free to post it. Throughout this haney dialogue, he claims that he is a Peoria, an Illiniwek, and a Dakota. Something isn't right there...
  13. Pauly8509CWS

    Chief Illiniwek.....HE GONE!!!

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Feb 25, 2007 -> 01:22 PM) Seriously, is it worth crying that much after the fact? Great points for someone's opinion that doesnt matter in this case. Yes, it is worth "crying" over. It was a major part of the tradition at this institution, sorry that you've never been a part of something like this. Wrong.
  14. Pauly8509CWS

    Chief Illiniwek.....HE GONE!!!

    Excellent points.
  15. Pauly8509CWS


    So I recently picked up my Jay-Z Unplugged album, and I gotta say, it' definitely one of my favorite live albums that I've ever listened to. The Roots really make his beats sound so soulful and the crowd is excellent.