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  1. GoSox05

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    Stranger Things has gotten better every season. Not sure how long they can keep that up. I think they should do one last season and end it. Go out ahead.
  2. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    The last season my have been rushed a bit, but The Long Night episode alone is worth watching the show to reach that moment.
  3. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    This is pretty much how I feel. Most shows I'm ready for them to end, this show feels like they ended it way too soon. That happens to some shows because of bad ratings and what not, but this show has to be one of the highest rated so it feels weird. The actors really just had to be done. Show runners can be replaced, but if Sophie Turner is like that's it I'm done, then the show is done.
  4. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    Did anything come out that maybe the actors were done with the show and didn't want to do more episodes? It is weird that HBO did only 6 episodes. They could have done 10-12. It does seem like a relatively difficult show to make.
  5. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    I guess I just don't know enough about Dorne or care that much? Maybe they are just looking for some stability and like being a part of the 6 kingdoms. Maybe it's a trade thing, I don't know. I don't think the show should have ended on what is going to happen with Dorne, a city that hasn't been shown in like three seasons.
  6. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    Jon Snow was never going to be king. Hey remember that Targaryen who was awful and they named him the mad king. Then another Targaryen comes in and burns the whole city to the ground killing almost everyone. Well, guess who is now king. Another Targaryen!
  7. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    That is going make a great sequel.
  8. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    Ending a show has to be one of the hardest things in film to do. You are almost guaranteed to piss off half the fan base with the way you end it, because people want things to go a certain way and when they don't they lose it. I thought the ending for Game of Thrones was pretty good, a little predictable, but it was good. Last season felt a little rushed, but they have to wrap things up at some point and it's probably always going to feel rushed. The absolute worst thing on social media right now is people comparing GoT to real life politics, it's awful. It's a show about dragons and zombies on another planet and people are like "uh actually monarchies are bad".
  9. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    It just seemed pretty consistent to his character. He was a complex character that did good and bad things. He had a very complex relationship with his sister, who he loved and hated. He tries to live a more normal life without her, but he can't let her go and it ultimately costs him his life.
  10. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    Character development. The show is ending and people are going to die. This has been happening on this show for 8 seasons. Do people think that Jaime Lannister was going to make it out of this alive. I always assumed his was going to die, with just about everyone else. Are people just mad at the way he died? I'm just not sure that matters.
  11. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    Have the showrunners said how much input they have gotten from Martin? I wonder if they had an idea for something and went to him and he was like "no that is super dumb", if they would still do it.
  12. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    You know if I had a dollar for every time this happened. Am I right or what.
  13. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    For those that have read the books, at what point in this show did they pass the last book?
  14. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    They are going to have to stealth kill Dany, cause she is the only one with an army now and a dragon.
  15. GoSox05

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah, the scorpion ballistas didn't stop working, they were just ambushed last time and this time they were ready for them. People were really looking for Cersei to get hers, but her dying with Jaime makes sense, but definitely a little underwhelming. Everyone wanted Arya to kill her and anything short of that was going to make people mad. The creators obviously valued one last scene with Jaime and Cersei over Arya killing her in a hall way as the city burns and where she was going to die anyway. I liked the exchange between the Hound and Arya, I feel like the Hound has been trying to talk Arya into not becoming him and it seemed to finally take hold. Although I don't think she is done yet. I'm going to miss the Hound, I love his shit attitude and general crankiness.