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  1. GoSox05

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    How can you give Watson 230 million guaranteed with whats going on with him? That's crazy right?
  2. GoSox05

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    Is this the craziest off season ever in the NFL? Has to be related some what to the weird covid year.
  3. GoSox05

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    I also like it for Carr, who could really use someone like Adams. Could be good for Rodgers too as he started getting really locked into Adams last year. Really backfired in the 49ers game when they put like 3 guys on him and Rodgers was still just trying to get him the ball.
  4. GoSox05

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    The back shoulder stuff for sure, I know that Carr and Adams have history, but its been like 10 years almost. Adams is so good though, one of the funniest players to watch coming off line of scrimmage, you can tell cornerbacks have no idea what to do.
  5. GoSox05

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    I like it for the Raiders if they could move to the AFC South. They are still probably the worst team in the division even with Adams.
  6. GoSox05

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    Packers used to have quite off-seasons, but now its chaos every year. I love Adams, but paying a 30 year old WR 30 million a year is a lot.
  7. GoSox05

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    He's a solid player. Plays a decent center, but I think he is best a right guard. He has had to come in because of injury and always held up, including all of last year.
  8. Are things going to start getting crazy right away or does this take a day or two?
  9. Would they be looking to trade for an established vet or a top prospect ready to go type?
  10. I feel like they should sign a starting pitcher. Is that a common stance?
  11. GoSox05

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I'm sure he had a doctor get him the human version. Only slightly better. He won't get the vaccine months before the season starts, but he will take a de-wormer in the middle of the season.
  12. GoSox05

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    It's the same perception I had. He mostly seemed like somebody who was proud about being smart and thinking about things more deeply, and he has had pretty normal views on politics when he has lightly mentioned them in the past. I don't know, maybe the pandemic broke his brain or maybe he has always been a libertarian type guy who gets caught up conspiracy theory stuff. I think he is gonna be embarrassed by all this. He can claim that people are trying to "cancel" him or whatever, but people are mostly just laughing at him.
  13. GoSox05

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I've had some suspicions about Rodgers, but you could never really tell if he was being ironic or serious. All he had to do was say, hey I thought I might be allergic to something in the vaccine, so I tried something else. He would have gotten shit for it, but not too much. Going off the rails and yelling about woke mobs and getting canceled (something only 70 years olds on Facebook call everything anymore) and saying you get medical advice from Joe Rogan, that is what made him look so dumb.
  14. GoSox05

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Aaron Rodgers just said he presented his research to the NFL. "They thought I was a quack." Gonna have to go with the NFL on this one.