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  1. Dolphins are going have three 1st round picks and 2nd round picks next year. They need a QB, LT and CB. They literally just had two of those covered, so now they are just redrafting the positions they traded away. Making a run for the worst franchise in football.
  2. Just a bad person in almost every facet of life. Almost no way he should be able to play this entire year, but the NFL is going to NFL.
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure the Steelers were going anywhere anyways. Saints are going to have to win on the road, which they struggle to do with Brees, so I'm not sure how that goes without him.
  4. Brees out for 6 weeks, maybe more. Roethlisberger out for the year. Have to imagine those teams are in trouble.
  5. I saw that as well. I guess if you play press and Ginn beats the jam your really in trouble. I guess in New Orleans if you score the go ahead TD, you better hope there isn't any time on the clock because Brees can march down that field so fast.
  6. Carr is the better QB and was at home, so it wouldn't be that surprising. Denver is a tough place to play this time of year. Although that Bears defense should just crush that Denver offense.
  7. I just will never get the three man rush. I'm sure there is a reason that they do it, but it always seems to end up like this.
  8. Well if they finish 8-8, either they suffered a ton of injuries on defense or Trubisky continued to be awful and if that's the case the GM should be fired for trading up to get an average QB and not taking two great ones. But yeah, it's week 1, people always freak out after week 1.
  9. Watson looked great yesterday, If they can protect him, he is going to have a monster year.
  10. I think it has more to do with the league. There is a ton of turnover year to year with teams that make the playoffs. I would think that teams with great defenses and bad QB play have harder time making the playoffs every year than a team with elite QB play.
  11. For how much crap the Browns talked about how good they were going to be this off season, they sure did get their ass beat yesterday.
  12. NFC North is going to see some tough battles this year. I think all the teams will have some tough defenses.
  13. Hard to tell much after week 1 of an NFL season, except that the Packers punting is great right now.
  14. Always a good sign when your WR is trying to beat up your GM and Burfict is one with trying to calm things down. I wonder if the Raiders just release AB, what a mess.
  15. Just the quarter or so in that first game, that was it. Not bad for a guy with a sprained MCL and fractured tibial plateau fracture. The lack of INT was good, but it was also because he was throwing so many balls away because he couldn't move that much.