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  1. He might have, but players say that a lot. It's hard to prove how real it is. Besides the Rams and Packers I didn't really here of any other teams looking at him. I guess it's not crazy that maybe someone like the Colts with tons of cap space didn't try.
  2. Yeah, It's like double what I thought he would get. Justin Houston should benefit from that.
  3. GoSox05

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    Babylon Berlin is an excellent show you can watch on Netflix. Really enjoying the first season so far. It's in German, but you can watch dubbed in English, but I prefer using English subtitles.
  4. 61 pressures and 4.5 sacks > 21 pressures and 10.5 sacks.
  5. INT are like sacks, they only tell part of the story. Kyler Fackrell had two less sacks than Khalil Mack, that doesn't mean they are anywhere in the same ballpark as players. These players play over 600 snaps. The difference in talent doesn't come down to a hand full of plays.
  6. It's a tool for measuring players. Just like reports by Football Outsiders. It's not the end all be all, but I haven't seen anyone say it's complete nonsense.
  7. One thing HHCD does well is he always plays. He's never missed a game and played almost every snap when with the Packers.
  8. He is actually really bad at both run stopping at pass coverage. He just takes the worst angles, I don't know what happened to him. Early in his career I thought he was going to be really good. Last two years and last year especially he was so bad. I like him, he seems like a cool dude and good locker room guy. He just got so bad the past two years. I'll take this over a player who has three or four INT, but also gives up a ton of big plays.
  9. Dan Pompei said on the radio this morning that Clinton-Dix would be an upgrade over Amos. I wonder if he has ever watched them play before.
  10. It's probably going to cost two first round picks for OBJ. Also, unless you are a Giants fan. Why would you not want that to happen. I know it would cost a lot, but OBJ is a superstar.
  11. Not really. Most of the guys worth getting are gone.
  12. The people who make up fake NFL accounts on Twitter to report fake deals should be banned from the internet for life.
  13. Bell is the better back, but will probably require a big per year deal and will probably a lot more guaranteed money. Ingram would probably be more short term.
  14. Woah. Jets could now throw big money at Bell if they want to.
  15. 17 million AAV for an off ball LB. It's a lot.