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  1. 7 minutes ago, bmags said:

    I think it was just especially bad with Allen because there was the draft nerd consensus on accuracy, and anyone drafting Allen was proof of the nfl front office stupid vs. draft hive. Then that year happens and it's back to just "well we know absolutely nothing" on whether a qb will succeed, but also after jimmy G and tannehill we can't even figure out who will stay good or bad.

    This QB draft is going to be a lot like that.

  2. 17 minutes ago, bmags said:

    He should get credit for “not darnold”.

    Im not sure there is a draft that underscores how much I hate nfl media (but especially nfl draft Twitter) more than that one.

    Buffalo was just crushed for drafting Allen. Jets were thrilled to get Darnold.

    The draft can be really fun and I enjoy the spectacle of it, but there is way too much instant opinion right after the draft on who did a good job and who did bad job on players who haven't played one snap. 

    Got a full dose of that this year when the Packers didn't take a WR.  People are still doing articles about it after Rodgers threw 900 tds this year.


  3. 1 hour ago, Soxbadger said:

    Are you saying Mayfield is a good or bad pick? Because he definitely wasnt the Browns best pick that draft and he may be the 3rd best qb from it. 

    Yeah, probably should have picked Allen or Jackson, but I still like Mayfield.  One bad season last year, but I think he has been pretty good besides that.  Was actually a pretty good QB draft when you look at it.  I still think Darnold has some talent, would like to see him not on the Jets.

    As far as the other Browns picks, Ward and Chubb were also good picks.


  4. 21 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    And I think for many - the grass isn't always greener. Smart to be in an organization with a ton of stability, especially if said organization also pays you well.  

    Packers have kept some guys like Elliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst by giving them more money, but if a GM spot is available its hard to keep those guys. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Ravens are another example where it has been hard to grab guys from. They have been extremely well run and have a ton of stability - but for a long time, there top people behind Newsome didn't leave.  They have been incredible in the sense that they have had sustained success with multiple QB's, including winning a superbowl with a non-elite QB and transforming an offense around a unique QB (who is electric and dynamic - but obviously with limits).  

    Smart to keep people.  After the Packers won the Super Bowl back in 2010 a lot of guys left and it created a brain drain.  I think its why the Packers had some bad drafts for a few years. 

  6. John Dorsey in three years at KC drafted Mahomes, Kelce and Hill.  Three probable HOF players.  He then went to the Browns and drafted Mayfield and is responsible for most of the players on the team that is about to be in the playoffs for the first time in almost 20 years.  Not to mention the two super bowls he helped win in GB. 

    Like maybe teams are overthinking this. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

    Then maybe you can explain why the guys from Green Bay never get jobs, since it is so apparent that they are better than the rest.  Seems strange for sure

    I would bet it's some of the stuff you talked about Rodgers, teams think he is the only reason they are good. 

    I also think it's because they aren't flashy.  They generally believe in drafting 10 players every year and sign a limited amount of free agents.  Draft and develop.  Not a lot of flashy trades.

    Pace got a lot of attention for trading for Mack and he has been good for the Bears, but they had to mortgage a lot of their future to get him.  Packers signed Z. Smith, who has been better and didn't cost them any draft picks. 

    It's not just the Packers, Ravens are another team that I would hire from. 

    Also, like who knows what teams like the Jags, Texans and Panthers are doing.  Maybe these teams should consider to hire from one of the most consistent teams over the past 30 years, but bad teams stay bad.




  8. 15 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

    No he is quite possibly the greatest qb that ever lived, and everyone in that organization is riding his coattails until he is done.  It is what it is, just as Bill Belicheck

    the front office has fit pieces around him to their credit.  Take away 12 and they aren't in the playoffs

    It's almost like you would want to hire from the team that drafted the best QB in NFL history in the late first round. 

    Take away a teams starting QB and they don't make the playoffs is probably every team in the NFL. 

    Patrick Mahomes is probably going to break every passing record that ever existed, I wonder who drafted him and their backgrounds?

    I mean I don't care if bad teams stay bad, but It is just a little surprising. I'm sure KC and Seattle would agree.



  9. 45 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

     None of the above means shit without 12

    Drafting the best CB in football, drafting a top 5 guard in the second round, signing one of the best pass rushers in the game for what is now a pretty light contract, having the best safety combo in the league, both of who they signed and drafted, signed an undrafted TE who had 11 td this year. 7 pro bowlers (I know its the pro bowl, but still a high number and will have a bunch of All pros), heavy favorite to have the MVP and COY. 

    Rodgers is having a historic season, but to say he is the only good Packers player or is the only reason they are good is something out of 2015-2016.

  10. 16 minutes ago, StrangeSox said:

    It's the path we're heading down at an accelerating pace.

    The conservatives on the WI Supreme Court just made very clear that they don't value the life of the working class in the least, and they compared Evers' SAH order to Japanese internment and tyranny. They will be striking down Wisconsin's order, which means that state will be completely "open" soon. People will be forced to choose either their health (as well as the health of their family) or economic destitution as they'll be ineligible for UI. Small Businesses are still going to be in rough shape as they won't be back to the same revenue levels they were at before. State and local payrolls and services are going to be devestated in next year's budgets. Our federal leadership is largely choosing to just wash their hands of any responsibility for responding to this.

    We can't come together as a society when one portion doesn't place any value on the lives of the other, but that's where we are.

    Lucky for us, both parties hate us!

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  11. I'm reading A World Undone: The Story of the Great War 1914 to 1918.

    Pretty detailed read on WWI, does some good background work on all the major players.