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  1. kman

    Is Gordon Beckham a Bust?

    Wow you guys are f***ing idiots, the kid is still young and it was his first game. My god you guys just please stop being sox fans asap. Some people on this site are truly morons.
  2. kman

    Bleachers vs. Lower level?

    Gotcha, thanks.
  3. kman

    Bleachers vs. Lower level?

    QUOTE (knightni @ May 10, 2009 -> 07:59 PM) Lower level, away from the club section overhangs. You get beer dumped on you from above if you're too far back. 3rd base gets the sun, 1st base doesn't as much. thanks. so I am thinking to get the 1st base side, the row is row 8 is that too far back? Thanks
  4. Hi It has been a long time since I wen't to a Sox game. I am taking my girlfriend to her 1st a day game vs the twins, would you recommend bleachers or might be too rowdy, or seats lower level 3rd base or 1st base side? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know the estimated amount of people at the 05 parade?
  6. kman

    Video Game Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE (kjshoe04 @ Dec 5, 2008 -> 02:56 PM) and the guitars kill my hands Yea you need man hands to use that guitar.
  7. TB: A. Sonnanstine (13-9, 4.38) CWS: G. Floyd (17-8, 3.84) Lets tie this series up.
  8. 10/5 Elimination game, lets see how big of stones our guys have. My first game thread of the year, lets see if im good luck.
  9. kman

    Porn Star a Sox Fan?

    Good eye you perverts.
  10. Toby Hall is a major league baseball player.
  11. I like that first breaking pitch boone has shown to the batters all year.
  12. Gavin and Danks> Buehrle and Vazquez