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  1. MiamiSpartan

    Has it Sunk in we won the WS?

    I'm still numb. Every time I watch hi-lights of the last out or any pix of the celebrations, I start tearing up again remembering the 30 years I've followed the team.
  2. MiamiSpartan

    Question for Illini fans

    Not an Illini fan (although I will be cheering for them vs Loiusville), but that is a real tough question. Both Michigan State and the Florida Marlins have won championships recently, and I don't know if I can tell you which one brought me more joy. I was out of my head for both of them.
  3. MiamiSpartan

    Austin Bracket

    Feeling pretty good about the Spartans' chances against Duke. Reddick is slumping, and State has picked a good time to start playing as a team. Plus our play at the point has improved, since we lost to Duke in December. GO STATE!
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    Those Who Pledge Abstinence

    QUOTE(FlaSoxxJim @ Mar 19, 2005 -> 09:43 AM) Seems some people still aren't too sure what the definition of "is" is. They must all be Democrats Had this same converstation back in the mid 90's (prior to the Clinton thing) with a starch Republican girlfriend of mine. She actually agreed with the Clinton theory, although later on she denied it....double standard perhaps???