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  1. I doubt that's true of anyone here. Not even the most miserable Sox fan could complain about 4 straight championships.
  2. That would be great for the Sox and also likely the cause of the next strike.
  3. Can't say he doesn't have integrity.
  4. The Yankees plan has to be to move Gleyber to SS at this point.
  5. He refuses to give up, even though that signing clearly confirms the Yankees are out on Machado.
  6. Dam8610

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    https://www.mlb.com/news/yankees-add-infielder-dj-lemahieu/c-302615720 Yankees sign Lemahieu. This has to mean they're out on Machado.
  7. I'm still angry that trade wasn't reversed by MLB because of the medical scandal.
  8. I wonder if this was a plant by Philly FO to start cushioning the blow of losing out on both?
  9. Many things. Maybe some of them will even involve Manny Machado.
  10. I think they would've gone after Harper if they still had Tatis Jr. and I think it would've been the right call in that scenario. Or they might've waited for Trout. My hope is they'll get Machado and still go after Trout. Don't think it will happen, though.
  11. You might want to bump the multiplier down.
  12. They can afford Machado, they just don't want to pay luxury tax and recognize the value of what they have in Andujar.
  13. Dam8610

    Least Favorite Sox 3rd baseman over last decade

    I thought it was going to be no contest Mark Teahen, but apparently I'd erased Jeff Keppinger from my memory. That's a tough choice.