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  1. Dam8610

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    Did he actually say that one? Because that would clearly be hyperbole.
  2. Dam8610

    Nick Hostetler Draft History

    IMO if three of the guys I listed become ML contributing players, the 2017 draft will be a huge success regardless of what Burger does.
  3. Dam8610

    7/19 Games

    Those "fringe prospects" could have 3 of the team's rotation and bullpen spots when the Sox are ready to compete.
  4. Dam8610

    Nick Hostetler Draft History

    Luis Gonzalez and Laz Rivera are killing it at A+. Henzman, Battenfield, and Johnson have done well as well, as did Kade McClure before his injury. Burger and Sheets haven't lived up to expectations yet, but that could still turn around.
  5. Dam8610

    7/19 Games

    Stephens, Adams, Guerrero, Zavala (when healthy). Almost every Knights starter has ML rotation potential.
  6. Dam8610

    Yankees looking for pitching

    I remember when Andujar wasn't a good enough second piece in a Quintana deal.
  7. Dam8610

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    His last two starts before the break were downright encouraging, and one was against the defending champs.
  8. Dam8610

    Brad Hand to the Indians

    The Sox are still in the ABTR stage of things.
  9. Dam8610

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    Their beat writer suggested a higher ranked prospect, and a 3 piece package. Granted, that was for Soria and Davidson, but Soria and Davidson for Allard, Contreras, and a lottery ticket sounds fine to me.
  10. Dam8610

    Brad Hand to the Indians

    If 2.5 years of Hand and 4.5 years of Adam Cimber equals a top 25 prospect, then it may take Jace Fry, but 1.5 years of Soria, 6.5 years of Fry, 0.5 years worth of Shields, and ~$18 million should be worth at least a top 50 prospect.
  11. Dam8610

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    Which is exactly why I want him. He's quite possibly MLB ready now and still has quite a bit of room to grow. This is a case to me where prospect rankings be damned, you get the better player. Unless of course the team's scouts agree with the rankings.
  12. Dam8610

    Brad Hand to the Indians

    Isn't Mejia a Top 25 prospect in all of baseball? Apparently the price for good relievers has gone up.
  13. Dam8610

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    Fried seems to be higher on prospect rankings than Allard for some reason. I like Allard better, but apparently more professional evaluators don't agree with me.
  14. Dam8610

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    I'd prefer Allard and William Contreras.
  15. Dam8610

    Brad Hand to the Indians

    No contender could use a backend rotation innings eater, a LHRP, and a high leverage reliever? I just don't believe that. I think some team would look at Soria, Avilan, and Shields and give the Sox something good for that package, especially if they're not paying a dime for those three players.