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  1. They don't state that, but if there's 182 WAR in a 3 team trade, and one team comes away with 98 of the 182 WAR, I think it's safe to say that team won the trade.
  2. Dam8610

    Which Team Was Better? 94 or 05 White Sox?

    That's why I didn't like the trade at the time. Giving up a young talented CF with plus defense and a 20 HR bat with decent average made no sense to me, especially not for a DH in his late 30s. I understand they needed a LH power bat, but trading Anderson for one would've been the better option. I think I would've been happier at the time trading Anderson for Thome. Would've worked out better, too.
  3. Dam8610

    T-Mobile Free MLB.TV

    Do you have the T-Mobile Tuesdays app?
  4. Dam8610

    Y2Jimmy > National Reports (Moncada extended 5 years)

    But Moncada had a 60% K rate (in 20 PAs).
  5. Dam8610

    Rotational Lynchpin

    If the question is essentially about who is the make or break piece, I think the answer is Kopech. I think we all know that if Giolito doesn't repeat or we don't get at least a 3 starter out of Keuchel, this team isn't going to make the playoffs. So the question is who is the guy who could push the team into serious playoff or even division title contention? To me, that's Michael Kopech. If Kopech can come back and become what he showed flashes of pre-TJ, that's gives the team 2 aces to ride into and through the postseason along with this offense.
  6. Dam8610

    MLB cheating scandal

    The Patriots weren't villainized like the Astros because Goodell is even more of a spineless coward than Manfred and buried the evidence. Both teams stole signals using technology to relay them to their players to give them a competitive advantage.
  7. Dam8610

    MLB cheating scandal

    Bullshit. New England Patriots fans still claim their team has won 6 championships despite the rampant cheating that has been proven by the NFL again and again. Astros fans won't care unless you take it away and ban people, if history is any indication.
  8. Dam8610

    MLB cheating scandal

    The Houston Astros are the New England Patriots of MLB, using technology to gain an unfair competitive advantage over their opponents that resulted in unprecedented and unearned success for their respective franchises. Both of those franchises' championships should be removed from the record books (just don't have a champion for those years), the trophies should be taken from the respective organizations, and the individuals involved in the cheating should be banned for life. It appears, however, that both Roger Goodell and Rob Manfred lack the courage to do what is right for the integrity of their sport. What both the Astros and Patriots did in their respective sports is worse, in my opinion, than what the 1919 White Sox did, and there are people still banned from baseball over 100 years later for what that team did. At least they only fixed an outcome so that they lost. The Astros and Patriots fixed outcomes so that they won.
  9. Dam8610

    Mlb might be changing playoff format

  10. Their best hitters are Nelson Cruz and Josh Donaldson, both major regression risks due to their age and injury history. The Sox best hitter will likely be 25 or under, whether it be Moncada, Jimenez, or (though it's highly unlikely) Robert.
  11. Dam8610

    Can the 20s be the best decade in Sox history?

    They're off to a great start already.
  12. Dam8610

    Here’s A Laugh

    Trading Robert and Moncada for Arenado would make the Shields trade look smart. Same thing goes just for Robert.
  13. Dam8610

    So What Happens to Zack Collins?

  14. Dam8610

    For the hell of it:

    Soto and Bieber
  15. Dam8610

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Why does no one like Julio Teheran? Seems like he could be a 2 WAR pitcher who can inexplicably be had for cheap because he's not being hyped for some reason. He's also 28 so it's not like you'd expect him to fall off a cliff in the next couple of years. What am I missing here?