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  1. Dam8610

    Fire Rick Hahn

    When the fanbase can, in foresight, predict which moves will be bad for the team, and the team does them anyway, that's my bar for replacing the front office. Go back and read what everyone here said about the Rodon decision at the time.
  2. This makes too much sense, no way they do it.
  3. It's mind boggling to me that the Angels have quite possibly the 2 best players in baseball and cannot surround them with enough talent to even consistently break .500.
  4. Dam8610

    Moneyball 2: Twins/Sox version

    If they're 2% better than the next best team, that sounds like they're an outlier that will regress to the mean.
  5. Dam8610

    It's time to put Jose out to pasture

    Here's to hoping he clowns you as he has every other year you've done this.
  6. Dam8610

    Cleveland at Sox-Game one, 7:10 CT

    Can't blame him, he had to K Naylor 3 times to get credit for it.
  7. Dam8610

    Vaughn the platoon hitter?

    Hasn't Vaughn played in all 5 games thus far? It's not like they're sitting him for Leury or even Sheets.
  8. Dam8610

    Seiya Suzuki (RF) Rumors

    Tadahito Iguchi as well. I think this would be the smart play for RF, which is of course why the White Sox are nowhere in the picture.
  9. Dam8610

    The MLB lockout is lifted!

    The "weak" NFLPA is getting its players between 47 and 48.5 percent of the leaguewide revenues. The "strong" MLBPA is struggling to get MLB owners to give up 40 percent of the revenues.
  10. Dam8610

    Rosenthal fired for criticism of Manfred

    The last 990 of the NFL I saw (before they gave up tax exempt status) showed Goodell's compensation at $44 million.
  11. Dam8610

    The MLB lockout is lifted!

    I'm pretty sure that last statement is completely false due to the antitrust exemption granted to MLB by Congress.
  12. Dam8610

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    Kimbrel for Gallo let's do it.
  13. Dam8610

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    That's certainly not our problem, so let's hope he does it again.
  14. Dam8610

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    Dombrowski tends to overpay for veterans, and not be as concerned about money, so that's a good sign.
  15. Dam8610

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    What does the market for Clayton Kershaw look like?