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  1. Dam8610

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    Only need to be 3 games above .500 in the playoffs.
  2. Dam8610


    Dunning has been worth 2 fWAR and has a 3.69 FIP in 107.1 IP. Over a full workload that's a 3-4 WAR pitcher. My argument was always that I'd've preferred a package centered around Steiver, and I still think the Sox would be better off having both Dunning and Lynn.
  3. Dam8610

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    I didn't say it was inconsistent, it's definitely consistent. It just doesn't seem to measure what you're trying to measure.
  4. Dam8610

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    That seems too specific to be useful as a metric, then, because it's not counting all the times they won after being down in the 7th or later, but rather just in the 7th. Of be more concerned about the former than the latter.
  5. Dam8610

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    What about the Field of Dreams game?
  6. Dam8610


    The splits seem to suggest the following would be optimal assuming things hold as they are now: Game 1: Rodon Game 2: Giolito Game 3: Lynn Game 4: Cease Game 5: Rodon Put your best pitchers against the Astros at Minute Maid, put Lynn and Cease at home where they seem to do better against the Astros. The White Sox don't have to beat generic team X, they have to beat the Astros, and the numbers suggest these are the best pitching matchups to do that.
  7. Dam8610


    Where can one find this stat?
  8. Well I guess we'll find out what Crochet does for the Sox over the next 6 years.
  9. Dam8610

    Re-ranking the six divisional races

    All of this is happening with not one but two potential MVP candidates out for the season, or most of it. Can you imagine what this team will look like with a healthy Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert?
  10. Dam8610

    Straight-Line WAR Projections

    That Rodon contract could be the bargain of a lifetime. Even if he finishes with 3 WAR, That's $27 million of value for $3 million, or $24 million of surplus value. If he actually hits 6 WAR, his surplus value will be over $50 million.
  11. Dam8610

    Lynn to IL; Burdi up

    Well hopefully we'll have a new owner in the very near future and our front office won't be forced into stupid trades by "financial constraints".
  12. Dam8610

    Lynn to IL; Burdi up

    Who cares?
  13. Dam8610

    Lynn to IL; Burdi up

    No, they wouldn't have. I've long felt that players with Dunning's profile have been undervalued in the scouting world, and it looks like he's showing why. There was a wide variety of opinion on him. Those who would've dragged him are the ones who were happy about the trade. Those of us who were upset about the trade wouldn't have dragged him. You're never going to make everyone happy because opinions vary widely. Exactly, buying Bauer and keeping Dunning seems like the smarter play than trading 6 years of Dunning for 1 year of Lynn. Did then, still does now.
  14. Dam8610

    Lynn to IL; Burdi up

    But his ceiling is a 3 starter!
  15. Dam8610

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    36% K rate in college? Pass. How's Jeren Kendall doing these days?