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  1. Middle Buffalo

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I work in the injury compensation field, and have pretty extensive experience with my agency of people (literally more than a thousand) who have been sick and filed injury claims because they have had COVID-19. I am not aware of any who have missed more than a day or two of work and filed claims because of a bad reaction to the vaccine. And I’d venture to say most who missed work because of a vaccine reaction only took time off because it was offered in advance as part of a liberal leave policy to encourage people to get vaccinated.
  2. Middle Buffalo

    Blackout is Back for Soxtober

    Yeah, somehow our fanbase has already reached the point where we complain about everything the team does. I think we’re supposed to wait a season or two after a World Series win to turn on the team, but this is the first time in my life I’ve rooted for a playoff team two years in a row. I guess I don’t know how it works.
  3. Middle Buffalo

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    haha it worked again. BA knew this would be your response. BA - educate this poster please.
  4. Middle Buffalo

    Can this team just flip the switch come Oct 7?

    I was looking at this also. The fact is a team that goes 9-7 every 16 games would end up with 90 wins. If the Sox have a 9-7 stretch, there’s a not too small portion of the board that loses their mind.
  5. Middle Buffalo

    Does Dallas Keuchel even make the Playoff Roster?

    Even if he’s not lined up to start a playoff game, he’ll make the roster. It's still important to have a guy who can potentially pitch multiple innings in the event of a starter getting injured, a blowout loss or extra inning game. Otherwise, there’s a possibility too many arms won’t be available in subsequent games.
  6. Middle Buffalo

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Um, ok. Not sure what that has to do with me saying Rogan preached that COVID’s no big deal for a healthy person, and then he acted totally the opposite when he got it. He did what we should. He did the smart thing. But he told his 100s of 1000s of listeners no to worry. Anyway, I know you like to get the last word, so you can have it if you want. I won’t respond to your next nonsensical post. I promise.
  7. Middle Buffalo

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Yep. Strep and COVID are exactly the same.
  8. Middle Buffalo

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Why take any meds? Why quarantine away from his family? He’s said if you’re young and healthy, exercise, eat right - you don’t need to worry about it. I guess it’s different when he gets it.
  9. Middle Buffalo

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Interesting to see when guys like Joe Rogan contract the virus, all of the bluster (anti-masks, anti-vaccinate, healthy people are ok, etc) becomes “give me all the drugs” and I’m quarantining so my family doesn’t get it.
  10. Middle Buffalo

    Dear Tony (regarding Cesar)

    Time to start the Terry Bevington for HOF discussion.
  11. Middle Buffalo

    Vaughn's defense

    Totally agree. The footwork alone that’s required would tie Eloy in a knot. LF is the easiest position on the field.
  12. Middle Buffalo

    2021 Catch-All

    It’s amazing how often Jeopardy players don’t go for the higher value clues even when they are way behind the lead. They still start with the first clue and try to work down the category.
  13. Mike Aldrete was 25 in his 1986 rookie year. Steve Stone did not face him and give up 4 hits to him in the minors.
  14. Middle Buffalo

    Trea Turner slide...Smooth-A$$ MF'er!!!

    That is a nice slide. I’m always surprised at how poorly so many MLB players slide. So many potential ankle, hand and shoulder injuries from how bad they slide.
  15. Middle Buffalo


    Did they ever explain why Engel was taken out? Is it just because L Garcia has to play every game?