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  1. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    If you watch the entire Faici video, his answer is more nuanced. Fauci is saying using masks is ineffective if not used properly. That’s why he points out non-medical people adjusting them (which potentially contaminates the mask). If you wear a mask but go about your day with a false sense of security and don’t change your habits (hand washing, touching your face, social distancing), you are likely not as safe as you may think.
  2. Middle Buffalo

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    I’m still going to start a 2020 attendance thread so we can add pandemic to the list of reasons Sox fans don’t go to games.
  3. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I’m sure our Commander in Chief is well aware that approximately 20% of the USPS workforce are his fellow veterans - some of whom I’m sure are similarly proud of their Purple Hearts. A little hard to believe he’s going to dismantle it and leave them jobless despite them being tagged essential workers who kept working during the coronavirus and work for an entity established by his beloved Constitution. Surely, he’ll come around, stop badmouthing the USPS, and start doing the PSAs the closer we get to the election.
  4. Middle Buffalo

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    That’s great.
  5. Middle Buffalo

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I went to one Bulls game in the Jordan era. It was the year Jordan was out with his broken foot. I can’t believe I didn’t save up and go to at least one game, but I remember it being pretty expensive. Oh well. The series was great. I know that it’s mostly about MJ, but I think it could have given a little more time to the ‘94 Bulls. Scottie was incredible that season. A little more backstory on Kukoc’s transition to the team. More about how Krause built the team. Not a huge complaint. None of it happens without MJ, but some of the time spent on his security could have been cut, for example, to make room for more of the teammates.
  6. Middle Buffalo

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    This is the unanswerable question for me. Along with The Karate Kid, Stand By Me and Back to the Future are my 3 most watched movies. if I had to choose between BTF and SBM, I think I’d go with Back to the Future. It’s easier to pick up at any point and ride to the finish. Karate Kid is right there for the same reason. Stand By Me is great. I love the sentimentality of it. Stephen King writes kids so well. “I never had any friends later in like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?” That line gets me every time. My group of friends when I was 11 & 12 played baseball, football, and Intellivision every day. We followed the Sox religiously - took the Archer express to the games by ourselves. It was the summer of ‘83 through the end of ‘84. Then we just drifted apart one by one. But, I don’t think we’ll ever forget each other.
  7. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Keep us posted.
  8. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Guys - in addition to social distancing, can we practice an economy of words when posting?
  9. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Literally made me laugh out loud.
  10. Middle Buffalo


    Listening to the Parkins and McNeil’s podcast review of The Last Dance, and McNeil is talking about how distasteful it is to see the way Pippen and Jordan treated Krause. While I agree, it’s funny to hear that take from McNeil. He’s one of the top few guys in Chicago radio I’d expect to act less than professional toward a boss he didn’t respect. Of course, he criticizes players for lack of hustle, dedication, etc., and he’s not exactly Cal Ripken when it comes to consecutive work days.
  11. Middle Buffalo

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I felt bad for Pippen when Oakley was doing the Senior/Freshman bullying when Scottie was a rookie. Oakley slapping Pippen was a complete dick move.
  12. Middle Buffalo

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I always thought there was a rule in the collective bargaining agreement that prohibited renegotiating contracts, and that is why Reinsdorf warned Scottie not to sign his 7 year contract. I swear that was what they used to say on the Score. https://www.nytimes.com/1997/11/28/sports/sports-of-the-times-pippen-is-right-but-wrong.html “TLD” made it seem like it was just a Reinsdorf policy.
  13. Bruce Jenner went to bed a man...woke up a woman. Pretty extraordinary. Happened in my lifetime.
  14. My kids’ morning soccer games in September and some of October were brutal just to sit on the sideline under an umbrella or tent, and at the time I was conditioned to it by working outside. It wasn’t much better at night.
  15. Parkman’s cousin is somewhat wrong. It’s monsoon season June 15 til the end of September. Not usually a ton of rain, but definitely some violent thunder and windstorms from time to time. It is humid - not Texas or Chicago humid - but humid enough when combined with 110 degrees that outside work isn’t easy. Most construction work is done by 2pm. Road construction is done at night. Being outside during the day is no joke. It’s not even comfortable to swim - the sun is so brutal. I hardly ever swim before dinner.