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  1. Middle Buffalo


    Added a few new podcasts: This Past Weekend with Theo Von - Comedy podcast. I've only listened to the ones with guests so far. He's from Real World or Road Rules. I saw him di standup a few years ago, and his show was one of the funniest I've seen live. Mobituaries wirh Mo Rocca - I listened to the first about a JFK impersonator. Well done. It's new, but if the rest are like this, I'll keep listening. McNeil and Parkins - The Bears success had me dip my toe back in the local Chicago radio scene. I've been downloading select portions of this show. I've always like Mac as a host (even though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like him in person), and Parkins is a good cohost.
  2. Middle Buffalo

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Greg the leg cost me $1600.
  3. Middle Buffalo

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Manny and Bryce are quickly becoming my least favorite Sox. Sign somewhere, anywhere. I'm getting tired of checking this thread every few hours.
  4. Middle Buffalo

    Sports Betting Thread

    I won both total points in both Confidence Pools I entered this season. In one, I never won the weekly pot. In the other, I won two or three weeks in addition to the total.
  5. Middle Buffalo

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    The information he provides is great. It's peak level Steve Stone stuff. Romo's "enthusiasm" gets to be a little much. It's over the top.
  6. Middle Buffalo

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    They'll still give him the Benny the Bull at the airport treatment and a video montage before they cut him loose, no?
  7. Middle Buffalo

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    It's interesting that the final score of the NE/KC changes the narrative so drastically for everyone. With a 90 seconds left in the game, NE was down 28-24. Tom Brady threw his 3rd interception of the game. NE loses. Is Brady done? Why didn't Bellichik (fill in the blank)? Is the dynasty over? Gronk looks terrible.... Nobody would have questioned KC's game plan. Andy Reid would be returning to the Big Game. Mahomes is the future. KC overcame the loss of Hunt. But a guy lined up in the neutral zone (how does that happen?) and NE scores the go ahead. KC comes back and moves right down the field . They were a few seconds away from being able to take a shot at a TD for the win, but they had to settle for the FG and tie. Coin flip win by NE and the result was as predictable as a double doink. Of course, it's possible Brady throws another bad pick or KC finally gets to him for a strip sack. Maybe the refs don't call a phantom roughing the passer and the first down that comes with it is instead a third and long. Then we'd be back to paragraph two and three above. Total respect for Brady and the Pats, but I'm tired of them. I would much rather have seen a KC/LA game.
  8. Middle Buffalo

    **2018-2019 NCAA Football Thread**

    When ND was on the receiving end of a Clemson beat down, there was a lot of talk about them not belonging in the semi-final. Does Alabama not belong? Does anyone belong on the field with Clemson?
  9. Middle Buffalo

    Spring training travel tips

    That's a good point about tickets. The Cubs are the only team that sells out regularly. So, tickets are easy to get. I recommend getting them on the secondary market. I picked up three Sox tickets for $12 total ($4/ea) using Seatgeek last year for a game at Camelback Ranch. I can't remember who they played.
  10. Middle Buffalo

    Spring training travel tips

    If you are staying in Tempe, you'll be within a 20-25 minute drive of the As, Cubs, Rockies/Diamondbacks, Angels, and Giants home stadiums. Tempe and Scottsdale nightlife will be good for a young group. The Sox and most of the others are 45 minutes plus from Tempe. I suppose you could uber out to these sites, and I'll echo the Westgate nightlife being pretty good. It's a bunch of bars/restaurants located right near the Cards/Coyotes home stadiums. Not sure what it's like during Spring Training, but it's a good time for the hockey and football games.
  11. Middle Buffalo

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Not a good time to be a 76 year old...
  12. Middle Buffalo

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Mean Gene first came into my consciousness in the mid-80s, so he was in his early 40s. I don't know any 42 year old who looks like 1984 Gene Okerland. Anyway, Mean Gene was one of the people who separated WWF from its competitors. He was a great foil to his wrestling counterparts in interviews. I don't really follow wrestling anymore, but I doubt whoever they have doing his job is doing anything but a pale comparison to Mean Gene. My best friend growing up loved Super Dave. I only had basic cable, so the Super Dave show wasn't really on my radar. I knew of Super Dave from Letterman or talking to Brandmeier on the radio show. He was a great guest. I've heard him on a few podcasts and other late night shows, too. I'd recommend trying to find his appearances. He was a little like Norm MacDonald or Bill Murray as a guest. You never knew what he'd say, but it would likely be weird and funny. Both will be missed.
  13. Middle Buffalo

    **2018-2019 NCAA Football Thread**

    ND always looks so slow against the top teams. Nothing they do offensively works against fast defenses. I've been an ND fan my whole life, but I'm not even disappointed. Brian Kelly seems like such a jerk, I have a hard time wishing him success. Of course, not many coaches are easy to root for. It would be nice to see someone other than Alabama and Clemson in the final, though.
  14. Middle Buffalo


    This is one that I'll be listening to selected guests. I listened to the Will Ferrell & Bill Burr episodes. I assume Conan will be going on other podcasts as well to publicize this. So, I'll do that search, too.
  15. I checked in to see if there was any movement on the Machado/Harper front and saw 107 members and 737 guests on the site. Instant adrenaline rush. I'm hoping for Harper because I think he's the bigger star and brings a little national relevance to the team, but I will not be disappointed if they "settle" for Machado. He's probably the better fit/need. I will be disappointed if they come away with neither. And I think either one along with some smart supporting moves puts them in the playoff hunt immediately.