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  1. Middle Buffalo

    2019 Catch-All

    I was returning from a road trip today, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how bad some people drive. But, man is it frustrating when you are on a two lane highway, and you have to go into the oncoming lane to pass the car in front of you. On more than one occasion, I was behind someone who, as soon as my opportunity to go around them came, would speed up. So, they'd be going 62 in a 65 zone, I get behind them, and as soon as I'd get my window of opportunity to get around them, they'd speed up to 68. I was behind this one car for miles. This guy perfected the random speed up/slow down/speed up and ping ponging from the left side of the lane to the right and back again. I swear bad drivers added 30-40 minutes to my 450 mile trip.
  2. Middle Buffalo

    Disco Demolition Review...

    The origin of Dahl's distaste for disco was being fired by a station that switched formats from rock to disco. Like all things Dahl, it was simply about money. He was fired, so he lashed out. He spent the better part of forty years doing this on Chicago stations. If it makes him money, he likes it. As soon as the money stops, he lashes out at it.
  3. Middle Buffalo

    NLCS- Nationals/Cardinals

    Yep. The same fan base that cries when the Sox fans root against them will be pulling hard for the Nationals. But, Cubs, so it’s ok.
  4. Middle Buffalo

    A Realistic Offseason

    This is how I feel, too. If last off-season had produced either of Harper or Machado, and the young core showed what it did this season, I could almost see a top pitcher signing with the Sox. Without that building block, I don’t see Cole signing with the Sox. I don’t see the Sox signing the elite guys at this point, so I’m hoping for two of the pitchers not named Cole or Strasburg and a RF.
  5. I know I'm not supposed to say it as a Bears fan, but I've always liked Favre.
  6. Middle Buffalo

    Kansas City Royals Sale

    Sox, Bulls, and Illini?
  7. Middle Buffalo

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    I think Stone's correct. I don't see them going all in for Cole. I think they will kick the tires on Wheeler & Bumgarner, but I think it's more likely they end up signing Wacha/Wood - a couple of guys like that. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing either. Sign some middle of the rotation types that can eat some innings and have some upside without committing $25M to a guy who might not be worth it.
  8. Middle Buffalo

    8/14- Sox vs Astros, 1:10, WGN

    First time everyone in the lineup is hitting > .200 since May 3. * I haven't verified the date but assume it to be true.
  9. Middle Buffalo

    Anyone else want to claim Swihart / DFA Castillo

    I don't see why they wouldn't take a chance on signing Swihart. Maybe the Sox get lucky and he has a Justin Turner, Jake Arrieta, or JD Martinez like career resurrection.
  10. Middle Buffalo

    Anderson getting some national love

    Jury's still out...
  11. Middle Buffalo

    Sports Media discussion

    With the improvement of the Sox and expectations for the Bears, I've dipped back into the Chicago sports shows via podcast. I pick select segments from Carmen & Jurko, Waddle & Silvy, and McNeil & Parkins. The amount of Cubs content is insane. Jesse Rogers is literally on each of the ESPN shows every day for 20 plus minutes, and they're not even the flagship station. I can see if there is some news, but he talks about the previous game and the upcoming game. It's a little much. The Score has regular segment with the Cubs announcers, and Spiegel devotes his Sunday show to them pretty regularly. I try to skip downloading every Cubs-centric segment just in case they pay attention to what gets downloaded.
  12. Middle Buffalo

    SoxTalk fan pulse: How far away are the Sox from competing?

    Just took my pulse. Here's where I stand: 1) Was very disappointed they didn't sign Harper. This has as much to do with him being a star as it does with his numbers. He would have made the Sox relevant. Did they even make an offer? 2) Not gonna get over the Tatis thing any time soon. 3) Am very pleased with the pre-All Star break performance. 4) Excited by the development of Moncada, TA, Giolito and arrivals of Jimenez and Cease. 5) Looking forward to some of the injured minor league arms to appear. 6) Really looking forward to Robert and Madrigal. 7) Seriously doubt we'll get a big name pitcher in FA. 8) Barring a front line starter being added, I feel like next year will be .500 give or take a few games. 9) I'm tired of the perennial losing.
  13. Middle Buffalo

    The Acceptance Phase of James Shields and Tatis Jr.

    Actually, I shouldn't have said the vast majority of fans were upset about acquiring Shields. The vast majority of fans who were upset about the trade were upset that it was for Shields. A good amount of people were actually in favor of the trade. Some went as far as to say Tatis, Jr. wouldn't amount to anything.
  14. Middle Buffalo

    The Acceptance Phase of James Shields and Tatis Jr.

    Obviously, the FO should know more than fans on Soxtalk, but both when the trade was rumored and after it was made, the vast majority of fans were more anti-Shields than mad about Tatis, Jr. being included. I read the first 20 pages of this thread and skimmed the next 10 or so. Interesting read.
  15. Middle Buffalo

    White Sox vs Cubs 1:10 PM Nova vs Hendricks

    I'll take the split just to keep their fans quiet. Of course, now they'll act like these games aren't important to them (despite showing up in full force to each of the games).