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  1. Middle Buffalo

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    At least he’s seeing more than one pitch per at bat. 🎶Always look on the bright side of life...🎶
  2. Middle Buffalo

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Maata and Toews. 2-1 after 1 period.
  3. Middle Buffalo


    Not quite the same.
  4. Middle Buffalo


    I don’t understand how guys can make it to MLB and not know how to slide.
  5. Middle Buffalo

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Hawks looked terrible. Sloppy all around.
  6. Middle Buffalo

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Wouldn’t late July/early August have been when Rodin was slated to return anyway?
  7. Middle Buffalo

    Field of Dreams Game Cancelled

    I hope the Sox are still involved next year. Probably smart to cancel it this year. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to play a game like this if the stadium is empty.
  8. I’d guess the plan is to play until the last date scheduled, and then they’ll go by win percentage. They won’t extend the season to have an even number of games played. The owners make money in the playoffs.
  9. Middle Buffalo

    Mazara Returns, Mercedes Optioned, Lambert to 45 day IL

    Historically, a week in Schaumburg is what it takes to be MLB ready.
  10. Middle Buffalo


    I don’t know if/how it matters, but Madrigal’s warm up swing looks very stiff. It’s like he’s reminding himself to keep his shoulder in a certain position. I have a friend who took golf lessons and would do the me thing before tee off. He would slowly go through the swing he was taught, but when he actually swung the club, he didn’t just let it rip. He kept the same mechanic and had zero power.
  11. Middle Buffalo

    2020 Celebrity Death Thread

    Crazy to think he was 50-ish when he filmed Cocoon and The Natural. He looked and acted like someone in his mid-60s at best.
  12. Middle Buffalo

    7/31 Sox vs Royals GT

    Keuchel: (note to self) make them hit it to the right side.
  13. Middle Buffalo

    7/29 Sox vs Indians GT

    Reminds me of watching Roberto Hernandez.
  14. Middle Buffalo

    7/29 Sox vs Indians GT

    Watching this with the sound off on my phone, it seemed like they didn’t know they won the game. I thought for a second Abreu came off the bag based on the la k of reaction by the team.
  15. Middle Buffalo


    Positive - Luis Robert. He looks to be for real. I’m sure he’ll struggle at times, but it is going to be hard for him to miss. Going back to Spring Training, the vibe of this team had me as excited about the Sox as I’ve been in 10+ years. Then COVID hit. I was fine without it - felt no need to rush back. The warm up games had me ready and anticipating good things. I don’t live and die daily with every game like some fans, but this has been really a depressing start to this sprint of a season. Starting pitching has been abysmal.