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    Tony La Russa named Manager

    I don’t want TLR, but the idea he couldn’t handle a brash, young team is wrong. He was in charge of the Bash Bros. In Oakland. That whole team was pretty wild. Like someone else said, he wouldn’t wilt in the playoffs (or down the stretch) like we just experienced. Reading through Steve Stone’s Twitter replies, it seems like Hinch is the top candidate. He doesn’t rule out Bochy or TLR, but flat out says “No” to most other people mentioned.
  2. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Why not? Because too many people feel they have the right to do whatever they want and simply don’t care about anyone but themselves. If the Sox did everything you said (which is a very easy and workable plan), some people who go to the games would refuse to follow the rules, and enforcement would probably be tasked to a 70 year old Andy Frain who’s just trying to get out of the house and make a few bucks working at Sox games.
  3. Middle Buffalo

    Sox Press Conference - 11am 10/12 - RR out as Sox manager

    Bullpen and batting Robert in the 7 spot every game, not figuring out a rest schedule for Moncada, batting EE 4th or 5th every game,.... The list of mistakes is pretty long. I’m not usually one to say fire the manager or batting/pitching coach, but RR was pretty bad. With Coop, it was just time.
  4. Middle Buffalo

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    I don’t understand why the NFL mandates that coaches wear masks on the sidelines, but the players don’t have to. Seems like a superficial rule.
  5. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    So, Chris Christie checked himself into a hospital as a “precaution” and stayed for a week. I’d love to see what it cost him and which insurance covers an elective COVID hospital stay.
  6. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I am pretty certain you used to say you didn’t vote for Trump, but you wrote in someone else (speculation was Jesse Ventura). Now, you didn’t vote at all?
  7. Middle Buffalo

    Sports Media discussion

    I don’t see Leila being added as a regular on the Score with either Bernstein or Parkins. Parkins and she weren’t on the same wavelength at all. I bet they go with Anthony Herron if they add a regular cohost. I haven’t heard much of him, but he’s pretty good.
  8. Middle Buffalo

    Offseason Targets

    This is how I feel exactly.
  9. Middle Buffalo

    Sox should replace Renteria with Ozzie Guillen

    Uh oh. I think I just agreed with Greg. For the record, it was 1983.
  10. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    As someone who was in a union for more than 20 years, I have to shake my head when I hear of union members doing “side work.” That friend is taking work from someone - aka “scabbing.”
  11. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I see that number and only think of shorter waits at the barber shop and a quicker Communion line, but I’m selfish.
  12. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    To be fair, we don’t know how he felt 20 years ago.
  13. Middle Buffalo

    Eloy might not be ready for first playoff series

    At least we only had 3 guys (Eloy, Madrigal & Leary) get injured sliding this year. It’s super hard to slide without getting inured.
  14. Middle Buffalo

    RIP Gale Sayers.

    Definitely deserves praise, but it’s likely 90% of the people who post here never saw him play or saw more than a few highlights. RIP & condolences to people like you who did grow up when he played. It stinks to lose a sports idol.
  15. Sox are doing a good job getting the Cubs and Indians hot before the playoffs.
  16. I like Bill Murray, but he is doing nothing funny, and the ESPN crew can’t contain their laughter.
  17. Mazara needs to move forward toward the pitcher in the box.
  18. Middle Buffalo

    9/22 - White Sox @ Cleveland: Lopez vs Quantrill

    Yeah. That goes back to at least ‘86. I showed my 18 year old daughter how I could roll my pants. She was not impressed.
  19. Middle Buffalo

    9/22 - White Sox @ Cleveland: Lopez vs Quantrill

    Love his arm. Needs a stylist. The pants are a mess.
  20. Middle Buffalo

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Not sure why they resigned Cohen.
  21. Middle Buffalo

    Garrett Crochet Called Up

    That 100mph sure looked effortless.
  22. You used a word that has a negative connotation for white people. The fact that the person in question is from an affluent, predominantly white area only makes ptatc’s point. Your intention was clearly to insult someone using a derogatory term. Why is that acceptable to you or anyone?
  23. Middle Buffalo

    Just put Moncada on the IL already....

    They should put Yoan on the DL today. He’d miss 2 with KC, 2 with Pittsburgh, 3 with Detroit, and the first game with Minnesota. It’s a perfect time to sit him.
  24. Middle Buffalo

    Trade Watch Rumor

    I wouldn’t mind If nobody gets traded. Take a shot with the current roster this year. Spend money on RF and SP in the offseason. Trading Grandal would be ok with me if it is followed by an extension for McCann.
  25. Middle Buffalo

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Can the major leaguer be Mazara, please?