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    Mac Jurko and Harry had a good idea today

    QUOTE(Kalapse @ May 27, 2005 -> 03:24 PM) We could all greet them at the Cell on Monday against the Angels. Unless it's cold, or the only seats available are in the upper deck. Man, that's steep! Anyone else notice that?
  2. Middle Buffalo

    Hillary could win presidency in '08

    I have a TON of respect for McCain, but I can't stand that he went around stumping for GW before the last election. GW showed McCain no respect in 2000, but because McCain wants to run in '08 he swallowed his pride and went with the party. I'm tired of the politics in politics.
  3. Middle Buffalo

    Happy Birthday Big Frank!!

    I doubt that Frank will ever see this.
  4. Middle Buffalo

    Buehrle Comparison

    From what I've heard, Koufax was more dominant. MB = Maddux is a better comparison. Consistent, consistent, consistent. Always prepared. Always around the plate. Always solid. What more could you want?
  5. Middle Buffalo

    Steve Nash

    I'm sure Dan Lebatard is finishing up his column where he poses the question, "Does everyone think thiat I'm an incredible dickhead because I'm white?"
  6. Middle Buffalo


    When's the first column about big bad Sox fans acting badly in Wrigleyville? Sunday? Monday? Totally unprovoked, of course. It's gotta happen.
  7. Middle Buffalo

    Brandon McCarthy ML debut game thread vs Cubs

    Thanks for the info.
  8. Middle Buffalo

    Brandon McCarthy ML debut game thread vs Cubs

    Is this game on WGN? Cubs announcers?
  9. Middle Buffalo

    Corey "Close'em early" Patterson

    Holy run-on sentences, WS.
  10. Middle Buffalo

    DJ after Dye's homer.

    Soxatow? I think DJ is trying to work some "pirate" into his broadcast in order to make Hawk feel more comfortable. Listen, he'll be sprinkling some "aaaarghh"s into his convesations as the season progresses.
  11. Middle Buffalo

    Rotation Possibility

    Zito will go to Atlanta. Mazzone will raise his arm from the dead, and in two years he'll be wearing Yankee pinstripes. Isn't that how Bud Selig wants things done?
  12. Middle Buffalo

    Star Wars

    The force is strong in these ones. http://www.capnwacky.com/sw/sw13.html
  13. Middle Buffalo

    Late 70's/Early 80's Collared Uniforms

    Please buy the shorts if they're available.
  14. Middle Buffalo

    Favorite Sox Ever? MarkB?

    QUOTE(hammerhead johnson @ May 19, 2005 -> 11:44 AM) What part of 10th highest OPS in major league history at the age of 36 doesn't register up there in that dome of yours? Like someone else said, just go away. Ooops. I meant to type Larry Thomas. Please forgive. You know, I looked up Frank's stats, and I was surprised. I thought his recent decline started waaaay earlier. Not sure why. He's really only had bad seasons when he was injured (which apparantly everyone but me knew). Mea culpa. Please don't tell me to go away anymore. I'm sensitive. By the way, how 'bout some props to me for knowing Rudy had 77 SBs in 1983. Oh, forget it.
  15. Middle Buffalo

    Music Suggestions

    QUOTE(ChiSoxyGirl @ May 19, 2005 -> 07:38 AM) I believe the term is Claymate..... As per American Idol, Kelly Clarkson's cd is probably the best cd for working out that has come across my way in a long time. Hell yes cardio! Also, I can't speak for the whole cd--but I looooooooove the Blake Shelton cover of Goodbye Time. Really two thumbs up...... I thought Claymainac sounded more masculine.
  16. Middle Buffalo

    Music Suggestions

    Solitary Man - Clay Aiken What can I say, I'm a Claymaniac.
  17. Middle Buffalo

    Star Wars

    This one looks pretty cool. I won't see it for a few weeks. I want to know if it's appropriate for a 6 year old (I've heard it's pretty violent). This is where Episodes I-III should have started. Those other two sucked. I'm hoping Anikin doesn't yell, "Yippie!" in this one, but you never know with Lucas.
  18. Middle Buffalo

    Favorite Sox Ever? MarkB?

    Probably not the most popular opinion, but I don't think Frank is a HOF. I think his declining numbers in the past few years hurt his chances. First 6-7 years - absolute first ballot, but not anymore me thinks. Still can't wait for him to come back. Favorite WS is Black Jack. He gave those early 90's teams their attitude. Those A's-Sox matchups back then were classic. Loved Rudy Law, too. Hope Pods can break his SB mark (77 I believe).
  19. Middle Buffalo

    Favorite Video Game from Way back

    Asteroids is still great. I recently bought one of those joysticks that has 10 games and took a little stroll down memory lane. Intellivision came out with a computer that plugged into the main console, and it had a great baseball game. RBI was great, too. So was Baseball Stars, but by the time I got it, my Nintendo was pretty shot, so the records would get erased aftoer a few games. Oh, and Tecmobowl.
  20. Middle Buffalo

    Dan Lebatard

    Lebatard is somewhat Mariotti-like in the way he always brings up crap that really has nothing to do with the subject he's talking about. I mean, Nash the MVP because he's white? Argue that he doesn't deserve the award, but leave race out of it. It's tired, Dan. I heard about this, but couldn't get the article without registering for the Miami Herald. F them. I took it from a sports blog. Come get me b****es. Here's a sample from the blog: Would Nash have won the MVP if he were black? Dan LeBatard asks a question I know a lot of folks are thinking about in the back of their minds when they heard Steve Nash won the MVP Award. Did race play a role in this outcome? LeBatard doesn't pretend to have an answer to a tough question, but considering some of the recent Swamp discussions, I thought this might be of interest. Here are some excerpts: "No one who looks or plays like Steve Nash has ever been basketball's MVP. Ever. In the history of the award, a tiny, one-dimensional point guard who plays no defense and averages fewer than 16 points a game never has won it. But Nash just stole Shaquille O'Neal's trophy, even though O'Neal had much better numbers than Nash in just about every individual statistical measurement except assists, so it begs the question ..." "Nobody is suggesting voters made their selection while wearing Klan hoods. Today's racism rarely is that overt. It tends to be hidden better than that ..." "Who is to say that, given the same stats as Nash, 5-5 Earl Boykins, who is black, may not have gotten the MVP vote, too, because he is so tiny? Or that being white helped Nash no more than being Canadian? But, again, there is no precedent, none, for any of the black guys who have put up Nash's numbers during the years -- and there have been plenty -- winning the MVP." I think it's an interesting question, and would like to see more evidence that there have been plenty of black point guards that put up Nash-like numbers and had the incredible positive effect on his team's win total.
  21. Middle Buffalo

    So....what did you think of Robin?

    Missed RV, but thought DP was okay (a little boring). I always wonder, though, if broadcasters ever listen to a replay of their broadcast. So many of them have little verbal tics that drive me crazy. For instance, Chet Coppack (sp?) always says "ahh" and "uhh." Charles Barkley is constantly saying "first of all." That kind of stuff drives me crazy. Barkley will start three consecutive sentences with, "First of all...." Jesus, what's second Charles. I'm hangin' on every word here. Please tell me. Can a program director get a hold of these guys?
  22. Middle Buffalo

    Jose Mesa

    I like that Terry Boers calls Mesa, "Joe Table."
  23. Middle Buffalo

    In a way...

    That's exactly how McDowell used to pitch. Let the batter get himself out. Trying to be too fine and strike guys out takes the fielders out of the game and is pointless with a big lead. Cub fans would always talk about Jack's ERA, without understanding that it's more important to get a W than put up stats. Surprising that Cub fans wouldn't know that (as they bow to Sammy while losing by 7).
  24. Middle Buffalo

    Hudson's delayed steal

    Hawk and DJ were talking about delayed steals last week. They said it had been a long time since they saw one. Uribe handles the throw, it's a delayed out. Me thinks.
  25. Middle Buffalo

    Invasion of the Victory Snatchers........

    This might be too big for a t-shirt, but here goes: "Pay attention. This might be one of the 42 games Hawk is always talking about!" Anyone know where to get some 1983 winnin' ugly t-shirts? Someone might consider making some and sending me one.