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    STAR WARS Everything

    I stumbled across Jedi yesterday and watched 20 minutes. Probably haven’t seen it in 10 years. Thankfully it was the first 20 minutes and not the last.
  2. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    My wife was trying to help her Trump loving uncle register for the vaccine as it is now available for 65+ year olds here in AZ. She couldn’t make an appointment for him because the slots are already full (and I assume we’ll run out of the vaccine soon). Her uncle immediately started blaming Biden and Pelosi and saying it was a political conspiracy to limit who gets the vaccine. Seriously, these people are nuts.
  3. Middle Buffalo


    I listened to both, and both were good. The Trump Inc one gets a little repetitive, but it shines a pretty bright light on the amount of corruption he has been involved in for his entire career. Sadly, I’m sure a deeper dive on many of our politicians and top 1% would reveal the same. It’s worth a listen for anyone with an open mind.
  4. Middle Buffalo


    I used to be able to listen to almost 10 hours a day of podcasts because I worked alone the majority of the day. I listened to Steve Dahl, ESPN 1000 (Waddle, Silvy, Carmen, Jurko, Harry, Mac), various comedy podcasts, and some NPR type programs. I hardly ever listen to sports with callers now. I almost can't believe I ever did (although I still think the early years of the Score were pretty great). I work in an office now, so my listen time is way down, but I still listen to several shows during the week. Anyone else out there listen to podcasts? Which ones? I just started listening to "In the Dark." It's about a child abduction in Minnesota. Really good. Unlike Seriel, I feel like this will be a little more satisfying. Seriel left more questions unanswered than answered.
  5. Middle Buffalo

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Great. With Trump refusing to leave, it will be like an episode of “Wife Swap.” At least Melania will be used to tucking an old man into bed at 7:30.
  6. Middle Buffalo

    2020 Election Thoughts

    The crazy thing I hear is people who say “He’s just taking advantage of the laws” when it comes to things like not paying taxes. These people are missing the point that the 1% make sure the tax codes and laws are written so they can take advantage.
  7. Middle Buffalo

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Let me guess...this is fake news?
  8. Middle Buffalo

    2020 Election Thoughts

    This is the party that respects law and order. Surely all the police have to do is tell them how to behave, and all will comply peacefully.
  9. Middle Buffalo

    2021 Celebrity Death Thread

    They should show her twice on the Academy Awards “In Memoriam” video. Bookend her Charlie’s Angels and 70’s shows pics.
  10. Middle Buffalo

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    It would be nice if the LB would blow up the WR dragging across the field. It’s within 5 yards, so the can legally give the WR a good shot. WRs would probably be less eager to drag across the middle if they took a few good shots. An LB turning and chasing isn’t going to work very well.
  11. Middle Buffalo

    2020 College Football thread

    I guess Clemson didn’t belong either.
  12. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    They were saying there would be 20 million people vaccinated by EOY. As of yesterday, we were at 2.1 million. Criticizing the rollout of the vaccination is perfectly fair. They've had months to put a plan in place and be ready to coordinate who gets it and when. Instead, they've spent the last two months focused on trying to stay in power and denying the election results.
  13. Middle Buffalo

    Oscar Colas declared free agent

    Is it possible to backload these international contracts so he can get the full amount he’d expect, but the Sox would only pay what they have left of this year’s budget.
  14. Middle Buffalo

    Egg Nog Poll

    I did the same thing when I was a teenager. I was the only person in my house who liked egg nog, so when nobody was around I would chug it straight from the bottle. I opened the fridge one day, grabbed a bottle and chugged a few big gulps. It’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted - probably as much because of what I was expecting vs. what I got.
  15. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    No, wasn’t saying it was a bad thing. Said in admiration.
  16. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Teacher, businessman, hunter, scout leader, chess master....What doesn’t Tex do?
  17. Middle Buffalo

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Gobba gool = ?
  18. Middle Buffalo

    New members....

    Send him down. AAAA level post.
  19. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    By Easter.
  20. Middle Buffalo

    Indians will be no more

    Well, they’ll still be in Cleveland, so they should be able to keep the C.
  21. Middle Buffalo

    Sports Media discussion

    Without knowing how much Shepkowski did behind the scenes or how important his role was, I’ll say he was terrible on the air. It probably doesn’t help that he seemed not to like Parkins - whose show he produced. Whether that was an act or not, I don’t know.
  22. Middle Buffalo


    Some good suggestions here for me to go back and check out.
  23. Middle Buffalo

    RIP Dick Allen

    I liked my idea so much, I wrote to Brooks Boyer. His response: “There is a process for regularly worn uniforms that requires approval from MLB over a year and half in advance. We couldn’t use these uniforms on Sundays even if we had a desire to do so because they were not submitted for approval. As a reference point, any 2022 uniform adjustments had to be submitted last month. I am hopeful we can have a season and do something to honor the life and playing days of Dick Allen. Great player. HOF worthy in my opinion. All the best, Brooks”
  24. Middle Buffalo


    I started listening to Locked on Sox with the Score’s Chris Tennehill and Herb Lawrence this season. The latest episode has Joe Cowley giving some pretty good inside info.
  25. Middle Buffalo

    RIP Dick Allen

    The Dick Allen/Richie Allen thing always confused me as a kid. I started watching baseball in the late 70s, and for the longest time I wasn’t sure if it was two different players they were referring to. I wish they’d make the 72 uniforms the Sunday alternate this year in his honor. I’m tired of the ‘83 unis.