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  1. i get a little put off by having to continually see the word 'ample' here when this is bumped
  2. Do we know the Bulls didn't pursue? He signed a different team's offer sheet, and also there were draft picks moved to facilitate a sign & trade.
  3. Princess Dye

    Tim Anderson high ankle sprain

    Scott Merkin‏Verified account @scottmerkin 10s10 seconds ago More Anderson had follow up. High ankle sprain. Could be 4-6 weeks.
  4. Or it's that WAR is accurate, and the thought process you have here shows how relievers are not as vital as we think they are (over the course of a year)
  5. Princess Dye

    Yoelkis Cespedes

    What do we know about him? Francys Romero‏ @FrancysRomero10 FollowFollow @FrancysRomero10 More Sources: Yoelkis Cespedes, Yoenis brother, defects and leaves the Cuba National Team in @CanAmLeague.
  6. Princess Dye

    What options does Renteria have with Yonder Alonso?

    So if Yonder somehow actually does reach the vesting option with PAs, we still have a $1M buyout that can override that, right?
  7. Princess Dye

    What options does Renteria have with Yonder Alonso?

    Alonso should play against righties. He's due for some BABIP improvement, and Zack Collins has too much of a bat-on-the-shoulder OBP to warrant much more than a last month callup.
  8. Princess Dye

    Reynaldo Lopez

    Lopez - bad now, but hopefully he can be turned around. My concern is the lack of an out pitch. He uses so many pitches that he screams reliever but this year is the perfect time to wait and see (since, really, what else are we going to do. any replacement starter would replace banuelos anyway)
  9. Princess Dye

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    eff Passan‏Verified account @JeffPassan 25s26 seconds ago More The Chicago White Sox are expected to take Cal first baseman Andrew Vaughn with the No. 3 pick in the MLB Draft, sources tell ESPN.
  10. Princess Dye

    2019 MLB draft thread

    If Vaughn is highest rated available you have to take him, because I dont know who of those guys ends up working out. You cant assume theyre all going to hit Eloy would be the best bet but you can get away with him at LF at times. Hopefully on a good team he doesnt have to play there, but still.
  11. Princess Dye

    6/1- Indians vs Sox, 1:10, NBCSC

    Brutal. We suddenly left 2019 for a second
  12. Princess Dye

    Tribe @ Sox 5/30: Manny against Carrasco

    Yolmer is pretty clearly the new Buehrle in terms of wackiness/having fun. But once he is no longer on the team it seems like Eloy might have a throne claim there
  13. Princess Dye

    Leury García player value question

    Maybe Leury is the CF next year over Tilson. I like his defense more, even though Tilson's sort-of-youth suggests we want to see what he maxes out as (overall) Robert in RF
  14. Princess Dye

    Sox @ Jays: 6:07pm CT

    Almost charlie