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  1. TaylorStSox

    Kopech called up

    Hahn's best moves have been financial. As it stands, I guess I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Although on the surface, it looks really dumb.
  2. TaylorStSox

    Kopech called up

    That's a good point. I don't think anybody would argue that he's not ready. That's not the point. The point is that it doesn't make sense to lose a year of value for no tangible reason.
  3. TaylorStSox

    8/19 Sox vs Royals, 1:10

    Listen to the opposing team's broadcast. I really enjoy doing it because they often give a different perspective on Sox players.
  4. TaylorStSox

    Kopech called up

    If they bought out his arbitration in exchange for bringing him up this year, then it makes sense.
  5. TaylorStSox

    Kopech called up

    No. It really doesn't.
  6. TaylorStSox

    Kopech called up

    Uh, nobody said to "hide him in the minors forever." That's what we call a strawman. I care, man. I care because there's value in an extra year. I care because it looks like a waste of value for no reason other than placate the annoyingly vocal shortsighted side of the fanbase. There's no logical reason to waste a year of service time for a team 32 games under .500.
  7. TaylorStSox

    Kopech called up

    This might be the move that finally makes me turn on Hahn.
  8. TaylorStSox

    Kopech called up

    How much value is that extra year worth? A top 50 prospect? It's such a weird and bad move.
  9. TaylorStSox

    Kopech called up

    Wow, this is dumb.
  10. TaylorStSox

    When will the White Sox be good?

    If you can trade a high risk pitcher for 2 or more top 50 prospects, you always do it regardless of what stage of a rebuild you're in (unless he's truly elite). I like Rodon. I don't like Rodon's shoulder.
  11. TaylorStSox

    8/16 Games

    You guys might not think drilling hitters is part of the game, but the players do, and that's all that really matters.
  12. TaylorStSox

    8/16 Games

    It's part of the process. Not a big deal.
  13. TaylorStSox

    8/16 Games

    I'm glad he hit the guy in the ass. Shows good control.
  14. TaylorStSox


    Did you just call somebody a hater? I've never seen you post something positive. Not once. In fact, you have more than 1 account just to hate. That's just weird, dude.
  15. TaylorStSox


    At least he's starting to direct his ire towards Luis Robert. He's understanding that diversifying the trolling makes him appear to be somewhat less obsessed.