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  1. TaylorStSox


    The White Sox have no casual fans.
  2. TaylorStSox


    Aside from the obvious talent, he was raking before he went on the DL and he's been struggling since coming back from the DL. Shocking!
  3. TaylorStSox


    You literally just illustrated my argument in more detail. Good job, thanks. Aside from that, I never even mentioned his K rate. In what bizarro world did anybody ever say his K rate was good?
  4. TaylorStSox


    Moncada's also had more than 3x more BB's than Cano and more HR's in fewer PA's. Jesus, dude. Also, we're comparing him to Robinson Cano, who was most likely a HOF'er up until he got popped.
  5. TaylorStSox


    Cano had more PA's in his rookie year than Moncada has had in his entire career, yet Moncada isn't a rookie? This dude's talking just to talk.
  6. TaylorStSox

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    You talk about velocity with everybody. Just about every pitcher loses velocity as the game progresses until they learn how to pitch and save something for when they need to get tough outs the 3rd and 4th time through the lineup. Obviously there exceptions, and those exceptions are the guys with freaky stuff. There aren't many. Giolito has a lot of issues right now, but I think velocity is one of the lesser ones. He clearly doesn't trust his delivery and motion. He's all over the place with his release point, which is making him hang pitches. He has trouble locating pitches in the zone so he ends up throwing a lot of meatballs. When he tries to avoid bats, he misses badly. His issues are mostly mental imo. He's in his own head way too much. He's had too many people messing with his motion and it wouldn't surprise me if he has OCD. He's almost like a golfer that's so obsessed with the mechanics of his swing that he forgets the very basics.
  7. TaylorStSox

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    Your obsession with velocity is just annoying, especially from somebody who watches so much baseball. I'm presuming that's what he was getting at.
  8. TaylorStSox


    Well, thank God both Albies and Moncada can be good players at the same time. Strange, strange logic.
  9. TaylorStSox

    6/14 Games

    I don't try to make sense out of the way the Sox draft.
  10. TaylorStSox

    6/14 Games

    I was pretty surprised the Sox targeted Kopech as he doesn't fit the profile at all. Obviously he throws hard, but it's neither highly repeatable or low effort and they've been smart enough to stay away from that profile with starters in the past.
  11. TaylorStSox

    6/13 Games

    Stop getting KO'd by Conor McGregor.
  12. TaylorStSox

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 7:10/8:10ET

    Give this man a damn medal!!!
  13. TaylorStSox

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I still have $20 that says Greg and Caufield are the same person.
  14. TaylorStSox


    I figured you would have learned your lesson after the Puig hype. The original post I replied to was nonsensical. Does it worry me that a rookie hasn't had multiple 5+ WAR seasons? No Caufield, it doesn't worry me.
  15. TaylorStSox


    I have no idea what you're even talking about. You know, not every post/AB/pitch/inning needs a grandiose declaration.