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  1. TaylorStSox


    He's objectively a good coach with a nice resume. Sox fans don't like him because he's not going to kiss their ass and he isn't afraid to tell them to shut up.
  2. TaylorStSox

    Sox vs Tigers. 9/13 - 1:10

    A few times a year I like to remind myself why I don't follow game threads.
  3. TaylorStSox

    How much longer do you wait on EE and Mazara?

    For a game that's designed around being a marathon, it's amazing how little patience baseball fans have now. It has to be a generational thing.
  4. TaylorStSox

    I was wrong about Jose

    The actual greatest defensive player of all time, Omar Vizquel, never turned more than 108. I'm not sure what that says. 😉
  5. TaylorStSox

    Off days discussion: Best player after Trout?

    Is this the most transparent thread in Soxtalk history? At least Puigmania wasn't on the main board.
  6. TaylorStSox

    Fernando Tatis Jr. thread

    The public has no interest in baseball players. Jeter is probably the last celebrity baseball player, possibly ever.
  7. TaylorStSox

    Ozzie isn't very good on the Pre/Post-Game

    Ozzie's best attribute as manager was lucking into Politte, Cotts, Hermanson and Contreras having career years at the same time. Edit And Garland
  8. TaylorStSox

    Which career would you pick?

    Yoan is a pretty easy pick imo. The versatility is hard to beat. He's does everything well and his walks will boom as he ages l.
  9. TaylorStSox

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    I said it's everyone's fault. The fans have a voice just like the players and owners. Everyone who didn't speak up.
  10. TaylorStSox

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    I swear to fuckin god if we trade any real prospects for this fake season, or if Cease and Gio go down... Sorry to kill the vibe. You guys have fun.
  11. TaylorStSox

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    I seem real fuckin happy, right? Jesus.
  12. TaylorStSox

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

  13. TaylorStSox

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    My posts seem to be getting a lot of traction. But sure, kick a poster off that's been here for 15 years because you know I'm right.
  14. TaylorStSox

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    I thought you were sterile? I'm in though.
  15. TaylorStSox

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Maybe if more fans would have spoken up and refused to buy the product, MLB wouldn't have been so greedy.