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  1. RegionSox

    Sox fire Matt Lisle/Matt Lisle quits (?)

    I just looked it up and he was only at Missouri for 5 months and and at South Carolina for a year. Its starting to seem like a pattern where he doesn't stay long
  2. RegionSox

    Fourth of July Music Playlist

    I'm so bored with the USA - The Clash
  3. RegionSox

    Madrigal sitting 2nd game in a row

    Were they allergic to eggs? I know that can be an issue with the flu shots. Otherwise there is no way you can actually get the flu from the shot. It's not live virus. The naval mist does use weakened live virus.
  4. RegionSox

    The Pet Thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Jul 27, 2017 -> 08:54 AM) Dog just turned 7 and had his first allergic reaction. To what, i dunno. He had two itchy spots that started pussing. He'd itch and the hair would yank out. I was afraid it was a tick bite or something even though I use that Frontline stuff. It's probably a hot spot, which is basically a bacterial infection after the dog scratched the spot raw after the itching. My dog just got one on the back of her head. She had a double ear infection that caused her to scratch at it. We got antibiotics from the vet and have been giving her benedryl.
  5. RegionSox

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 12, 2017 -> 08:29 AM) NRA, haha....unless MRA is a real group. MRA is Men's rights activists
  6. RegionSox

    Baseball America Mid Season top 100 updated

    They edited the list to add in Luis Robert at 45
  7. RegionSox

    2017 Democratic Thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Jun 30, 2017 -> 02:58 PM) New study shows minimum wage price hikes isn't working well in Seattle. That study seems pretty universally dismissed http://fortune.com/2017/06/27/seattle-mini...t-15-dollar-uw/
  8. RegionSox

    6/19 Games (Great Falls in action for first time)

    I see Craig Dedelow is on the GF roster already, though it's not much of a surprise he signed.
  9. RegionSox

    Day Two Draft Discussion

    Yes, you lose the slot value from the pool if you don't sign a pick in the top 10 rounds.
  10. RegionSox

    DC Films

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jun 3, 2017 -> 06:46 PM) http://money.cnn.com/2017/06/02/media/wond...ctor/index.html Wonder Woman will lead to more opportunities for female directors and create more pressure to develop scripts for strong/er female leads Wonder woman, feminist icon or bodacious fantasy figure? http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/02/opinions/won...eale/index.html That CNN article skipped over some of the more interesting parts of the history of Wonder Woman. The guy that created her, William Marston, and his wife had a live in girlfriend who also happened to be Margaret Sanger's niece. Marston was a psychologist too and used lots of fairly radical ideas in creating the character.
  11. RegionSox

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ May 31, 2017 -> 01:48 PM) Thanks. I was just hearing about the tests on that stuff. Pretty crazy you could know your unborn child is going to have one of those conditions. I actually work for a lab who does Non Invasive Prenatal testing for genetic abnormalities. It's a screening test where they draw a tube of blood from the mom and can test the fetal dna that is in her bloodstream. It takes about 5-7 days to actually put the test in the workflow and get the results back. But as far as it goes for advanced age for these, they only test the mom.
  12. RegionSox


    QUOTE (greg775 @ May 26, 2017 -> 01:52 PM) The world is full of anger and sarcasm. People despise and/or mock everybody not in their immediate family. Nobody wants to hear others' takes as seen in the response to my post. The workplace is run by corporate speak as evidenced in the job thread in the filibuster. Sad world we live in. People just want puppets that agree with insane things like the white privilege mob demanding people admit their white privilege. Don't dispute them or dissent, just agree they are right. The president is such a name dropper glory seeker that he leaks info to foreign leaders to feel important. We are in trouble, folks. Calm down, i wasn't insulting you. Just saying it was like those old Horation Alger stories with the penniless people dragging themselves to become wealthy millionaires.
  13. RegionSox


    QUOTE (greg775 @ May 26, 2017 -> 12:20 PM) Well, you are right in some ways. Your first two lines are correct. I won't apologize to anybody for anything regarding this issue, certainly not somebody rudely demanding me to admit privilege. Your third paragraph ... I feel thankful, not privileged by the life my parents provided me. My dad if he was living probably would have a heart attack over this issue. He was at the point he had no money and had to move his wife and 3 kids into his wife's aunt's house in Beverly for a year. His daddy certainly wasn't giving him any money to bail him out. He then hit the work jackpot, make millions and was able to make sure the kids had everything. Now the white privilege gangs would say no matter what, just the fact he's white, gave him that opportunity to make the millions. That's kind of an insulting nonsequitir. He had nothing and 3 kids and a wife and had to be scared to death. But he became the best in his field and "good at something" (somebody on here suggested Millenials are going to have to get 'good at something' cause jobs aren't gonna be there otherwise in the future) and thus received the benefits in big house in suburbs, vacation home, paid for kids education, still had oodles of cash left. I felt like i was reading a Horatio Alger story.
  14. RegionSox

    2017 Republican Thread

    I just thought she might have been quoting a movie about fighting nazis and didn't necessarily go there to scalp them. Also, what would it matter if she were a porn actress?
  15. RegionSox

    2017 Republican Thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Apr 17, 2017 -> 03:29 PM) https://twitter.com/shimie1/status/853446222765600769 Here's the woman who got punched. Obviously it's wrong to hit women but women also shouldn't go to violent left wing rallies looking to scalp people and participate in moshpits. I mean it's their right of course, but it's tough to feel bad when they came with the intention of violence. Isn't that just quoting Inglorious Basterds, where Brad Pitt's character told them to bring back 100 Nazi scalps?