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  1. rcpweiner

    Hats off to the Front Office

    This mindset has me signing in to post for the first time in a very, very long time. Wheeler is better than Keuchel, so he would be the better signing. The “savings“ only matter if you use the money, and even then, it’s impossible to make a 1:1 comparison. And even even then, it’s not any of our money so why do we care?
  2. rcpweiner

    White Sox Scout Yankees for Potential Q Trade

    Just spitballing here: If we're to use Fangraphs' ballparking of Quintana's surplus value ($80 to $90 million), and then compare that to today's "Valuing the 2017 Top Prospects" list, then what seems to make sense would be something along the lines of: Clint Frazier ($38M), Blake Rutherford ($38M), and Justus Sheffield ($14M). Maybe another lottery ticket to boot. Something like that seems right to me. (Meanwhile, my personal favorite move would be to find a way to pry Austin Meadows ($70M) and Glasnow ($22M) from the Pirates, but it'd likely be just those two.) (Also: The other crazy thing is we somehow got $129M back plus Basabe / Diaz for Sale.)
  3. rcpweiner

    Cespedes Re-signs with the Mets

    Logging on to request this thread's name be changed to CesThreades. Goodbye again.
  4. rcpweiner

    "The White Sox, Black Holes, and Trading Quintana

    As much as I hate the idea of trading Q, if the return would be something like what Samardjiza got for the A's a few years back (Addison Russell, Billy McKinney, and Dan Straily; the caveat being that the A's also received half-a-year of Jason Hammel, but that seems like a wash with Q's extra years), and there's no reason it shouldn't be along those lines, the White Sox should pull the trigger. Would anyone not take that deal?
  5. rcpweiner


    Me too, por favor!
  6. rcpweiner

    Profile on Nancy Faust

    Hey folks. Thought some of you might enjoy this profile on longtime Sox organist Nancy Faust. This is her final year, unfortunately.
  7. rcpweiner

    Per TSN White Sox have #3 rotation in MLB

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Dec 23, 2009 -> 12:03 AM) LOL, Javy is not better than Floyd, are you f***ing high? How is a a 4.52 ERA in the AL better than what Floyd has put up over his development the last 2 years? Huh? Who said anything about Javy being better than Floyd? Javy is a 3rd starter for the Yankees and Floyd is a 4th starter for the Sox, so I wasn't even comparing those two. In my little equation, Javy is the worst number 3 starter of the three teams. Again, huh?
  8. rcpweiner

    Per TSN White Sox have #3 rotation in MLB

    Everyone saying Lester and Lackey aren't the best number 2 and 3 starting pitchers of the three teams need to play more fantasy baseball. Also: I don't know how anyone is naming Pettitte as the 3 starter on the Yanks now that they have Javy. He's a pitcher who will be projected to be better. My turn! These are based completely on the quality of the pitchers, not how they would be necessarily be positioned Opening Day to get righty/lefty combos and what-not. 1. Sabathia > Peavy > Beckett 2. Lester > Burnett = Buehrle 3. Lackey > Danks > Javy 4. Dice-K = Pettitte = Floyd 5. Joba = Buchholz > Garcia It's close, but putting point values on these (3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place, ties are split) you get the following scores: Red Sox = 11.5 Yankees = 10 White Sox = 8.5 Which isn't to say the White Sox have a bad rotation, just the 3rd best of these top 3. In a short playoff series, taking out the 5th starter, we're a toss up with either team: Red Sox = 9 Yankees = 7.5 White Sox = 7.5 Which is fine by me!
  9. rcpweiner

    Sawx @ Sox 8-11

    I think the main thing is that either of them seem like better fits than A.J. right now. Mix it up and see what works.
  10. rcpweiner

    Sawx @ Sox 8-11

    I agree about moving A.J. out of the 2-hole. It was a good idea earlier on in the season when there were no other options, but at this point, I'd rather have Swisher up there for his OBP or Alexei for his general speedsmanship. Stick A.J. at 6 or 7.
  11. rcpweiner

    ESPN rates top Ozzie blow ups

    Here's another column from a few months ago that, while not as entertaining, does include statistical analysis!
  12. rcpweiner

    juan uribe

    Not really going to happen, but for some reason the Blue Jays are reportedly offering up A.J. Burnett for a shortstop. And while we don't exactly NEED a starting pitcher, getting Burnett couldn't hurt, especially not for Uribe. Eh? And again, I'm not saying this is a fair one-for-one swap or anything, or that it's close to happening AT ALL, but just thought I'd throw it out there.
  13. rcpweiner

    6/21 Game Thread Sox @ Cubs

    I love A.J.
  14. rcpweiner

    6/21 Game Thread Sox @ Cubs

    Can Sox and Cubs fans all agree that Fall Out Boy blows?
  15. Looks like Quentin's making everyone stutter.