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  1. chitownsportsfan

    Injury updates

    Oh no the towel drill? He's doomed.
  2. chitownsportsfan


    Bat call to @ptatc, who can tell you how smart it is to be incredibly cautious coming back from a re-aggregated soft tissue injury mid season. When Avi gets to the big leagues he's gonna subconsciously (and consciously at times) push that hammie a little harder. Avi is a horse man, he runs hard all the time, it's his most redeeming quality as a player imo. But, a lot like Eaton, that's why he's always fucking injured. Some guys just can't go balls to the wall every play and hold up over 162 games. And if Avi re-injures himself any trade considerations are dead in the water. That is not an acceptable outcome for anyone IMO. So in way more words than SS2K said: be patient.
  3. chitownsportsfan


    Aaron Judge?
  4. chitownsportsfan


    Ha IKR. This just seems a new low, you got guys writing off a 23 kid with positive WAR in under 600 pa and some writing off a 22 year old pitcher in AAA. Come on.
  5. chitownsportsfan


    I honestly can't believe how many people want to call this trade a bust 18 months in.
  6. It's the ability to generate sings and misses and backwards Ks and soft contact. Now, HOW you get those things is above my pay grade. Obviously it helps to have velocity, spin rate and pinpoint command. I'd say a necessary (but not sufficient) component of that is having at least two pitches you can throw for a strike in any count. Like when Nate Jones comes out and throws 10 straight fastballs it doesn't matter if it's 96-97 because timing wise, he has no threat of an offspeed pitch.
  7. chitownsportsfan

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    This board is reminding me of Bleed Cubbie Blue and NSBB.com during their rebuild. I guess that's a good sign.
  8. chitownsportsfan

    6/17 Games

    Just looking at his stats and age ( turns 23 in three weeks) he should be in high A soon.
  9. chitownsportsfan

    Tigers @ White Sox

    lol, fire him right now.
  10. chitownsportsfan

    Tigers @ White Sox

    you gotta be bleepin' me.
  11. chitownsportsfan

    Tigers @ White Sox

    play for 1 run you'll get one (or none). puke.
  12. chitownsportsfan

    Tigers @ White Sox

    SO STUPID! Fireable fucking offense imo, hopefully Hahn is watching and pissed. There's more leverage than the trailing runner down 1 in the 8th...come on ricky, THINK.
  13. chitownsportsfan

    Tigers @ White Sox

    we're going to bunt, aren't we?
  14. chitownsportsfan

    Tigers @ White Sox

    what fucking era are we in, 1910s? God damn man. I mean it worked out I guess but fuck.