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  1. chitownsportsfan

    White Sox supplant Cubs on QC radio, bit of a shocker

    670 on a good night comes in clearly in N. MI, truly magical to my 10 year old self.
  2. chitownsportsfan

    White Sox Winner!!!

    Winning ugly.
  3. chitownsportsfan

    Sox vs Indians, Monday April 12th, 7pm

    Same. I'm completely tapped already. Part of it is being older. Part of it is the injuries and performance woes. Whatever, I'm sure I'll find some interest at some point but I'm completely over it right now, as some may have guessed from my lack of posts. I really just don't care that much. Go Sox, win some games, or not, oh well.
  4. chitownsportsfan

    Rodon indeed scratched. Foodies Know All.

  5. chitownsportsfan

    Royals vs Sox Sunday Matinee...1:10 pm CST First Pitch

    Eh cease needs to sink or swim and get innings so I have no problem with this move from TLR. Sooner Sox figure out if Cease can contribute or not the better.
  6. chitownsportsfan

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    Good lord no fun police out in full force. Not you just in MLB, shit is absurd.
  7. chitownsportsfan

    Gonna be a game today?

    I’m sitting on the tarmac at ohare what a miserable day.
  8. chitownsportsfan

    White Sox 16th in attendance

    Maybe you could write him a strongly worded letter.
  9. chitownsportsfan

    White Sox 16th in attendance

    Bro, it's 1 game, with crazy restrictions for every team other than Texas. Like, you might as well try and divide by zero.
  10. chitownsportsfan

    White Sox 16th in attendance

    There's a George Carlin joke in this thread somewhere about Caulfield. Caufield, I love you man but just lol.
  11. chitownsportsfan

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    I think he long ago decided to sacrifice bat speed for bat control. To revamp his swing and get it more hip driven (like Moncada's) at this point would probably be a death sentence. His only hope of more power is to get strong wrist action and stronger forearms. Great analysis I agree with everything you said about his swing.
  12. chitownsportsfan

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    Of those that have much, much is expected. I think the frustrations with TA were mostly just because of how insanely talented he is and how well he hit in the minors, at every level, before temporarily turning into a pumpkin in MLB. I really don't see much point in comparing TA to Nick. One was a boom or bust type that ended up booming. The other was a "what you see is what you get type" that so far, isn't giving us what everybody thought they saw. It wasn't only the Sox that were effusive about Nick's "can't miss" floor.
  13. chitownsportsfan

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    The problem with comparing Madrigal to previous 4th overalls is that as a 4 year college player all we heard was "2 WAR floor". How many 4 year college guys 5-8 and 140lbs soaking wet go 4th overall? Well, Nick was supposed to be a unicorn. Most teams in the top 10 are drafting on upside not floor. If you're gonna draft floor you best not miss. @Kalapse bingo! I was about to make that post. Nick would be bucking incredible trends to hit 300 every year. You can't just assume it.
  14. chitownsportsfan

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    He's not a 5 homer guy tho. I'm not sure he will ever post an ISO over .120. At best I think he does something like 290/340/400 for his career. If he's a solid 2B that's like a 2.5 WAR player. Just not much to really get excited about with him unless somehow he manages to hit 330 every year.
  15. chitownsportsfan

    That's a Home Opener Winner

    Yes they do. I like the pairing. I'm sad about Farmio but DJ just seems to work better with Len so far.