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  1. chitownsportsfan

    Scar Tissue - Bobby Jenks

    there but for the grace of god we all go. million dollar arm and who knows how many of us would have ended up in similar spots.
  2. chitownsportsfan

    On to Plan B

    Yea and if I win the lottery this month it will be a good year. Haven't won it yet but this is the year!
  3. chitownsportsfan

    On to Plan B

    Hahn brought some really tasty corn salad to JR's Holiday party last weekend. He's in line for a pay raise.
  4. chitownsportsfan

    On to Plan B

    Obviously the Sox have inside info that Carlos Rodon is primed for a 5 WAR season. Rotation help? They have "too much pitching" in the legendary words of one poster here. No need to sign anybody good in FA. Just sign Nova and Walker and call it good!
  5. chitownsportsfan

    Brewers nearing deal to acquire Narvaez

    While I agree that we haven't seen the improved scouting that will be necessary for sustained winning I don't think this trade and the subsequent one the Mariners made today are an example of it. Omar only had about 350PA of good production at the dish with horrible defensive metrics (framing of course) when he was traded by the Sox. He then put up a similar slash line (119wRC+) this time in nearly 500PA. So he's now had a wRC+ of 120 over his last 850 PA. Framing still sucks but his bat is no longer much of a question and his value has ticked up a bit. And still he was only able to net a C prospect and the 71st pick, which is about equal to a C+ prospect or maybe at best B-. Like a Basabe type. Plenty of things to b**** about with Hahn but the Omar trade isn't one of them imo.
  6. For the sake of argument if they knew he wanted say 10% more to play in Chicago and knew they wouldn't beat an offer by 10% they sure did waste a lot of time that could have been spent on more willing targets. It's a failure, not sure how to spin it otherwise. There's no participation trophy in FA offers.
  7. if it's not, then wheeler should fire his agent or his agent should fire him.
  8. It's very obvious Wheeler gave the Sox a number to beat for the "inconvenience" of moving to Chicago and the Sox couldn't beat it. OK, maybe it's a smart decision. Maybe the extra 2 million AAV (or whatever he wanted) wasn't worth it. But they just lit money on fire with Abreu so penny smart pound foolish and why would anybody give them the benefit of the doubt here?
  9. by definition they didn't have the best offer because he didn't sign with them. It's like 99% of the way pregnant. "meeting the offer" is meaningless imo.
  10. Yea but the offseason has started...it's a fluid situation.
  11. Money talks. He had a figure to leave and the Sox and others didn't meet it. This is post ad hoc rationalizing it happens quite frequently with the bridesmade teams. It wasn't his wife or reluctance to leave the east coast it was Chicago's offer wasn't good enough.
  12. The Sox don't seem to realize that in FA, your "worth" is what someone will pay you.
  13. Hey it was a "competitive offer"!
  14. Have you seen MLB revenue projections? The golden goose is busy laying eggs.