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  1. chitownsportsfan

    A Realistic Offseason

    Very much doubt this. Even if it's true a rising tide lifts all boats. The Sox don't get "extra credit" for not spending money that is generated from MLB as an entity. If the Sox aren't committed to a top 10 payroll during contending years this won't work.
  2. chitownsportsfan

    Madrigal Wins Gold Glove

    Possibly, above my pay grade. But to be fair the same studies basically showed the delta between an optimized lineup and one that is completely optimized is 10 runs. So basically one win, at absolute most.
  3. chitownsportsfan

    Madrigal Wins Gold Glove

    It's fairly well known in saber studies. The 3rd spot is massively over rated. You should probably put your 3rd worst hitter there or even 2nd worst. The key is to not have a lot of automatic outs in a row. Most teams put 7,8,9 as their worst and not only is that like giving the pitcher a free inning it also rarely sets the table for you best hitters, which should be usually 1,2,4,5,6.
  4. He was about 15 feet away. one of the many cool aspects of spring training. we weren't even really shouting just talking in normal voices. you ever been? It's really different.
  5. On a related note, I always liked Steverson because back in 2017 at spring training I yelled at him to teach avi how to hit for power power and he looked at me and made a huge shrug with his shoulders like "can't make chicken out of chicken shit".
  6. Similar to golf. If you're thinking about mechanics instead of something more general (say tempo) on the 1st tee you're fucked. I like him more based on that interview. Seems charismatic, which is a large part of the battle when you're coaching MLB level talent.
  7. chitownsportsfan

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    Just win baby. You can call me a shit licking turd every day of the week in return for a consistent division contending squad.
  8. chitownsportsfan

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    Stone can talk up the White Sox and his boss all he fucking wants. But keep the fans' names out of it. I really don't need the team I root for telling me how ignorant I am when I can see in plain site that they are a bottom 1/3 org success wise over most of my adult life.
  9. I don't know anything about him and yea hitting coach is usually pointless at the MLB level but it's so fucking White Sox that they drafted this dude in 1993 and now he's their hitting coach almost 30 years later.
  10. chitownsportsfan

    Projected white sox arbitration salaries 2020

    I'd be fine with that if they upgrade both CF and 2B without utilizing Robert and Madrigal. I never understood tying Madrigal to 2B I really hoped they'd use him almost like Zobrist when he came up as that would max his value. Oh well.
  11. chitownsportsfan

    Projected white sox arbitration salaries 2020

    In general it's about more than just cutting salary -- it's about finally getting rid of the .5-1.5 WAR players that litter the 25 man every year. Sorry Yolmer, you had a couple decent years, good clubhouse guy but you can't fucking hit anymore. If the Sox signal they are ready to upgrade those spots on the roster (and actually do) then we will have a competitive team next year. I don't think we can assume Madrigal as plug and play 3 WAR starter either. I'd like to have a legit backup plan there beyond a guy coming off a putrid year with the bat at almost 7 million per, even in today's salary environment. IMO bringing Yolmer back says bad things about readiness to win and internal evaluations of HOW to win.
  12. chitownsportsfan

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    He should STFU and say nothing. There is nothing to be gained arguing with your fanbase online. There is nothing to be gained with the old "you fans don't know what goes on behind the scenes" adage. Nothing.
  13. chitownsportsfan

    Projected white sox arbitration salaries 2020

    20 million between Yolmer, Colome and Rodon could be much better spent on Cole. It will never happen but I'd non tender Rodon and Yolmer and try and trade Colome for a C+ guy or as part of a bigger package.
  14. chitownsportsfan

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    Why does this club hate its fans so much? STFU STONE. YOU'RE ON THE FUCKING PAYROLL FUCK OFF WITH YOUR OPINIONS THEY ARE HEAVILY BIASED. Here in the real world we are all fucking waiting for the Sox to be relevant. Going on 15 years now.
  15. chitownsportsfan

    Japanese Slugger to be Posted?

    Pass based on what @Eminor3rd described. Sounds like a DH type that doesn't have enough power. No thanks.