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  1. MSU President "Enjoying that moment in the spotlight".
  2. Absolutely not. It would be absolute idiocy to take a short term deal that was worth only $5 million more per season while sacrificing $200 million in guaranteed money. If it came down to something like that, he'd insist on an opt out, not a 1 year deal. Twist an ankle, pop the wrong tendon next year and lose out on $160 million?
  3. Manny Machado will not sign for 1/40 or 2/75.
  4. I don't see anyone responding to this so I might as well. What the White Sox should not do is bid against themselves. If there's no one else in the bidding, then they have to put together a good enough bid to win, they don't have to win by $75 million - that is money that could be used elsewhere. So, there's benefit to being frugal to a point, and that point is where it's a threat to lose the player. The White Sox shouldn't just say "day 1 here's our $210 million deal will you sign", "day 2 here's $220 will you sign", "day 3 here's $230 will you sign". What they have to do is put an offer on the table that is good enough to stay in the game and then they have to wait on Machado's side to give them a reasonable offer that Machado will sign. As long as you don't lose the player, minimizing the amount you pay beyond the other teams is to your advantage, and that's why the process is drawing itself out.
  5. Then he should negotiate 2 of them. That's got to be extra exciting.
  6. Balta1701

    Kyler Murray to NFL?

    I doubt any team will have the confidence to do this...but an interesting NFL strategy these days would be to draft a Deshaun Watson or a Lamar Jackson or even a Mitch Trubisky, throw them out there for 4-5 years on their rookie deal to both be a running QB and to be beaten up, maybe even use the franchise tag for a 6th year, but expect that physically they won't last and then cut bait and move on to another rookie. With the value of a QB on a rookie deal, that's something you could at least ponder for Murray.
  7. Balta1701

    Candidates for team friendly extensions

    Out of our youngsters Eloy - would have signed one last year if he was willing, so I think we can rule that out Moncada - Already has tens of millions from his signing bonus so there's no logic for him in it Giolito - are you even 75% confident he's a solid starting pitcher? Kopech/Cease: With arm troubles you gotta wait til they at least show they're healthy and in the bigs, but if they were there in 2020 and willing to talk ok. Collins - might be worth thinking about but we've got to see more from him to earn his way up first. Maybe if he breaks in like Anderson it'd be time to do it. Rodon - agent is some guy named Scott Boras Lopez - the guy who it could really make sense for. The other guys who it would make sense for are the young outfielders not named Robert, but they're all several years away, so maybe 2021 or 2022, if there is a season then, it could be worth thinking about.
  8. So pay him an amount that is comparatively unreasonable. It would still be better money than the White Sox have spent on the FA market this decade.
  9. Balta1701

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    This one was fun. I enjoyed this one more than any of the trailers for Homecoming.
  10. Balta1701

    Rays to Sign Avi

    Avi garcia did not have a higher chance of contributing to a white sox playoff team than those other guys do because Avisail Garcia had only 1 year of control remaining. If Avisail Garcia had a JD Martinez caliber 50 HR year, he'd hit free agency next year and we might not be wanting to pay him 9 figures. Regardless of what he did next year, because his early career has taken so long to evolve and he's been so inconsistent, there was no way for him to contribute to the next white sox playoff team.
  11. Balta1701

    Rays to Sign Avi

    This is totally expected for him. He was a replacement level player last year and missed like 1/2 the season. He didn't earn more than this.
  12. If Manny Machado (Or Bryce Harper) is a 5 win player for the next 6 years, that is better money than the white sox have spent in the free agent market this decade. If the headline number scares you, you wind up with Melky Cabrera and Adam LaRoche.
  13. DA's idea a month ago was - if the team signs a player before the end of the winter meetings, they don't lose a draft pick. If the team signs a guy afterwards, they do lose a pick. Both agents and teams would work hard to have nearly all the QO guys signed by that point.