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  1. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    On paper that's a good place for Allen. Strong running game and will be able to sit for quite some time.
  2. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    Well now that the Bills are up, if any other team wants QB#4, they will probably have to move up to leapfrog Miami.
  3. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    I have to think the Bills trade with the Bears.
  4. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    That's more creative, but I'm one of those ones who says get your QB and then work around that. That's what we've seen work for teams basically my whole lifetime.
  5. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    It's also worth asking how there could be 4 other QBs rated highly by a number of people if your staff doesn't believe in any of them.
  6. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    If, somehow, Barkley falls to the Bears pick, I'd imagine they have 4 or 5 trade offers that come in pretty quick. I can't believe he'd get past Tampa.
  7. Balta1701

    MARVEL Universe Thread

  8. Balta1701

    Trust the process

    That was the whole point of playing the kids this season and why it was so important that we didn't sign anyone big.
  9. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    I dunno..."We can't pick between the top 3 quarterbacks so we're going to let the other teams decide for us" definitely does seem like a Cleveland kind of statement, and I don't mean that in a good way. If your staff can't pick which QB they think is the best then I think there's a bigger problem with your staff.
  10. Balta1701

    Trust the process

    If we didn't fix that then we weren't going to be any good anyway, they sold everything they had and called up guys out of desperation to get above 75 wins in 2015 and 2016 and couldn't even get to .500 either year. Guys were going to get more expensive and there was nothing on the way to replace the holes that opened with. At least on paper right now we're as talent loaded as any franchise I've ever seen. So now the question is...can we deal with it properly.
  11. Balta1701

    Trust the process

    The only reasonable way for this to truly be an exercise in futility should be for Rick Hahn and Rick Renteria (and co) to be really, really bad at their jobs.
  12. Balta1701

    2018 Democrats thread

    BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!! — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 9, 2016 (Since deleted)
  13. Balta1701

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    Please use the spoiler tags at least for this weekend. Deal? Admins always scroll around to all the forums, sometimes people click threads by accident, etc.
  14. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    The #1 pick salary slot is also an awful lot to pay a running back. The 5 year deal is $32 million. Only 2 RB in the NFL have total contracts more than that (Bell would be the 3rd if ever signed), and none have guaranteed money that high. That's tiny if you get a good QB for that money.
  15. Balta1701

    Trust the process

    Don't mean it's the wrong concept.