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  1. Balta1701

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    The good news is eventually it will be changed, now I can believe that.
  2. Balta1701

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    The only context is that we’ve been ok with one for a long time. Both are minority groups, neither is the correct name for them, just one of them got used so it sounds normal.
  3. Balta1701

    Sox summer camp roster announced

    They're literally not allowed to say if he has it, so a "no comment" on a health question would be a giveaway. This might be a spot where MLB has, for the next 3 weeks, instructed GMs to straight up lie.
  4. Balta1701

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    The Washington Football Franchise name should have been gone a long time ago and it says a lot that it hasn't been changed. FSU is interesting because they actually maintain a relationship with the tribe. Places that Use the Indians...eventually they're going to change because it's just wierd. Unlike the Washington Football Franchise I'll write the name, but do it with some other group and it just becomes odd. "The Seattle Asians" may not be straight up racist but really, no one would be comfortable with that. The Boston Caucasians?
  5. Balta1701

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    We have people at this site who have but I’m not sure if they said so in this thread, I’ll say that much so that if no one else replies that bit is shared. Will leave it to them to decide whether to tag in.
  6. Balta1701

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Nike has removed the merchandise of the Washington football franchise from its website, now carrying 29 NFL teams.
  7. Balta1701

    Cubs 2020

    Wonder what the universe is like for him if the astros hadn’t cheated against him.
  8. Balta1701

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Looks like I wasn’t wrong on the possibility of mandatory travel quarantines.
  9. Balta1701

    Sox summer camp roster announced

    Yeah they’re doing it this year. Free agents or released minor leaguers. They are there and actually playing so that if a team gets hammered by the virus there are players they can sign to fill in who are ready to go.
  10. Balta1701

    Sox summer camp roster announced

    He would be a good player to be in the Nashville backup group for the whole league.
  11. Balta1701

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    FedEx has officially asked the Washington football franchise that plays at FedEx field to change their name.
  12. Balta1701

    Market/Financial Thread

    Well no, the real problems were that we allowed an enormous $2 trillion bubble to form in the economy to keep it going during the Bush years, and then when it burst in 2009 we were more concerned with how inflation was always one step away (it wasn't) than with the gigantic hole in the economy (yes I'm still bitter). Thus the most we could do was an $800 billion stimulus to fill that $2 trillion hole. So even though the economy was growing it was still a very weak recovery after 2009, and interest rates had to remain low because anything else would push the economy back into recession.
  13. Balta1701

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    And yet, when the players offered the owners expanded playoffs to increase TV revenue in exchange for more games...the owners said no. Kinda funny how that worked out.
  14. Balta1701

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I think I gave this metaphor yesterday - if you've got businesses open where there can be 25-50 people in a room conversing (eating), it's like playing a game of Yahtzee. Things tick up slowly at first because you're rolling pairs on the die and stuff like that, but then eventually you hit a Yahtzee and suddenly you have a major outbreak. Then, out of that population, the next 50 people are all rolling, and suddenly you get a second Yahtzee out of that group. Then you get another 2 Yahtzees out of the third group. It starts more slowly than you expect because it burns its way along slowly, one person or two people at a time, until it hits the perfect combination of setting and person who is infectous enough, then it pops. I was genuinely surprised it didn't spike faster in Texas in May, but that's because I wasn't understanding or processing the statistics of those single large bursts being rare, they don't necessarily happen instantly even if you've done something you shouldn't. That slow start also has the effect of lulling your governors to sleep, making them think that because they didn't see an immediate spike they can continue opening mroe things. "See everything's fine who's going to apologize to DiSantis", "There's no big surge of cases so we're clear to proceed to Stage 3 of reopening (Abbott did that on June 12)".
  15. Balta1701

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Well first of all I'd really like to watch an expanded playoffs because I enjoy the playoffs. Second, we know darn well that good teams go into slumps and this year they'd have only 1 chance to do so before having to come right out of it. Third, this year some teams are going to lose substantial number of players to quarantines and that could easily be the difference between 33-27 and 27-33.