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  1. Balta1701

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    Gregorius is a FA after the 2019 season, not before.
  2. Balta1701

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    Giancarlo and Judge might have something to say about those spots too. With where the Yankees are right now, their best FA bet might look like Kershaw if they could somehow pull that off.
  3. Balta1701

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    I'm in on this Saturday. Bought the tickets like a month and a half ago on the day that they became available. Pretty sure the whole day is sold out.
  4. Balta1701


    What everyone has been pointing out with Moncada is that in 2016 and 2017 his splits strongly favored him from the left side, but in 2015 his (100 PA) splits strongly favored him from the right side and that was where most of his power came from. So, he looks much better from the left side right now, but that doesn't express his entire career, and figuring out what the difference is might be an important step here.
  5. Balta1701

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    I'm sorry but that still looks ugh.
  6. Balta1701

    2018 Democrats thread

    Oh S*** now he can copy and paste the photos from articles by accident?
  7. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    I think the Bills will want to move up, the only question I have is whether a QB lasts long enough for them to be able to do it. If the top 4 QBs go to Cleveland, the Giants, the Jets, and the Broncos, the Bills won't have anyone to move up to get.
  8. Balta1701

    Trust the process

    If you want to make the case that all of upper management should have been fired after 2013, 2015, 2016, and then again after the Shields trade for good measure, I have no issue with that. None of that makes what we're doing right now the wrong move. Rather, the 2015 and 2016 seasons were basically "all in" style bets and now is the payoff for them.
  9. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    At the top of this forum it is shown as 1400 draft points. On that chart, that's the 12th pick + Buffalo's 3rd rounder, for example. Or just more than NE's two first round picks (total 1360 together).
  10. Balta1701

    What Can Be Done to Fix this Mess?

    Ha, this is what I can do with a working search function! This was me talking about Anderson in June of 2015, when people were wanting him called up to save that roster.
  11. Balta1701

    Trust the process

    More important than the draft slot is that these guys need playing time to get through their struggles, and for 1-2 of the non-big-name guys to turn into solid big leaguers. Playing time on an noncompetitive team, turning that into experience without having a high cost when they make mistakes, is the other asset the white sox are currently using.
  12. Balta1701

    Trust the process

    Adding some random useful pieces on a roster no where near ready to compete is exactly how we wound up with your friend LaRoche.
  13. Balta1701

    Trust the process

    If this team isn't seriously better in 2019 then we'll be right on the edge of calling for heads to roll. Me included. They have a huge amount of money available. Depending on Jones and Garcia, they have something like $40-$45 million on the books for their entire team. This team should turn easy profits at $100 million total payroll and that would still leave some space to spend pre-2020 if they wanted. It's hard to spend $50 million without doing something to substantially improve the roster. On top of that, these guys should be getting better. Maybe not all of them, but there are 5-6 legit prospects up right now: Anderson, Moncada, Giolito, Fulmer, Lopez. later this year, the 2 monsters arrive. Even with some growing pains allowed...that immediately makes the roster better. Finally, some things shouldn't stay this bad forever - if Avi Garcia is this bad for this year he won't be back next year, for example. If they aren't better next year, then that means there was little to no development of the guys currently on our roster and we signed FAs who busted. That would be a very bad position to be in and that would be a good reason to wonder WTF they were doing.
  14. Balta1701

    2018 NFL Draft

    Fired out of what? Cannon or something simpler like a catapult?