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  1. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Apr 16, 2018 -> 07:28 PM) I think his default setting is lie first. Case in point In one fell swoop, Hannity: 1 Says Cohen lied to a federal court about being his lawyer 2 Says any docs about him the feds seized aren't privileged 3 Makes himself a witness for Mueller 4 Revealed an undisclosed on-air conflict of interest 5 Contradicts what he said on the radio https://mobile.twitter.com/SethAbramson/sta...987306925387776
  2. Big Hurtin

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    Harry Anderson Big fan of Night Court growing up
  3. Big Hurtin

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    Benches clear in Colorado! Nolan Arenado charges the mound after Luis Perdomo threw behind him. (via @MLB) https://mobile.twitter.com/SportsCenter/sta...183629889798144
  4. Big Hurtin

    The Chicago Ballpark That Never Was

    QUOTE (Jerksticks @ Apr 10, 2018 -> 01:21 PM) I disagree that it’s boring. I think the flat black and green makes it look like Gotham City. This is Batman’s park. This is a man’s man’s park. I think it’s Badass. Pretty sure that was Heinz Field Talk about sh** stadiums...
  5. Dow 750 down, wonder if we’ll hit 1000.
  6. JUST IN: China formally notifies World Trade Organisation it is suspending trade concessions to the United States on products including ethanol in response to U.S. duties on aluminium and steel - WTO document https://twitter.com/ReutersWorld/status/981...8177886208?s=20 Those easy trade wars
  7. Big Hurtin

    Sox Winner!!

    Season just started, and they're the only undefeated team in the AL.
  8. Big Hurtin

    **Game 2 of 162: Sox at KC Thread**

    So, MLB.com says this is the free game of the day. If you try to play it, there's a pop-up to order mlb.tv, so how is it free?
  9. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Mar 31, 2018 -> 10:03 AM) Amazon literally keeps the USPS afloat. Dude is as dumb as rocks. Yeah, I just meant that’s why he’s going after Amazon, because the Washington Post has been “mean” to him.
  10. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Mar 31, 2018 -> 06:23 AM) Trump complaining the USPS is being used as Amazons delivery boy. Isn’t that what the USPS does? He also b****ed about their taxes, which, considering the source, is hysterical, He did fail to mention his “very successful” tax cuts trimmed their tax bill close to $1 billion. It's because Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, also owns the Washington Post.
  11. Big Hurtin

    Gun Violence in America

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Mar 1, 2018 -> 09:31 AM) Something like 60% of guns used in violent crimes in Chicago come from out-of-state. You need to build a wall, and make Indiana pay for it.
  12. Big Hurtin

    Jake Burger out for season with ruptured Achillies Tendon

    Burger, well, done
  13. Big Hurtin

    Gun Violence in America

    Archie Bunker, classic
  14. Big Hurtin

    Gun Violence in America

    Then there’s this obvious scenario “Here’s how teachers with guns could go: -Police get call there’s person with gun at school -Police arrive. See person holding gun. Don’t know it’s a teacher. -Police kill teacher.” https://twitter.com/juliussharpe/status/966437931605934080
  15. Roger Stone, of all people, destroyed Trump's alibi. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/...949269374529538 Funny how the Fake News Media doesn’t want to say that the Russian group was formed in 2014, long before my run for President. Maybe they knew I was going to run even though I didn’t know! https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/a...-years-day-2013