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  1. Big Hurtin

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    I sure hope you are right.
  2. Big Hurtin

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

  3. Big Hurtin

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    Madrigal grand slam?
  4. Big Hurtin

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    Oh, that was you?
  5. This lineup makes me want to break stuff.
  6. Big Hurtin

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

  7. Big Hurtin

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/20/20

    Anyone know the record for team walks given up in a game?
  8. Big Hurtin

    How important is it to win the Division this season?

    I don't know if it's important, or even beneficial (matchup ?), but I'm old fashioned in thinking winning your division means something in sports.
  9. Big Hurtin

    Sox vs Twins 9/17 1:10

    You gotta be f'ing kidding me with this guy
  10. Big Hurtin

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    I think history is going to repeat itself, unfortunately for Stone (and us IMO).