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  1. Greg Hibbard

    Sox at Twinkies

    If Renteria sat Timmy tonight because of anything other than an injury I’m buying a ticket to Soxfest just to tell him to go fuck himself to his face
  2. Another home run for Jose! He’s so hot the last two months
  3. 38 days after Ron did a victory lap while dancing on Jose’s grave and essentially called him utterly worthless, he now comes back with Jose is worth maybe 18 million dollars next year.
  4. Yes, obviously I meant offensive players. And I did forget Ventura
  5. “Decent” offensive producer?? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think like 2 White Sox players in my lifetime have over 20 WAR in six consecutive seasons, Frank and Mags. Paul Konerko never even came close over any six consecutive seasons. And that WAR number is including Jose’s defense.
  6. Greg Hibbard

    Game Thread - 09/12/19 - Royals @ Sox - Gio Day

    I think we are looking at Palka's last MLB game here
  7. There's been absolutely no diminishment to Abreu's game, if we look at 2019 numbers versus 2015-2018. In 2014, he was on a different level. So, armchair-GMs, why on earth wouldn't you want to keep him here until he demonstrates that there is diminishment in his game? He's a remarkably consistent offensive producer.
  8. Greg Hibbard

    Tim Anderson Batting Average

    I think Ricky is trying to get Mendick almost daily abs which really might not be a bad thing.
  9. Greg Hibbard


    Do you apply this logic to every other hitter on every other team too? Because at least half the teams are out of it in September. And there are several that are out of it nearly every year. If Mike Trout turns it on every September, do those statistics not matter as much as his May statistics?
  10. Greg Hibbard


    It's about 5 weeks he's been hot. It's more accurate to say he had a .773 OPS his first 104 games and he's been literally on fire with a 1.000+ OPS for the last 37.
  11. When will you finally admit you’re wrong? When will you apologize to Abreu, his family, and every white Sox fan in this city for the insults you have heaped on this class act for the past several seasons? I’m assuming the answer is never on both accounts.
  12. Greg Hibbard


    I’ve been most impressed by the increase to his OBP in the second half along with the power and hitting surge. He’s had a ton of walks and HBP in the past few weeks. The decrease in his OBP in the first half was a legitimate medium term concern, but it appears to be leveling out more in line with his career average.
  13. Palka just feels like an elaborate two year prank on White Sox fans at this point. “Here’s that left handed power bat you’ve been longing for...HAHA JK HE’S THE WORST HITTER IN HISTORY”