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  1. Greg Hibbard

    Tony LaRussa to plead guilty to lesser charge

    For my part, I am fine with TLR having a DUI being knocked down to reckless. I am NOT fine with the same man who has the numerous problems TLR has being the the next manager of the White Sox. There's a big difference.
  2. Greg Hibbard

    Tony LaRussa to plead guilty to lesser charge

    The legal outcome of this case has zero to do with absolving TLR of the responsibility for what he did that night, and what he did that night, particularly since he had done it before and said he would never do it again, should disqualify anyone from managing this baseball team. It is unacceptable behavior.
  3. As someone who has gotten one DUI (no one was hurt and I was pulled over for speeding and then arrested with alcohol on my breath), I would like to put my two cents here. I went through two stages of counseling, 6 months of hell financially and legally, and I realized through that process that I needed to reevaluate a lot of things. after doing so, I realized that I couldn’t do things the same way. It wasn’t the first time I had driven under the influence. After a lot of reflection, I ultimately made the decision that alcohol was not something I could make a judgment call of any kind after imbibing, so I have been sober since a few weeks after the event, about 3 and a half years. I feel like I was extraordinarily lucky to make that choice. While I went through my legal process and counseling process, I encountered a lot of individuals who could not make that choice, and were on DUI number 2, 3, 4. Some showed up to court or to class or therapy drunk. I have empathy for people who struggle with alcohol - it is socially accepted and loudly encouraged. Driving under the influence is not only tolerated, it is apologized for. Let me be clear: it’s absolutely unacceptable, and it shouldn’t happen- and we need to address it culturally. We haven’t yet. I’m not saying alcohol is bad at all. It isn’t. It’s simply dangerous. And it inhibits judgement. As an editorial comment, my experience with the process informed me that the system we have has little interest in saving lives. It’s easy to save lives - we require breathalyzers on all vehicles just like you mandate seatbelts. The cost is subsidized by the government. You train the public on how to use them, they do, people complain, but lives are saved. A few people are 15 minutes late to work because they forgot mouthwash is problematic. But - nobody dies. I find that troubling that the system doesn’t make that choice. The system is set up to be a reliable revenue generator. Business is great, by the way - hundreds were in the courtroom every time I was there. Spending thousands of dollars they can’t afford. No mechanism is set up to do anything more than punish them. Most importantly, TLR himself needs to address this problem in his life, because 2 DUIs is a chronic problem. He is in danger of putting his, and other lives, at risk. There are no doubt more instances he got away with. However, nothing will change if he is enabled here. That’s first and foremost. Moreover, the White Sox deserve more from the manager of a storied franchise. We deserve a first class manager who can give his full attention to one of 30 professional organizations at the very highest level in the world. TLR had a great career, but this is an unacceptable set of circumstances for the incoming manager of the White Sox. While dealing with the legal fallout from this, he will be distracted. While the media frenzies about this, the organization will be distracted. The players will have to now tolerate an utter circus while trying to focus on championship baseball - in a pandemic - and they will be distracted. We don’t have the luxury with the window we have to deal with this. my two cents.
  4. Greg Hibbard

    Poll: Rate How You Feel About TLR

    As time goes on, I hate this hire more and more. I do not want this manager on this team, for many reasons. It’s really bringing me down, and is going to affect my enthusiasm for this team next year. I think all the intangible looseness that has been an asset for many might be totally gone next year under his “old school” stewardship. I really don’t like a lot of his remarks about player action and sincerity.
  5. Greg Hibbard

    White Sox fan taunts Astros during ALCS

    I’ve seen this on message boards before and I really don’t understand the “it’s just a game” or “it’s just a band” or “it’s just a movie” angle. This entire board is about “just a game.” Using similar logic, anyone could respond to any opinion you post on any topic with “it’s just a game, get over it.” How does that get us anywhere? None of this is life and death.
  6. Greg Hibbard

    Tony La Russa

    I absolutely think Renteria should have been fired because regardless of whether those decisions actually cost the Sox the games in question, they were by most experts in the game, egregiously bad managerial decisions. Yes, a manager often gets all of the blame and none of the credit. If Renteria wasn’t the manager for 2017-2020 would Anderson have developed as he did? Would Moncada have gotten on track? Would James McCann have blossomed into the player we know? Those are also subjective calls. I think Ricky was absolutely the right dude for a young developing team that needed to stay loose and roll with the punches to get into a position to win. He is absolutely NOT the right dude moving forward, because the margin for error in high leverage situations is razor thin, and he proved several times- in several seasons- that he was willing to make baffling, questionable, extremely high risk calls that often didn’t pan out. I think managers maybe make the difference in 2-3 wins a year. I just don’t trust Ricky to be on the right side of that with this team anymore. It doesn’t mean he’s not a good baseball man and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve another role somewhere else.
  7. Greg Hibbard

    Fire Ricky

    I am so angry I want to throw thousands on a credit card tonight for season tickets just behind the 3rd base dugout just to loudly boo Renteria at every home game next season when he’s announced. This is why I shouldn’t have internet access lol
  8. Greg Hibbard

    Fire Ricky

    I’m glad Rodongate happened because it’s such a huge managerial error that he will be a nationally known baseball laughingstock by the end of the week
  9. I want that last parrot swing statued. Vintage Encarnacion
  10. How many times has parrot hit that exact fly ball this year.
  11. Greg Hibbard

    So many here treat baseball like football

    This has been a bad couple of series, and better to go through it now than lay 2 or 3 eggs a week from today. I don’t have confidence in RR to manage a postseason game, and certainly the Sox aren’t a finished product yet. I’m mostly worried about Robert finding his swing again right now.
  12. Greg Hibbard

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    This has been a very rough week
  13. I’m so tired of this crew willfully screwing the Sox in this series. It seems by design.
  14. it’s not really a great thing to apply 2 weeks of deaths to a whole population as a basis of comparison. This thing geometrically infects people. week 1 - 300 people and a few deaths week 2 - 2500 people and a hundred deaths week 3 - 10000 people and 800 deaths if they had not shut everything down, week 4 would have been 40,000 and thousands of deaths and week 5 would be 160,000 and tens of thousands of deaths, the country would be several times over capacity of resources. the folks quoted In the article are doctors being forced to make life or death decisions. This dude is a writer. I want him to write the written word. I don’t need him to have a medical degree to convey information from literally the front lines.
  15. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/03/who-gets-hospital-bed/607807/?utm_campaign=the-atlantic&utm_source=facebook&utm_term=2020-03-11T16%3A56%3A39&utm_content=edit-promo&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3w6Sk4np78VehWV9f**CVm4XcfKnv3R1xSRvWBqOi4dMgWxgTIJYNqQwM I strongly urge you to read this article to understand why Italy going from 322 cases to 2,500 cases to 10,000 cases in two weeks broke their entire medical system to the extent that their doctors had to decide who would be left to die. If these numbers spike here in the same ways they have in Italy, the death rate will be catastropically high, because we simply will not have enough doctors / nurses / hospitals / beds / ventilators / resources to tend to the very sick before they get critical and die.