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  1. Greg Hibbard

    Should the White Sox experiment with the "opener"?

    Does the Designated Hitter also sicken you, mr. traditionalist?
  2. Greg Hibbard

    Should the White Sox experiment with the "opener"?

    I don't disagree with your points. However, I truly wonder if the organizational belief is that Fulmer for example can be rebranded as a reliever (I disagree, I think he's done), he might be a candidate for this role, too. The silver lining about missing out on Machado and Harper is that we have 2019 to try some truly wacky things to see where people might thrive, rather than fit them into some pre-ordained mold. If we could find something that works as a 4th-5th starter type of role as a hybrid, it's less pieces we have to get later.
  3. I heard on the Score this morning someone discussing that Tampa (and possibly Oakland) are allegedly again going to attempt some version of the "opener" - IE a pitcher who pitches the first couple of innings or so but doesn't have a traditional starter's role. Usually it's more of a relief type of role. So based on how young this staff is, and based on certain data points from last year (such as Dylan Covey's success the first time through the order in many of his starts), outside of Rodon, is this something the White Sox should also experiment with and maybe be effective with, particularly with the back end of their rotation?
  4. Greg Hibbard

    KW: "It's a shame" the Sox are being portrayed as cheap

    I'm going to contacting Sox Marketing and tell them that I would have bought season tickets had they landed Machado, but with the debacle as presented, and with KW's awful spin on this, I am not planning to attend a single game because I'm so angry with the level of contempt with which KW is treating the fans.
  5. In the Reinsdorf era of ownership (Sox have 5 playoff appearances and 1 World Series) 18 teams (WS wins, playoff appearances since 1981) Dodgers (2,17) Cardinals (3,16) Orioles (1,6) Tigers (1,7) Royals (2,5) Mets (1,7) Twins (2,9) A’s (1,15) Blue Jays (2,6) Braves (1,18) Yankees (5,21) Diamondbacks (1,6) Angels (1,9) Red Sox (4,16) Phillies (1,7) Giants (3,10) Cubs (1,7) Astros (1,10) teams that haven’t had as many of both: Reds, Rays, Rockies, Indians (a million division titles and heartbreaking WS losses), Padres, Mariners, Marlins, (who won 2 but only have two playoff appearances), Expos/Nationals, Rangers, Pirates, Brewers it really underscores that the problem is ownership.
  6. Greg Hibbard


    The thing that greatly angers me is really not about not getting Machado. The things that makes me extraordinarily angry: 1) that we went out and got Yonder Alonso and John Jay as window dressing, and then offered an amount of money that was a completely bad faith, shit offer based on where everyone knew the money should be, including Machado, his agent, my cat, and any intern working in baseball. 2) that early along people scoffed at the White Sox being serious suitors, given their track record with FA, and then people grudgingly included them in reports when it became clear they were the only real offer for weeks. Then, after San Diego just went out and got it fucking done in a normal way, our organization looks like the punk ass b**** bridesmaids who got stood up at the altar, and we can now not too quietly return to being league laughingstock cheapskates. 3) that just once our stupid fucking front office can’t just have gone out and done something extraordinarily above and beyond to get a premier player in an era that demands it given where their organization is 4) that just for once our stupid fucking front office can’t fucking own their total lack of vision on this. If they had simply not pursued Machado, we would have been fine. Instead, we look like complete fools, have nothing to show for it, and the optics are terrible for luring future FA. There is no silver lining in how this was handled. How it was handled was categorically terrible.
  7. Greg Hibbard

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I think the thing that hurts the most is that we can't just make this go away now, because we have to look at Yonder Alonso and John Fucking Jay for the next entire season. I doubt I will go to a single game. I'm not revoking my fandom, but I would have rather they just DIDN'T EVEN PURSUE HIM. Play to win or go home, you stupid clowns
  8. Greg Hibbard

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    1997: "Anyone who thinks this team can catch Cleveland is CRAZY!" 2019: "Anyone who thinks this team can match San Diego's financial power is CRAZY!"
  9. Greg Hibbard

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    can we rename the thread #HectorSuicideWatch
  10. Greg Hibbard

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I'd like to go to a game this year, but I just can't get to the $10 level
  11. Greg Hibbard

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Every day I ask for this to please be over tomorrow
  12. Greg Hibbard

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    42 days until the White Sox play opening day.
  13. Greg Hibbard

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    It's just amazing to me that amid all this other nonsense literally nothing official is happening for days, weeks, etc. This all just feels very, very bizarre.
  14. Greg Hibbard

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I’m also from Oak Park. Was really heavily split in my era of growing up (80s and 90s)
  15. Greg Hibbard

    PECOTA: 70-92

    Considering his young age and how much baseball he missed waiting to get here, I truly don’t understand why people don’t project him to improve.