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  1. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    I dunno, it seems as though the lineup will be Anderson / Robert / Abreu / Grandal / Moncada / Jimenez as the top six, with Robert and Moncada interchangeable depending on the hand of the starter. Do you disagree? Tony has experimented a lot but that feels like the right lineup and what he would go with. Abreu is still sporting a .377 OBP in September despite the lack of homers. Yes, I would like to see more pop, but I don't really have a problem with what Abreu is doing right now. What would you do differently to get Eloy out of his slump? He's playing almost every day. I certainly wouldn't sit him.
  2. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    I guess this is my point - what will the lineup be for those three games against houston? who will the starting pitchers be? who will the relievers be? Will they be on full rest? Why is everyone focusing on a statement like "the white sox are 31-31 since the break"? Do we really care about Dallas Keuchel starts where Seby Zavala + Brian Goodwin + Leury Garcia were all in the lineup? How is that even comparable? Here's an example of a recent box score against a contender: https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/TBA/TBA202108210.shtml Robert, Anderson, Grandal all missing from the lineup and Keuchel/Wright/Ruiz pitching. Do you think this accurately represents what we will do vs. Tampa in the postseason? I certainly don't...
  3. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    I would assume most teams have had their ideal lineup play together more than 4 times this season.
  4. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    It’s 3-1 and they’ve averaged over 9 runs scored in those games. It kind of underscores how little we have seen that lineup play and how potent that lineup can be.
  5. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    I’m sure you’re aware of what this team’s record is when Anderson, Robert, Moncada, Abreu, Grandal, Jimenez are all in the lineup together? Because that’s the lineup we are going to see for the postseason in every game.
  6. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    In the 18 games that Grandal has started since coming back, BEFORE those last two stupid Detroit games, the Sox were 11-7. There have been very few games lately where we have started our entire compliment of studs.
  7. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    Do we really want to go back and focus on those games before Robert and Jimenez and Grandal were all back? Do we really want to emphasize the games that Anderson didnt start because he was being selectively rested? How would that even make sense in terms of predicting the playoffs?
  8. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    The whole second half? No. They were 17-12 from August 1 to September 1 facing the Rays, Yankees, A’s and Blue Jays in that stretch. Since then, they’ve struggled.
  9. Greg Hibbard

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    Man. All these threads about one 7-10 stretch in which Tim Anderson is sitting out literally half the games, Andrew Vaughn is on the IL, Eloy is slumping about as badly as he can, and the starting pitching includes 3 Dallas Keuchel starts (all losses) when he likely will not make a postseason start.
  10. Greg Hibbard

    The demise of the 2021 White Sox

    This. I sincerely don’t get what I’m seeing on this forum in some ways. At the beginning of the season, even before Eloy’s injury (but especially after), I seem to recall almost everyone pitting the white sox as close, but maybe still a year away from a potential World Series run. Then it seemed the goalposts and expectations moved in a flash here, after the Mercedes experience bought us a few wins, after the pitching carried us through some injuries/spotty hitting, after the early surprise returns by Robert and Jimenez, and especially after the mid season “go for it now” acquisitions the FO made. It got way more expectational here. It also became kind of an entitled environment. This is still a very young core at heart. They will be streaky. Jimenez will heat up, Robert will cool down. Vaughn is still finding his entire game. Even Moncada and Anderson still go through “young” stretches although they continue to mature before our eyes. Most of these guys are way younger than 27. if this team loosens up, they’ll have enough raw talent to make every game very interesting. I think they will… after they clinch. This is just a pretty bad week. but also - IMO there aren’t 29 losers and 1 winner every baseball season, and I feel If the Sox take Houston deep into a series and they just beat us, we will be better next year and closer next year.
  11. Greg Hibbard

    What Should They Do with AV?

    Everyone needs to settle down with the extreme solutions. MLB caliber players go through really bad slumps sometimes - Paul Konerko had a .568 OPS first half in 2003 - and that was 4 years into his career.
  12. Greg Hibbard

    What Should They Do with AV?

    He needs an “IL” stint to reset after Anderson comes back. Give him a few days off. He’s been very bad the last 3 weeks.
  13. Greg Hibbard

    9/8 🧦 v. 🐘 GT

    Considering DK's low strikeout rate and ineffectiveness for 5+ months, I want him nowhere near the playoffs - no matter what he does in his last 4 season starts.
  14. Greg Hibbard

    Jays claim Lamb

    I’m glad a couple of people got it! 😃
  15. Greg Hibbard

    9/3 game thread Sox @ KC *Rain Delay*

    In a touch of Soxtalk irony, Leury is pretty much the only one who showed up to play tonight.