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  1. BigHurt4evah

    doing an essay

    haha I had to do this freshman year. It was actually more of a debate. Anyways the one killing factor is the main factor. Think simple. What makes a team better than another? Simple. When they play eachother. I'm not sure of the exact stat, but the Sox have beaten the Cubs in interleague play overall, plus beat them in the world series. Hope that helped. I smell an A+!
  2. BigHurt4evah

    Koch as #5 Starter?

    well true, but then why was he recruited as a SP in Toronto??
  3. BigHurt4evah

    Tuesday's Game

    Good work Clujer, will you be doing regular season games too? HAHA Does anybody knows Frank's stats this ST? Very interested.
  4. BigHurt4evah

    Koch as #5 Starter?

    Hey guys I just read on Billy Koch's bio on Yahoo! Sports that he was originally a starting pitcher in the minors. I'm NOT AT ALL saying we should have Billy Koch in our rotation, but if worst comes to worst? I dunno it'd be very tempting to have Damaso take of the closer spot, and have a lineup of Buehrle, Colon, Koch. Wow. Power, Control, Power. I dunno I just sniffed a line of flintstones vitamins haha.
  5. BigHurt4evah

    well be on at 9:30 ct.!!!!!!!!!

    oh jeez glad I aint invited to these parties... :puke haha looks like he's gettin puked on
  6. BigHurt4evah

    Sox 2003

    OK I dunno if this has been mentioned yet or not, I only read the first post then decided to reply. In my eyes, anything short of winning the World Series is not a successful season. Maybe it's just me, and how I was brought up, but #2 is just the #1 loser.
  7. BigHurt4evah

    Today's game

    yeah thanks clujer! Now I can find out whats happenin when I'm @ skool. thanks bro!
  8. BigHurt4evah


    hey hsc, all I'm sayin is that someone is in the wrong. if it's the Sox, then they better realize what a good pitcher they have here. and if it's Buehrle, he needs to mature and realize he has a job to do. if it's omebody else, screw em, they should butt out. if it's hsc, she can do whatever she wants I'm scared of herrr.
  9. BigHurt4evah

    We are BACK

    THE JIG IS UP! I'm outta here!
  10. BigHurt4evah


    Hey Buehrle can go wherever he wants in 6. by then we'll have 3 pennants, the Cards will suck, and he'll be in his late twenties. any guy who would rather play for his boyhood team than a real good team who's offerin him money out the wazoo is still a boy. And baseball is a Man's sport (or woman's) not a boy's (or girls). We have no room or money for that kinda players.
  11. BigHurt4evah

    We are BACK

  12. BigHurt4evah

    Joe Crede

    I wouldn't worry about it OldRoman, it's just 9 AB and its just spring training. He's probably still working the kinks out since he hasn't seen ML pitching in awhile. If he is still hitless in another 9 AB's... start getting worried...
  13. BigHurt4evah

    Is Buehrle being shafted?

    what is Mark gonna do with all this money? Buy the Cards??
  14. BigHurt4evah


    hmm JB's a pretty good lookin kid... I never noticed... (not gay not gay)
  15. BigHurt4evah

    Which Mark?

    WOW this is a contest? OK if this is for next season, Buehrle, but for my rotation for the next 15 years, PRIOR EASY. C'mon guys, let's put our White Sox pride away for a second and think, you don't think KW would trade Buehrl fo Prior in a heartbeat and be all giddy? I'm talkin that they might rename the Cy Young award the Mark Prior award. This kid could be better than Maddox, Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, ANYBODY. He's The Chosen One of baseball. ok as long as no Cub fans see me posting this, I'll be OK.