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    White Sox peripherally make news for Cub Hating

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Oct 10, 2015 -> 04:56 AM) I'm going to come out and say it, but if you claim to be a true Sox fan and are cheering for the Cubs this postseason then you are a f***ing idiot. Our beloved franchise has always been the ugly step-child of the Chicago sports scene and a Cubs World Series victory would make us even more irreverent. Go ahead and come up with some lame excuse on why it's ok to cheer for them, but you are literally rooting against the well-being of your own franchise. There is no good that comes to the Sox from the Cubs winning the World Series, none whatsoever. It's absolutely disgusting how many "Sox fans" I know are jumping on this bandwagon and it's even worse how many members on this site, a forum that is home to some of the most die-hard Sox fans in the world, are pro-Cubs right now. One of the best posts I've seen this entire season, mirroring the classic ranting style of Kenny Powers. The sox need to fulfill their destiny of selling the most demanded sports ticket in all of Chicago. After that, we'll continue with even more success, driving the cubs franchise to follow in the footsteps of the late Montreal Expos.
  2. Hawkfan

    Levine: Ozzie deserves to manage again

    I'd take Ozzie back any day. But I'd have to stop listening to 670. If KW is ever gone, this becomes an actual possibility. And I would love to see the uproar from all the fans who would rather hire a clipboard weenie type coach. Most of all though, I would just like to have good baseball players on our team. That would be nice.
  3. Hawkfan

    7/29 White Sox vs Red Sox 6:10 CT

    I picked a bad year to move to Michigan. This could be an epic run. Go Melk!
  4. Hawkfan

    Sox Winner!!!

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!! GO SOX!
  5. Hawkfan


    YEAH BABY!!! Didn't see anything but glued to the MLB summary all day! Seemed like your average terrible Sox game, but from the sounds of the posts, it was a well played game. cheers
  6. Hawkfan

    Sox vs Cubs

    As always, I am stoked about this series. Especially with Cubs fans expecting to win now. By far my favorite series, I see nothing wrong with the fans bickering back and forth. Nothing else is filling the seats.
  7. Hawkfan

    And that's a White Sox Winner !!

    Whire Sox?? Jim Lahey will continue to do the win threads I hope!
  8. Hawkfan

    Chris Sale is the most bestest pitcher evar!

    Way to go Chris!
  9. Hawkfan

    GAME THREAD 5/17 - SOX @ OAK

    Kazmir, I know you're a decent human being, but die like a dog.
  10. Hawkfan

    And that's a White Sox Winner !

    Good pitching. Hopefully we can wake these bats up now. Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hawkfan


    It is too late now, but 8m a year sure seems cheap looking back at the crap we went through. AJ4L. If it wasn't for the recent awareness of personal attcks I'd tell all the sabermetrics fans to suck a dick.
  12. Hawkfan

    Personal attacks on Soxtalk

    Out of active posters, who has been banned the most days?
  13. Hawkfan

    4/15 - White Sox vs Indians

    Danksy, lets go!!!
  14. Hawkfan

    White Sox @ Royals 1:10 CT

    I love Danks but his time is over. White sox terrible offense ruined his legacy during his good years.
  15. Hawkfan

    Ynoa piece....very encouraging

    Nice hype piece but I'm not buying. Stockton Ports Ball Park is notoriously difficult to pitch in but 7+ ERA is huge.
  16. Hawkfan

    Rodon believes he's ready now

    Can someone explain the benefits for the sox to wait? I know a lot of teams do wait for financial reasons but what are the benefits?
  17. Aside from the sox Cubs prediction, Sounds like he hasn't completely lost his mind yet.
  18. I can't wait to weigh in as soon as cbs figures out how to let the podcast listeners fast forward.
  19. You suck Beckham. How the hell did he get 2 million? Is that really the going rate?
  20. Obviously Ozzie. Thanks, hawkfan.
  21. Hawkfan

    Hawk's Birthday

    Happy Bday dude!
  22. Hawkfan


    Damnit. I've always hoped that hawk would crash and burn in one final blow up that would cause a fantastic media storm and then he could just sit back and smoke a big cigar while laughing at reporters. Is it in fact unfair to criticize a formerly great artist for his latter day sins, is it better to burn out or fade away? - High Fidelity