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  1. Hawkfan

    Commentary: Ten Things to Talk About

    Hey ... i just wanna say that i hate frank thomas.. and he doesnt' deserve to be getting paid what he is.. or league minimum
  2. Hawkfan

    2 Catchers only?

    Josh Paul is a beastly irishman... and due to it being st. patricks day... i wanna give him the starting job... hes faster than olivo and alomar, and i think he hits better too..... plus hes got beastly side burns
  3. Hawkfan

    Which Mark?

    experience is overrated.. a 96 mph fastball and a kickin curve is not.. i say prior is better
  4. Hawkfan

    Jerry Manuel

    obviously, jerry manuel is not good enough to be a major league coach.... if he was he could win .... the only way a team full of all stars can't even make the playoffs is if they have a bad coach
  5. Hawkfan

    who will be the bust??

    Rowand is a beast... if he gets some constant playing time hes our best outfielder... i love you mags!!.. dangelo jimenez will bust... willie harris will dominate..yeah