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    Tyler Flowers's lucky, lucky month

    QUOTE (ScottyDo @ Apr 29, 2014 -> 06:37 PM) I like this article on the topic of BABIP and its components. Line drives fall for hits ~70% of the time while fly balls fall roughly 15% of the time. Given that Flowers is #4 in LD% among players with ≥ 80 PAs and 14th lowest in FB%, I'd say his BABIP makes a fair amount of sense. Now, you could consider those batted ball numbers luck, but wouldn't you expect that a player playing well would hit a high proportion of line drives? Isn't it also true that a player hitting well must inherently have a high BABIP? After all, unless you have monster HR numbers and never strike out, your high average will be accompanied by an even higher BABIP. All that said, Flowers will come down to earth, because he's probably not all of the sudden a prolific line drive hitter. If he somehow is, his BABIP will stay somewhat high and it won't just be luck. Good post Scottydo
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    QUOTE (BigHurt3515 @ Apr 29, 2014 -> 04:45 AM) Who was the one who made the statement we would never get over .500 after Sale's injury? I thought he said we wouldn't play 500 ball during the span he was gone. eh, either way seems like a reasonable argument.
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    Alright!!!!! This season could be interesting!
  4. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:27 AM) Not the best quality but I found this https://vine.co/v/Mveh3rZAQ1Z haha Thanks! Oh i'm already dreading the media frenzy.
  5. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:22 AM) I hate LeBron but I love that. agreed, I can't wait to watch that, it sounds hilarious.
  6. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:18 AM) Very OT- LeBron just dunked while staring down MJ (sitting courtside) the whole time... what a tool haha during the dunk?
  7. QUOTE (flavum @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:15 AM) Off topic, but do people actually watch Cubs games? If their ratings aren't terrible, they should be. /\ /\
  8. QUOTE (fathom @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:04 AM) Rather let the bullpen blow a game that's probably going to be lost anyways than have Danks throw a career high in pitches. Did they not learn their lesson with Sale? Maybe. You can't pitch without ever throwing a career high.
  9. QUOTE (fathom @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:03 AM) Robin having another stupid game. No excuse for Danks to still be in there with this many pitches. What about the bullpen?
  10. hahaha best walk way from the plate after a strike by escobar
  11. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:36 AM) Not that it would have mattered but Eaton took like an hr with his crow hope there. wasn't just me then.
  12. QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:34 AM) Our outfielders haven't been throwing very well That, and I know eaton doesn't have a great arm, but it seemed like it took him a while to throw it.
  13. You're right. Don't make me get defensive about hawk, I'll have to change my user name.
  14. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 27, 2014 -> 01:26 AM) Paulie up to .280 progression to the mean
  15. I swear I think some fans want the announcer to hold their hands throughout the course of the game.
  16. God forbid we miss a chance to analyze a strike zone call
  17. Yes, Danks' stuff has looked like this all season. Just not as much out of the zone./zone you want to pitch in.
  18. eaton can hit it back to the pitcher on an out of the zone off speed pitch like a boss.
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    Pregame Bar

    On the second page of Pale Hose Talk there was a topic started by a guest who listed his top 10 restaurants/bars around the Cell. Check it out, the guy sounded like he knew what he was talkin about.
  20. Loving White sox baseball right now!! Beckham is my pick to click!! GO!
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    Should we trade him while his value is high? He's bound to become an alcoholic like puig at this pace.
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  23. That was a booooombb!
  24. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Apr 26, 2014 -> 05:10 AM) good eye Should have swung