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    GRate to get Netting to the Foul Poles

    Congratulations to the teams putting up the netting; you look fucking stupid. - tough guy
  2. Abreu is an elite hitter, you can tell by the way the ball sounds coming off the bat. Mercy.
  3. Hawkfan

    Eloy’s Heart Will Go On

    no its only because my work has the website blocked.
  4. Hawkfan

    Time for a change ... Don Cooper needs to go

    Blasphemy bro. He's all us bitter clingers have left. Don't be screwing with coop now that we're finally on track to be a hitting team for the first time in 18 years.
  5. Hawkfan

    Board Rules - A refresher

    I wear my prior suspension as a badge of honor. If you haven't been banned, it means you don't post enough.
  6. Hawkfan

    Indians removing Chief Wahoo

    When our kids grow up and see what we've done, they're going to ask how we can bear the sight of our own faces in the mirror, knowing that we passively let this tragedy occur. This is truly a sad day.
  7. Hawkfan

    Chris Sale

    The trade got a little better today.
  8. Hawkfan

    In My Words: White Sox booth is Benetti's bliss

    Hard to read, and hard to watch.
  9. Hawkfan

    SSS Theater: Avi Garcia

    Came to the site for the first time in a long time just to see what the overall breadth of the Avi phenomenon was. Sure enough, the top thread choice. Thank you Soxtalk.
  10. Hawkfan

    And that's a white sox winner!!

    Avi is raking.
  11. Hawkfan

    There's Much Hope for Todd Frazier

    QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Feb 13, 2017 -> 08:02 PM) You mean citing? That was a test. You passed.
  12. Hawkfan

    There's Much Hope for Todd Frazier

    Immediate threat to credibility by siting the wrong movie.
  13. Hawkfan

    Eaton and Frazier Verbal Battles

  14. Hawkfan

    Uh-oh...Harrelson wants to hold on until 2020

    Don't stop now booyyyys!
  15. Hawkfan

    We could talk about Hawk to pass the time

    Anyone know what kind of scores he puts up on the golf course these days?
  16. Can we get the poll posted that we all voted on? I cant remember what the overall consensus was but I'm guessing it was .500 ball.
  17. Hawkfan

    The problem is simple: it's home runs and .OPS

    QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ Sep 22, 2016 -> 07:26 PM) He's already on soxtalk. Posts under the handle greg775 I knew I liked that guy.
  18. Hawkfan

    The problem is simple: it's home runs and .OPS

    Do you think we can get Hawk Harrelson to Join soxtalk after he retires so we can still receive his tutelage?
  19. Hawkfan

    Who Will Be The Next Manager of the White Sox

    Who cares. Lets get a bullpen and a bat and win the Central in 2017.
  20. Hawkfan

    Hawk will keep working as long as he can

    I wouldn't give up on Benetti. Before the season, Benetti approached Hawk and asked what he could do to follow in his footsteps and also become legendary broadcaster. To this Hawk replied, "Jason Benetti, Practice, Practice, Practice."
  21. Hawkfan


    Don't stop now.
  22. Hawkfan

    Fire Robin. Bring Back Ozzie. Do It Now

    Great Thread! I'm a little disappointed in our fanbase though, as the clear rebuttal to the Ozzie suggestion is Ditka. Plus Obama's a free agent this year. Talk about leadership. I love leaders. The greatest leader I've ever seen on a baseball field had to be AJ Pyrzinski. Without a doubt. Mercy.
  23. Hawkfan

    5/9 - White Sox @ Rangers Game Thread

    I love bunts