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    How did you get these photos in large scale?

    QUOTE (greasywheels121 @ Jan 23, 2011 -> 11:49 AM) Unless I'm mistaken, CBS did away with making that accessible to the public. If not CBS, then where? my Steelers are in the Super Bowl and I want to get the full size photos to save.
  2. wherehaveyougoneharold

    How did you get these photos in large scale?

    I've been trying to figure out the new format for CBSSportsline forever! How are you getting the large version? Please someone help!
  3. wherehaveyougoneharold

    Happy One Year Anniversary!!!!

    Honestly, I was 32, I had already hit my "bitter years" and you showed me there really was hope for the impossible. I guess, in the grander scheme its a small thing, but you guys showed me that maybe anything IS possible. Good God, I sound like the end of a Christmas movie...but thanks guys. I'm watchin' Sox Pride as we speak. And if any member of that team ever buys his own dinner in town - I'll vomit!!
  4. wherehaveyougoneharold

    2006 White Sox Photos

    How are you guys getting to the "URL"? When I go to the Sox photo page, I can flip through pictures but the word "lower" only appears when I right-click over the photo. I renamed it "1024X768", but it doesn't change the size - just renames it.
  5. wherehaveyougoneharold

    2006 White Sox Photos

    QUOTE(RME JICO @ Jul 10, 2006 -> 05:20 AM) Does anyone have the source link to these pics, I will fill in for posting the pics so we don't miss any games. It been 8 days since the last update. I asked a few months ago and got this back on PM. Unfortunately, I can't make sense of it, maybe you know what all this means... "CBS Sportsline posts pictures for each team after each game (usually). Here would be the link to the MLB picture page, and here would be the Rangers page. To get the bigger versions, just take the URL for each picture individual, and replace the part of the URL that says "lower" with "1024x768". If you do plan on linking to these elsewhere, do not link to the CBS Sportsline link. Upload the pictures to Imageshack, then link to that URL. CBS stopped offering the larger pictures last year because of people hotlinking them and it taking up too much bandwidth, so really, use imageshack. Unfortunetly, they do remove them not too long after each game (usually a few hours), so you have to be somewhat quick to get them all. Enjoy "
  6. wherehaveyougoneharold

    Game Thread: Sox @ Rangers, 6:05 Start, Contreras v. Koronka

    Good start, let's keep it goin'!
  7. wherehaveyougoneharold

    6/2/06: Rangers @ SOX

    why is raines coaching first? Where's Harold?
  8. wherehaveyougoneharold

    2006 White Sox Photos

    QUOTE(Felix @ May 28, 2006 -> 05:21 PM) First of all, I wanna say thank you for posting these large photos this year, I really appreciate it! These are coming up wierd though. I'm getting a link to imageshack, but the photos aren't the large size, I click the link and still get a thumbnail. Ignore me, its working fine now.
  9. wherehaveyougoneharold

    The sox win the world series call on radio

    I need a wave or mp3 of the call when the Sox won it all. Can someone point me to it? or post it? or email it to me? Thanks in advance.
  10. wherehaveyougoneharold

    2006 White Sox Photos

    Thanks guys! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!
  11. wherehaveyougoneharold

    2006 White Sox Photos

    Is anyone posting to this? Are there any decent pics out there?
  12. wherehaveyougoneharold

    Sox caps this week

    It seems like in the Cleveland series we were wearing caps with the World Series Champions logo on the side. It looks like its gone now. Anybody know if I was just seeing things?
  13. wherehaveyougoneharold

    Happy Birthday to.....

    QUOTE(earthshiner @ Mar 16, 2006 -> 12:38 AM) I've been a fan of Harold since before I can remember. That's my man!
  14. wherehaveyougoneharold

    2006 White Sox Photos

    QUOTE(KevHead0881 @ Feb 18, 2006 -> 11:52 PM) Hard to see, but the new gold medal winner, Shani Davis (a south sider), was wearing a Sox hat shortly after he won... But he's also carrying a stuffed teddy bear. Makes me think his gold should have been in figure skating.
  15. wherehaveyougoneharold

    Proposed Batting Order

    QUOTE(pale_hose @ Feb 16, 2006 -> 11:24 AM) Let's here what everyone's ideal batting order would be and why...here's mine: if you disagree, thats cool...go sox! 1) Podsednik: of course our best baserunner and a guy w/.351 obp is hitting 1st 2) Iguchi: will start the season #2, but will move down to 6 or 7 to get more RBI chances 3) Thome: powerful lefty and according to Dusty Baker, who is a complete idiot, you have to go left, right, left in the order 4) Konerko: a great place for our captain 5) Dye: very clinch. posted a lot of k's and low walks, but this year he will be more patient like he was during the playoffs 6) Pierzynski: this guy just rocks 7) Uribe: starts low in the order, but will switch with Iguchi later in the season 8) Crede: could hit either 8 or 9 to get the lineup around. also seems to be fairly clinch 9) Anderson: not expected to do much, but will put up Rowand-like numbers from last year. will meet and probably pass expectations. could switch with Crede or Uribe in the order. I wanna know what the hell "very clinch" means?