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  1. sin city sox fan

    Frank Thomas buys the Field of Dreams

    He was also involved in 2 restaurants in Vegas at one point. Was a partner in a project called The Meatball Spot and owned a food truck outside Harrah's Carnaval Court (think it was called Big Hurts Snack Bar or something like that).
  2. sin city sox fan

    Frank Thomas buys the Field of Dreams

    Big Hurt Beer didn’t last long either. Not sure if he’s an investor or just a spokesperson for the supplement company.
  3. I forgot Steiver was hurt. Lambert would definitely be an option though. Or we could bring up Mercedes and see if he could deliver 5 innings from the mound!
  4. I wish they’d add Giolito to the IL as well. He needs to skip a start and another arm would be a nice luxury to have (perhaps Stievers)
  5. sin city sox fan

    Giolito exits early, will miss at least one start

    Put him on the DL for 10days with Lynn and have him miss a start. Let’s not take any chances and make sure he’s 100% n October.
  6. sin city sox fan

    Does Dallas Keuchel even make the Playoff Roster?

    They need to do this with Kopech too. A lot of our pitchers are developing dead arms due to the short season last year (or no season for Kopech). We have the opportunity to take advantage of our big lead in the division and have healthy arms in October. Lets do it!
  7. sin city sox fan

    Liam Hendriks' wife identified pitch tipping

    Kopech needs to go on the DL just like Rodon did. After not pitching for 2 seasons, his arm needs some rest or he will be useless in the playoffs.
  8. sin city sox fan

    Complain about Kimbrel here:

    Do something different like have him throw to a competent catcher? I think he’ll be fine with Grandal behind the plate. The fact that Lynn threw the game he did tonight with Zavala behind the plate just shows how awesome he is. Since Yasmani got injured, we’ve been working with the worst catching duo in MLB. Some of you greatly underestimate the effect this has on pitchers and unfortunately we have no solution until Grandal comes back.
  9. Other teams don’t have the division lead the White Sox do either. LaRussa has already stated that if it was the playoffs, TA would be playing and you can bet that would be the case too if we were fighting for the playoffs. I know some of you don’t like it, but TA, Grandal, and others (especially pitchers) are going to be used conservatively in the final 6 weeks of the season. From what we’ve seen already, the plan is to position ourselves for the playoffs….not to maximize our record in the regular season. I agree with the approach but if you don’t, you need to learn to accept it or these upcoming weeks are going to be brutal for you to watch.
  10. Part of the problem.woth Kimbrel (and Hendricks) is that they are scared any ball with any amount of movement is not going to be caught. This catching situation is a disaster but should improve when Grandal comes back (however we have to.keep him healthy or our postseason wont last long)
  11. sin city sox fan

    The Grandal will come out tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar

    Whether you like Grandal or not, he is going to have to start 100% of post season games if we are to have any chance at a championship. When he comes back from his rehab stint, play him every other game (at most) until Octobet ad Savala and Collins have both proven to be way below average both offensively and defensively. Neither can see playing time in the postseason and we need to do everything possible to make sure this is the case.
  12. sin city sox fan

    08/17 Game Thread: Oakland Athletics at Sox 7:10 NBCSN

    If you back the mound up, the pitcher would only have a fraction of a second more to respond, but hitters would see the ball so much better and you'd likely have more hard hit balls up the middle. There are good things that would be created by this move (more offense and less strikeouts).....however, protecting the pitcher is likely not one of them.
  13. sin city sox fan

    08/17 Game Thread: Oakland Athletics at Sox 7:10 NBCSN

    I'm surprised we don't see more incidents like this during each season. With as hard as players hit the ball now, you see line drives up the middle every game and many are not far from producing a similar result. I think baseball has to look at doing something to protect pitchers from having this happen more frequently.
  14. With last years seasons only being 60 games, arms across the league are all being asked to do a lot more than what they did in 2020. I’m glad to see Rodin getting some rest and this point and would like to see as many members of our staff as possible get 10days off at some point before the end of the season (starters and relievers). Let’s take advantage of our big division lead and have freshest arms of any team n the postseason. I think that can be a much bigger edge for us than home field advantage,
  15. sin city sox fan

    Rodon to IL with Shoulder Fatigue

    I would like to see all of our starters at least skip one start in the final 2 months. Also, give Kopech some time off. Remember, no pitchers threw a full season in 2020 so they are all rebuilding arm strength. Let’s take advantage of our big lead in the division and make sure we have the freshest arms in MLB entering the postseason