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  1. sin city sox fan

    Despaigne called up; Delmonico released; Fry to IL

    If Despaigne pitches a shutout tonight, I dont think you can just ship him back down afterwards.
  2. sin city sox fan


    I'm not mocking him at all. I'm disappointed we let a top level talent like that just walk away with no return.
  3. sin city sox fan

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    What do you mean? He found John Jay, Ervin Santana and Yonder Alonso this year.
  4. sin city sox fan

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    After the way the organization pushed him out the door before, I don’t see him ever wanting to come back here. He played through injury when he didn’t have to and got rewarded with a pink slip. I’d love to see him back but feel that possibility is little more than a pipe dream.
  5. sin city sox fan


    Absolutely sincere. I can’t believe people continue to under estimate the abilities of Avi. He came up young and struggled early but continues to get better. He will win multiple MVP awards before he retires and certainly be enshrined in Cooperstown. People lament the trading of Tatis Jr. but letting Avi walk for nothing will be viewed as a much larger mistake in the long term.
  6. sin city sox fan


    i still think Avi is an eventual HOFer and its a real shame that his bust in Cooperstown will not feature a White Sox hat.
  7. sin city sox fan


    You all are forgetting about John Jay
  8. sin city sox fan

    White Sox All Stars

    ESPN has an article projecting all stars and has Giolito the only representative for the Sox. This would be criminal if no one else makes it. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26898455/still-too-early-all-stars-track-midsummer-classic
  9. sin city sox fan

    Giolito May's AL Pitcher of the Month

    A couple more of these and he could be this year's Cy Young award winner! Congratulations!
  10. sin city sox fan

    White Sox All Stars

    Does anyone think Giolito has a chance to start? He may not be the #1 pick for the job but depending upon where rotations fall with different candidates, I think he has to be under consideration.
  11. sin city sox fan

    White Sox All Stars

    If Abreu heats up, he'll be a lock. Right now, I think he's there. I know his average is down but he's leading the AL in RBI and only a couple HRs out of the top spot. Don't see how you can leave him out when no 1B in the league is hitting over .300. He's also a candidate for the HR Derby but I really don't want to see him compete in this.
  12. sin city sox fan

    White Sox All Stars

    There are more Sox players competiting for All Star roster spots this year than I can recall in many years. I think all of the following have a case to be selected....... Abreu Moncada McCann Anderson Giolito ColomeI if things don’t change drastically, I outdone guess Abreu, Anderson, and Giolito get picked with the other 3 slighted (can’t see them taking 6 players from a .500ish team) whats everyone else think?
  13. sin city sox fan

    6/1- Indians vs Sox, 1:10, NBCSC

    Time for a bat flip
  14. sin city sox fan

    6/1- Indians vs Sox, 1:10, NBCSC

    Why is Alonso batting here? Most important AB of the game and you let a sub .200 hitter onto the plate