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  1. sin city sox fan

    The Wainwright Thread

    The Lynn trade wasn’t happening without Dunning and this added to our depth. Lynn should be good for 200 IP while Dunning would have likely done only 140 or so.
  2. sin city sox fan

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Its about Corbin Burnes
  3. sin city sox fan

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    I don’t get why everyone seems intent on trading Madrigal. Granted, he doesn’t have power, but we need guys to get on base for the rest of our power hitters to drive home. He’ll hit .300 plus every year (maybe .320+), strike out little, and provide good defense. We need players like this to play this role and trading him would leave a hole in our lineup.
  4. sin city sox fan

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    I would not do this trade. I think ReyLo has a chance to develop under Katz and serve as the teams long option in the pen if nothing else. He may or may not be useful in the long term but why trade him for someone who has definitely proven to be worthless?
  5. sin city sox fan

    Sox sign Hendriks: 3/$39M - 4th year optional with $15M buyout

    As long as COViD doesn’t end this season prematurely, I like our chances to win a World Series!
  6. sin city sox fan

    Kyle Schwarber signs with Nationals: 1 year 10mil

    If it’s not, I don’t understand this move at all.
  7. sin city sox fan

    A/AA season start to be delayed

    I honestly don't see how you can have minor league baseball this season at all. The economics of the game don't work without ticket sales and concession revenues. Most teams will not be able to have this happen at any time in 2021. If we end up with MLB this summer, I think you'll have camps like last year and no AAA/AA/A action.
  8. sin city sox fan

    Engel agrees to deal

    I was hoping for a long term deal to keep him on the southside for the next 5-8 years.
  9. sin city sox fan

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    If we can resign Lynn, I think we did better (considering the prices paid). I know many may disagree, but I wouldn’t have traded Kopech straight up for Snell. I really think he’ll be strong this year and has a great future.
  10. sin city sox fan

    Owners would like to delay season until vaccine

    That’s exactly why everyone inside a venue must have the vaccine. If anyone is contagious (which may or may not be viable), this will prevent them from becoming Infected. If they don’t have the vaccine and someone is contagious, a team would be allowing them to become infected by allowing them in the stadium.
  11. sin city sox fan

    Owners would like to delay season until vaccine

    They won’t do it themselves but you better believe every venue will do so. First of all, most states will require them to do. Secondly, no team will want to accept the liability of allowing people to get infected when it could be prevented. Proof of vaccination will likely be required through 2022 or 2023 before this changes.
  12. sin city sox fan

    Owners would like to delay season until vaccine

    The only way testing will work for admittance is ever rapid testing can become common place and affordable where it could be conducted right outside the stadium for those without proof of vaccine. i think the talk of fans at games is very premature though as I don’t see us filling stadiums til at least the middle of the summer. Again, I think the owners are talking about players getting vaccinated before they start. With infection rates and caseloads muc, much higher than they were last summer, the chance of having any sort of season without total chaos is almost zero unless you get the participants vaccinated.
  13. sin city sox fan

    Owners would like to delay season until vaccine

    In Nevada, I know they've talked about getting a card when you are vaccinated. There has also been some mention of an app but I'm not sure how viable that is as not 100% of people have a smart phone. Just as vaccines are required for kids going to school though, we are going to face a situation with sporting events and concerts here that will require attendees to have the covid vaccine and logistics will have to be worked out.
  14. sin city sox fan

    Owners would like to delay season until vaccine

    Many college basketball teams have cancelled as many (if not more games) than they've played. And games that are taking place are often being scheduled with just a few days notice. I know the NCAA is doing it to try and reach the payoff of March Madness, but I don't see anyway that happens. I'm not a Coach K fan but I thought his idea of delaying the season and shooting for a May Madness this year was appropriate under the circumstances.
  15. sin city sox fan

    Owners would like to delay season until vaccine

    The vaccine has been tested a fair amount. Maybe not as much as desired but I think its enough to show there will be minimal complications if any. I believe the complications of continuing to let the virus ravage this country are far worse than that may be caused by the vaccine. We are so lucky that sports has not had a player die yet from continuing to push games onto the schedule. I know that athletes fit the demographic where the impact is not traditionally as powerful as it is on older people, but if we keep pushing the envelope, its going to happen. Would the fan base continue saying it was a good decision to start spring training in February if one of our evolving stars caught the virus and passed away early in the season? Personally, I think its crazy we are playing any sports now and we need to look at priorities in this country.