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  1. sin city sox fan

    GT 8/3: Outfielders? We don't need no stinking outfielders!

    Let's see some heavy rain now. I'm ready for game to be called!
  2. sin city sox fan

    GT 8/3: Outfielders? We don't need no stinking outfielders!

    Whats happening? I thought meteorologist Steve Stone said this would pass quickly?
  3. sin city sox fan

    Whitesox @ Twins 6:40PM The Chase to .500 continued

    His foot was in the air and above the plate when it crossed. I can't believe Stoney didn't see that. He's usually so observant.
  4. sin city sox fan

    Shane Riordan sucks and knows nothing

    If LaRussa goes and they bring back Ozzie, this team runs away with the division.
  5. I don't care if it was 50 miles away. The respectful thing to do would be to cancel the game today.
  6. sin city sox fan

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    He's Due!
  7. sin city sox fan

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    2 more passed balls and we have a winner!
  8. sin city sox fan

    Dallas Keuchel DFA

    I guess this means he won’t be starting the all star game 🤣🤣
  9. sin city sox fan

    Yermin Mercedes off the IL

    If he never makes it back to Chicago, what happens to the Yerminator burger?
  10. sin city sox fan

    Time to Sacrifice Dallas

    I would imagine Dallas gets one more start. If its bad, he gone when Cueto gets called up.
  11. I hope the 6:55 start holds up. I'd say to Keuchel lose his chance for a no hitter tonight!
  12. sin city sox fan

    OF Help at last!! White Sox acquire Haseley from Phils

    Is Haseley still eligible for Rookie of the Year? It would be awesome if we had ROY (Haseley), MVP (Robert) and Cy Young (Keuchel). That would be a nice exclamation point to the World Series tittle!
  13. sin city sox fan

    Sox Sign Vince Velasquez

    Coop will fix him.......oh wait.
  14. sin city sox fan

    Padres interview Ozzie for MGR job

    I can't believe he still is without a gig. I guess its good for us because the longer he's not in the dugout, the better our chances are to win a World Series.