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  1. Kyyle23


    Hey man I so look forward to you telling me every year that you are a season ticket holder and you have just about had it!
  2. This is pretty lame. We all know Abreu is a leader in the clubhouse, nobody is gonna be like "dude your obp sucks this year you can't talk to me like that"
  3. Kyyle23


    WBWSF does this same song and dance every year just nod and move on
  4. Kyyle23

    Tilson optioned

    But Tilson is going to hit .280 with 40 stolen bases
  5. Kyyle23

    Service Time

    Oh sure, if you say so. Cause you clearly are in on the negotiating. Keep trying to change my argument to pat yourself on the back
  6. Kyyle23

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    Last year he would have struck out in five pitches
  7. Kyyle23

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    Man, I didn't know those guys were done for the season either. This thread is learnin me all kinds of things
  8. Kyyle23

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    Wait, the season is over after tonite!?!? DAMN WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME
  9. Kyyle23

    Service Time

    Well if he signs an extension for 8-10 years, then his next 8-10 years are guaranteed. That's how that works.
  10. Kyyle23

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    Right now those segments are the best part of the last six games so keep it up, I don't mind
  11. Kyyle23

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    Failed to cover first on a bunt. Lol
  12. Kyyle23

    Service Time

    You brought up the dramatically large guarantee, not me. I said they could negotiate to make everyone happy an that didn't work for you because that just doesn't work for a player of his caliber, clearly 10/150 is the only way to do this by Balta rules. Again, my original point was if the player can guarantee the next 8-10 years financially of his career, it would be dumb for him to deny it BECAUSE HE ALREADY MADE TWENTY SIX MILLION DOLLARS. But you go ahead and spin it however you want
  13. Kyyle23

    Service Time

    Simple reply. Yes. They haven't treated every player the same, Beckham, Sale, Eloy, Kopech, Cease, Collins, Anderson, Moncada, all have been brought up at different times with different service time qualifications and some have signed extensions and some have waited and signed extensions and some have moved on and all of them have been under Hahn/Williams/Reinsdorf one size does not fit all