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  1. Kyyle23

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    Engage internets Open google search "twins record year by year" become astounded by the accuracy of the internets
  2. Kyyle23

    How many wins do you expect out of this road trip?

    I expect at the very least two wins
  3. Kyyle23

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    Gio is an ace and Tilson will bat .280 with 40 sb
  4. Kyyle23

    That's a big ol' CGSO winner!

    Don't you know? Every front office employee and executive across the entire major leagues grew up as a fan of the team that they work for. The white Sox are the only team that has ever hired a person that was a fan of another team. We live in truly scary times
  5. Kyyle23

    That's a big ol' CGSO winner!

    People talk about this, and it is absurd that people talk about this
  6. Kyyle23

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    We have seen Bad Nova. Fortunately this was Adequate Nova. it wasn't perfect but he gave them a chance and it was on the road against one of the best teams in the league
  7. Kyyle23

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    Nova gave up 3 runs in 7 innings, that is not bad
  8. Kyyle23

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    Yolmer you used to be fun
  9. Kyyle23

    Game of Thrones

    It's fine, I'm just glad I don't have to worry about how long it takes to get to Kings Landing anymore because it really bothered me
  10. Kyyle23

    Game of Thrones

    I totally understand when people are annoyed with editing or don't feel like the character ending was appropriate or rushed or things like that. When you are b****ing about time it takes to walk to a certain place and proper voting for kings and shit like that because "it's not real", you lost the thread. Three episodes ago was a fight against the undead. There are giants and dragons. Who cares
  11. Kyyle23

    Game of Thrones

    I think the thing you missed the most is that none of it is real
  12. Kyyle23

    Game of Thrones

    Looked like he got hounds left eye and the right eye was pretty messed up too
  13. Kyyle23

    Game of Thrones

    Well goddamn he had it in him
  14. Kyyle23

    Palka time

    Nah that's ok