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  1. Kyyle23

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Greg I think you should investigate your anecdotal stories a little further. Or explain "problems" and how they are directly related to the vaccine. Those sort of things are supposed to be reported and investigated
  2. Kyyle23

    2021 Catch-All

    Seems to be the popular financing company right now, we got it through Abt and also when we bought a bed at American Mattress a few years ago
  3. Kyyle23

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    It seemed like growing up in the 90s always ended up with some sort of Cardinals Braves playoff series every year
  4. Kyyle23

    2021 Catch-All

    Siegels Farm in Lockport celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros in their corn maze
  5. Kyyle23

    2021 Catch-All

    I have 0% financing for my washer/dryer, through synchrony
  6. Kyyle23


    We all just witnessed history guys, back to back for the first time
  7. Sox are at like a 90:1 hit batter to retaliation ratio and they would for sure get tossed if they retaliated on their next one
  8. Also it's 7 innings so you don't have to string out the pen too much
  9. Kyyle23

    2021 Catch-All

    That is messed up
  10. Kyyle23

    2021 Catch-All

    That's honestly crazy. I thought they just brought the fridge dropped it off and said bye
  11. Kyyle23

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    I was the father of an 8 year old daughter now I am the father of a 21 year old daughter, a 11 year old son, and 8 year old son. So things changed
  12. Kyyle23

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    I thought the code was PARKINS
  13. Kyyle23

    2021 Catch-All

    I bought my washer and dryer from abt in July and they were great, that really sucks that Best Buy was so unprofessional. Did they give you a hard time about the return?
  14. Kyyle23

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Again he could have deflected it correctly, instead he made it awkward for himself. I don't believe the reporter asking about who the starter was would be a HIPPA violation but whatever