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  1. QUOTE(crazyman26 @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 03:06 PM) When Rex Grossman actually plays a year starting more than 2 or 3 games in a NFL season you can tell me I am right, but right now I AM ONLY RIGHT, EVERY DAMN THING I SAID AS RIGHT, and YOUR ATTEMPTS TO PROVE ME WRONG HAVE BEEN TOTAL BS! So if Rex starts more than 2 or 3 games next season, you are right, And if Rex doesnt start 2 or 3 games next season, you are also right? Please explain to us why every damn thing you have said is right and why our attempts at proving you wrong have been BS. I know I know, we keep using those silly fact "things" and try to read Jerry Angelo's mailbag answers with some semblence of clarity, and that derails your argument. So maybe you can try and tell us why everything you have said is right? This is so damn funny.
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    QUOTE(The Critic @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 05:22 PM) IT'S SNOWING AGAIN, MOTHERFUCERS!!! AND THIS TIME THERE'S A LOT!!! LOOK OUT YOUR FUCING WINDOW, FUCERS!!! fuc this sit, everytime I look it stops.
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    Does the snow really matter? There is Motherfucing Snakes on the Plane!
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    Official College Basketball Thread

    QUOTE(greasywheels121 @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 02:59 PM) And I'm glad the 'black-out' was all hype. I didn't see any of it. I knew about the blackout from the discussion earlier and I watched a few minutes of the game to watch for it. I thought I saw a rather large amount of black shirts in the crowd to tell you the truth.
  5. QUOTE(YASNY @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 07:34 AM) I can't believe you guys humored this .... um .... poster for nine pages. QUOTE(crazyman26 @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 03:06 PM) When Rex Grossman actually plays a year starting more than 2 or 3 games in a NFL season you can tell me I am right, but right now I AM ONLY RIGHT, EVERY DAMN THING I SAID AS RIGHT, and YOUR ATTEMPTS TO PROVE ME WRONG HAVE BEEN TOTAL BS! Right now Rex has never played a season starting more than 3 games, fact. Right now Rex has done ZERO to prove he can be a starting QB in the NFL, fact. When Orton wins the starting job in training camp, you all will still be making excuses and still saying Rex is a starting QB in the NFL, which he never was, and denying I was right all along, fact. Now do you see why? LOL.
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    Elways says NO to T.O.

    QUOTE(Cuck the Fubs @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 03:23 PM) The Broncos don't need him. If they feel they need another WR, then they should play David Terrell a little more. LOL, please explain this nonsense.
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    Official College Basketball Thread

    QUOTE(whitesoxfan99 @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 02:04 PM) Why not take you time on that shot? He had plenty of time No s***, and the announcer is saying it was a beautiful shot.
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    First-grader is killed as he exits school bus

    QUOTE(Goldmember @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 12:59 PM) http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stor...ED?OpenDocument (wtf?) was of course added by me. why in the hell would you write that in the story? very sad story. that person needs to rot in jail. hopefully people see the story and use it as an example to their kids to be that much more careful... I think they need to make it a pretty severe traffic violation to pass a bus that is dropping off children, something in the neighborhood of aggravated reckless driving. People just dont understand the rules of the road anymore, its just a joke to so many people to actually follow speed limits and procedures. Personally, I get super paranoid if I start to go 10 MPH faster than the speed limit, and generally I am the one who is getting yelled at for going the speed limit.
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    3 Doors Singer Downed

    Maybe this will forever end his mainstream music contributions. One can only hope.
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    Official College Basketball Thread

    QUOTE(Jimbo's Drinker @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 11:28 AM) I honestly don't think Pearl found his dream job, he is a midwestern boy. Give me one good reason why Pearl would leave Tennessee for the mess that has become Mizzou basketball.
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    MTV's "Parental Control"

    QUOTE(Queen Prawn @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 09:46 AM) That's about all Brian watches. I go between various Discovery Channels, History, Food, A and E and then at night the occasional cartoon on Adult Swim. I think the last time I intentionally watched something on MTV, we lived on Fairfield which is ages ago. I saw "Robot Chicken" the other night and just about wet myself laughing. I am a big fan of Seth Green though, I had no idea he had his own claymation/cartoon show.
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    Official College Basketball Thread

    QUOTE(Jimbo's Drinker @ Feb 11, 2006 -> 01:25 AM) This is a sad day for Kansas, Quin was so much fun to watch. I believe bruce pearl will take the iu or mu jobs. LOL, what fantasy world are you in? Bruce Pearl just got his dream job, his team is stacked and ranked. Mizzou is still reeling from scandal, and was recently(if not still) on probation because the coaches were giving kids money, they havent been to the tournament in a few years. There is no reason for Pearl to jump from his cruiseliner to a sinking ship.
  13. Yeah, its the slow time of the year. Crazy sensationalist claims are few and far between nowadays, we have to jump on them when we can.
  14. QUOTE(santo=dorf @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 10:00 PM) Crazyman, can you please provide any evidence of Angelo naming Orton the starting quarterback like you claim? LOL, he replied to that very same question in post 8 of this thread. Check it out, it will really make you laugh.
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    here goes again
  16. QUOTE(whitesoxfan101 @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 05:37 PM) Very true. I think Reggie Bush is going to be a GREAT player, but the Texas have so many needs, they could get a ton of value for that pick, and the fact that I keep hearing "Reggie Bush isn't a 25 carry a game tailback" makes me nervous. I think Bush is gonna be a stud. Front office guys always try to under-sell draftees before the draft, i think most of the bad things you hear about before April is posturing. The only way you can really tell how they feel about the player is on draft day when someone falls or someone is a surprise pick. Thats the way I look at it. I mean come on, we all watched Reggie Bush all year, no one could touch him in the open field, and even in closed quarters he was tough to pull down. The guy is fast as hell, and he played in a program that has been turning out NFL picks for quite some time now.
  17. QUOTE(RibbieRubarb @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 05:24 PM) So to recap...Here are crazyman26's main points: Rex injury was not as severe as we thought, thus he could have played weeks before. Jerry Angelo is on record saying Kyle Orton is the starter in 2006, even though he said Rex is the starter. Rex Grossman has never been a starting QB and will never start a NFL game again, thus he should play for the CFL. Crazyman26's "friends" are always amazed how right he is 100% of the time and we will be too. Everyone caught up?...and ACTION! LOL! nice recap, Dan Roan!
  18. its funny that the Texans first ever move was to try and solidy the O-line by drafting Tony Boselli in the expansion draft, but Tony Boselli never actually played for the Texans because he never recovered from the shoulder injuries that landed him on the expansion draft list in the first place.
  19. That poor guy must have nightmares of LBs and DEs coming at him untouched. I think if he ever got a real NFL line he would be something else too. He has had some showings of greatness.
  20. QUOTE(Felix @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 03:41 PM) Ok, I've got it. crazyman26 = White Sox Josh Nah, Crazyman hasnt professed love for Orton, just hatred for Grossman. There is a small difference.
  21. Kyyle23

    anyone here ever injured themselves during sex?

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 03:11 PM) This can be a little graphic, so please ignore me if you have a weak stomach. You know how sometimes you can sprain ligaments? Well........... Yep, i was insinuating the same thing. It was also an especially funny episode of "The Drew Carey Show", right before they jumped the shark.
  22. QUOTE(ZoomSlowik @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 03:38 PM) NFL starters typically only lose their jobs while they are hurt if the fill-in performs very well, or at least as well as the previous player did before he got hurt. Tom Brady and Larry Johnson are two prime examples. Orton didn't exactly blow anyone away with his performance. Very few GM's are going to say that someone is their starting QB on opening day of regular season (unless they have a stud like Manning or Brady), and certainly not any team that has any semblance of a QB controversy. You're basically arguing semantics and misreading what he is saying. Angelo is saying that right now Rex is the starting QB unless something happens (much like the last two years), not that he is expecting things to change in training camp. There is too much uncertainty right now to know who is going to start the first regular season game. It is possible that Orton could outperform him in camp and win the job, but in no way is he saying that he expects that to happen. It's also possible that Grossman gets hurt again, and then Orton would be the starter by default. But as of right now, Angelo is saying that Grossman is first string. There is no insinuation whatsoever that things are suddenly going to change in training camp. Just admit it. You know he is right.
  23. QUOTE(crazyman26 @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 03:19 PM) Starters at all positions lose their jobs to injury in the NFL. The GM said he was starter going into training camp, not the regular season, and also talked about how rookies like Orton play alot better in their 2nd and 3rd year. I already know what the GM was saying, Orton is starter next year, the funny thing is I bet none of you acknowledge I knew that all along when it happens and will just say I was lucky. In fact it will be that I knew all along. Alright buddy, you got it. I am going to put your lunacy on my sig until the start of the 2006-2007 season. When Grossman starts the season as the #1 starter, as he has the past 2 seasons, you can finally STFU seeing as you havent predicted anything correctly. You keep telling us that you predicted he wouldnt be a starter in the NFL 3 years ago, saying you knew he wasnt good enough. Using that logic, your prediction is WRONG because Rex has been the starter going into the past two seasons and only "lost" the job because he was injured for most of the past two seasons. It had nothing to do with performance, which is what you consistently indicate is the reason he wont be a #1 starter(much less a 3 or 4) in the NFL.
  24. QUOTE(Felix @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 03:06 PM) SBIMI. Whatever happened to him? his head exploded from a combination of bulls***, egotism and confetti.
  25. QUOTE(crazyman26 @ Feb 10, 2006 -> 02:51 PM) Sorry but to be considered a starting QB he needs to start alot more than 2 games in a given year, and I dont care if 1 of them is a playoff game. Lets say a player was healthy and benched almost all year, and was brough in to play the playoff game would you say he was the starting QB too? I know Rex was not healthy but my point is there is NOTHING so far to prove me wrong on him being a starting QB in the NFL, he has to be alot more games in a season than he so far, whether he plays a playoff game or not. Tell me why Orton was removed as the starter, and Grossman was inserted as a Starter. If the plan was to continue with Orton as the starter, there was no point in taking Orton out seeing how that would hurt his progression towards becoming a starter for 2006. So why was Orton taken out, Nostradamus?