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  1. 21 minutes ago, WBWSF said:

    Dyson got 2 hits and 2 stolen bases yesterday and he's back on the bench AND Mazara is back in the lineup.

    We should never be wanting Dyson to start.  I'm glad he did well, but this is garbage. You wanna be like "Engel should start", that's a different discussion.  But Dyson actually had a good history against Maeda, that's part of the reason he got the start.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Harry Chappas said:

    Not trying to bash him but he should have been ramped up to that already and should be maintaining until next spring

    Honestly we have zero idea of what he is doing, what level of fitness he is at, and how they are preparing him, so we shouldn't really worry about where he is at

  3. 25 minutes ago, Lillian said:

    Did any of you notice that Mazara's batting stance was much less open, last night? It wasn't a closed stance, but not nearly as open, as his normal one.

    It really didn't make his Ks prettier or the ground balls to second any faster

  4. 3 minutes ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    Mazara has played 33 games and has 107 abs with zero spring. The sox wouldn't move on from the guy if he had a bad 5 weeks in a regular season. 


    Yea but let's not pretend like he has a great track record here.  The Sox got him hoping he would be able to recognize the talent he has, and even in a strange shortened season he has face planted.  They really don't have any obligation to him, he can go.

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  5. Just now, SonofaRoache said:

    I wish he were 2016 Heyward at this point, especially woth the defense. I guess we have 2016 Heyward with Engel right now. 

    Honestly I haven't really noticed Mazara being completely terrible out there.  He isn't Engel or Robert but he isn't Eloy either

  6. 6 minutes ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    Some likely bad news for everyone; Mazara isn't going anything. They weren't going to let a 60 game season decide whether he could figure it out or not. They'll say these were challenging circumstances and he'll be back next year. 

    The good news is I kind of agree with that thought process - for someone trying to implement change to his swing and etc, a 60 game season with no spring was not the best way to do it. The Sox will want to see what a full season looks like in a normal structure. 

    It's also why they haven't stopped playing him. They are trying to make changes and the changes can't hold if he doesn't play.

    If he never gets on track this season I will bet you a beer that he is not the starting RF next season.

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  7. 1 minute ago, maloney.adam said:

    I wonder if Mazara is going to be in the lineup again today. That’s going to be interesting to see.

    Lineups are posted usually like 4 hours prior to game time, so we will see pretty soon.  Will be very disappointed if Ricky runs him out there again, he looks like Jason Heyward in his first few years with the cubs where he was an automatic ground out to second 

  8. 10 minutes ago, oldsox said:

    Shields was through before Hahn acquired him.  He couldn't get anyone out in San Diego.  So, Preller called Hahn.  The rest is history.


    sox are in first and you sitting here crying about a trade that actually sideways pushed them into this position.  How them Rockies doin

  9. 20 minutes ago, WBWSF said:

    Hahn is not one to admit his mistakes.  He kept Shields on the team after he was through. As long as the White Sox are paying him Mazara will keep playing all the way  thru the Playoffs. Hopefully he won't be on the team in 2021. I'm also hoping that  that Cishek won't be on the team next year.

    Now this is plain false.  There have been plenty of instances of him cutting bait when things aren't working out.  Shields was signed to a contract, and was pitching for a rebuilding team. so cutting him was pretty fucking stupid at that point since he was blocking nobody and the wins and losses didn't matter at all.   Maybe if they had signed Chatwood though, they would have three World Series trophies by now 😂 

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  10. 14 minutes ago, SonofaRoache said:

    I think he is talking about average teams. A team can win 81 and make the playoffs, why try for 90? To get around this, divison winners get byes. Let the others fight for HFA. 

    Come on man, think about this on its face.  It's not easy to put together either an 81 or 90 win team.   No gm is short changing their team because they are sure they have 81 games in the bag, too many variables can change everything

  11. 9 minutes ago, NWINFan said:

    I remember McNeil from the 90's. One time he asked Sox fans to call and discuss why they didn't attend more games. Fans called thinking it was going to be a discussion. It wasn't. McNeil belittled everything that was said even if it had some merit. He then cut the caller off and went on to the next caller he would abuse. His arrogance was obvious. So were his anger issues.

    I actually think McNeil has a great deal of talent, but he can't seem to disagree with people without an angry confrontation. 

    Regarding the tweet, ptatc is right. In this day and age, a public person should know better. We shouldn't have to sit here and debate what his motives were. It was just plain stupid and insensitive. McNeil isn't talking right now, but maybe we will get his side soon. Regardless, it's possible the Score was looking for an excuse to get rid of him, and he gave it to them.

    I stopped listening to the Score a long time ago for this reason: Hosts would often insult, belittle and even scream at callers. I'm an adult; I am not going to put up with that nonsense. And in any dispute between the fans and any sporting industry, Score hosts always came out against the fans. 

    In reality, I'd like to see McNeil save his career. But he can't say this was a joke or that he is a victim. That is total BS.  

    I just don't know where he can go from here, it isn't like he has a long list of sports talk stations to choose from and he already has bad history with both of them.  Maybe him and terry can start doing morning fuel crew again from their basements in some sort of live streaming format