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  1. 14 minutes ago, 35thstreetswarm said:

    Then can we please change the title to “Cespedeses” (which is somehow even more satisfying to say)?  Cespedeses.


  2. 9 minutes ago, TheTruth05 said:

    Yea this was my feeling as well. I just wish they had been more aggressive in expanding the universe, kind of a big swing to kick off phase 4 with a bang.

    Yea, They are probably casting the Mutants in the background right now and have a grand plan for it, so just gonna have to trust them that it will be better than a House of M type disruption

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  3. 2 hours ago, TheTruth05 said:

    so what did everything think of Wandavision overall?

    I thought it was good, just played it too safe. I expected that so no biggie but I will say the Evan Peters troll job was annoying. Hyped us up for nothing.

    It was a bit annoying because I really liked Evan Peters Quicksilver, honestly he was the best thing about the last 3 or so X-men movies.

    they didn't really address her being a nexus being so we really can't shut the door on it I guess

  4. 4 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    Alright guys, this thread will serve a dual purpose.  First, there are some rumors the Sox are in the mix for Yoenis.  How would you feel about adding him to the OF/DH mix?

    Second, Al’s Beefy is pushing the narrative that Yoelqui will move fast and is expected to be the starting RF next year.  Do you guys buy that?

    If Yoelqui dominates, I could see him getting a shot next year.  But that will be up to him adapting and competing 

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  5. Yesterday Texas didn't seem to be protecting that guy from too many pitches or overworking, they were protecting his psyche it seemed more like.  I thought total pitches would be the issue, but they rolled the first inning and then sent him back out there and rolled the second inning when he got in trouble again.