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  1. Kyyle23

    Momentum or Big Tease?

    At least the Sox don’t have to worry about Brantley murdering them in every possible scenario
  2. Kyyle23

    Injuries - They need to be fired

    Man stop highlighting everything. Adults know how to read
  3. Dude that was April come on. He has been a douche all season but this is the wrong tweet to point that out lol
  4. Kyyle23

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    I really have no idea. Symbolic or not, heads should have rolled by now.
  5. Kyyle23

    Anyone ever had any experience w renal failure?

    I’m very sorry for your loss, I am glad she is no longer in pain and I am sure you have many good memories of her ❤️
  6. Yea either the pre game or announcers (can’t remember which) had talked about May 27th something happened and his BA has fallen off a cliff since that day. Was that when Donaldson “fell/knelt” on his hand at third
  7. Broadcast showed an at bat against Texas where he checked his bat hard and started looking at his hand
  8. You have to think the only name would be Didi and that’s not much of a name anymore. Maybe you get a dead cat bounce out of him but I doubt it, probably best to go with Sosa or Romy
  9. Kyyle23

    2022 MLB catch all thread

    Never would have guessed it would be Suarez, Cincinnati hid this man
  10. Kyyle23

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    lmao the foodie backs down
  11. Kyyle23

    I'm Tired of My Bitching About this Team

    So this post where you tell everyone you are tired of the bitching is what, just a gentle reminder that you don’t want us to complain about a wildly underachieving team?
  12. Kyyle23

    This is the Dumbest Team in Baseball

    Tony don't forget 🔒
  13. Kyyle23

    I'm Tired of My Bitching About this Team

    You, not We, had these expectations of a shitty season. you don’t have to b****, but I have every right to b**** about a team that is by their own words in the middle of a championship window.
  14. Man when are you gonna learn to stop telling everyone what is gonna happen so definitively
  15. Kyyle23

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    It wasn’t a disagreement it was you telling me I was wrong. I don’t care what you think about the movie, I enjoyed it a lot.
  16. Kyyle23

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    Caulfield it’s my opinion. shut the fuck up dude
  17. Kyyle23

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

  18. Kyyle23

    2022 Catch All

    Well it is my time in the barrel, got the Rona.
  19. Kyyle23

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    It’s the second best in the Predator series, and very close to the first
  20. Kyyle23

    Jackie Bradley Jr.

    That sounds actually awful and I would not like that at all. Let me make it clear I’m not advocating for Bradley to be a starter. I would like him to be a late sub and start very rarely. Engel should never start on this team
  21. Kyyle23

    Jackie Bradley Jr.

    I would take a flyer on him because the White Sox actually don’t have any outfield defense, and I would rather not run Sheets Vaughn Eloy around Robert in close games late in the game.
  22. Dylan doesn’t have control of his fastball and it’s pissing him off