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  1. kev211

    Eloy officially got paid

    The White Sox cannot afford to keep him down. They’ve pissed off their fan base enough this offseason. Keeping him down after signing that extension would be another shot at whatever fan enthusiasm is left.
  2. kev211

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Everyone calm down, there is no way that statement was a shot at the White Sox. It does not read that way at all, and there is no way the 7 years 175 million leak came from the Sox as it is not beneficial to the White Sox in any way. Looking at national boards like r/baseball not a single person there is claiming or thinks it a shot at Sox either.
  3. kev211

    Bryce Harper Updates

    He had the shields trade long before anyone.
  4. kev211

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    It's hilarious. Glad the Bulls are not contenders so I can just sit and laugh.
  5. kev211

    Name Change? Anything else needed?

    Can I get my name changed back to kev211. It got reverted back to the old one in the board update. Thanks
  6. kev211

    The Jason Benetti and Sox Announcing Thread

    I like Benetti and Stone. Their banter is great, but I guess it isn't for everyone. For those saying to focus on the game. This isn't football or basketball. It's hard to focus on the game of baseball for 3+ hours.
  7. QUOTE (Sockin @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 10:32 PM) Ok it's over, make it official. Yankees still playing.
  8. Clippard was just warming in the Yankees bullpen.
  9. kev211

    POSTPONED: Opening Day Game Thread 2017

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Apr 3, 2017 -> 08:03 PM) Yet you wanted them to postpone the game this morning, and reschedule for tomorrow, even tho you still wouldn't have been able to go to the make up tomorrow? Me thinks you would have been mad no matter what happened. I'm mad they got the weather they needed to play and didn't. If It poured rain all day I would've understood.
  10. kev211

    POSTPONED: Opening Day Game Thread 2017

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Apr 3, 2017 -> 07:38 PM) Technically you still get your premium ticket for tomorrow's game. And then you get a non premium ticket to an additional game for your trouble. Lol. I can't make it tomorrow and I can get a non premium ticket for half of what I paid today on stubhub to any game later this season. Plus the 20 bucks I paid in parking. So it's not a deal at all. Not even close.
  11. kev211

    POSTPONED: Opening Day Game Thread 2017

    There's zero tickets listed on stubhub for tomorrow's game and now my tickets for it will not validate when I try to upload them, assuming that's the issue. Thanks white sox. Now I can't even get any more for them.
  12. kev211

    POSTPONED: Opening Day Game Thread 2017

    I'll say it one more time. Looking at the forecast yesterday and this morning the weather the sox got from 3-6 today is the absolute best they could've hoped for. Yesterday storms were predicted during that slot, this morning just rain. They ended up with no rain/drizzle for 2 hours and light rain after that. If they didn't want to play in it then they should've called the game yesterday or this morning. Instead they got every fan there and got the absolute best weather they could've hoped for and still called it. s***ty move by a s***ty organization. I'm so glad I can trade my premium ticket for a non premium ticket though. Edit: and its not like you couldn't foresee this, at 2:30 there was barely any rain and the radar showed a huge window to get the game in.
  13. kev211

    POSTPONED: Opening Day Game Thread 2017

    The game could've been official by now
  14. kev211

    POSTPONED: Opening Day Game Thread 2017

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Apr 3, 2017 -> 04:27 PM) I am not saying it is on you, but the intent was to play the game today. With a day game, most people who attended had to get work off. If they called the game and rescheduled for tomorrow, a good chunk of the ticket holders wouldn't be there. Several posters have said as much today. The situation sucks, and I wouldn't be thrilled if I were you either, but they were trying to do what was in the best interest of the majority. I understand the frustration, but not exactly sure what you would have preferred them to do. Plus, for all we know, this game will still get played. The issue is the game should've started at 3:10'andnirs literally barely rained since. They knew this was the best weather they could've gotten. So if they're not playing in it or weren't willing too why not call it early and let the majority figure it out
  15. kev211

    POSTPONED: Opening Day Game Thread 2017

    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Apr 3, 2017 -> 04:27 PM) To be fair, they aren't the only organization that operates this way. Games are rarely called day before/early morning of. It's opening day. They leave a day off in their schedule literally for this reason. There's an offday tomorrow for this reason.