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    AAP: Courtney Hawkins

    So.....21 years old now and at AA Birmingham. So far this year... AVG .251 OBP .318 SLG .425 OPS .743 Games played 46 At Bats 179 Strikeouts 63 (K rate is at 35% this year, near his minor league lifetime avg.) Walks 14 (has not been intentionally walked...has only 2 in his minor league lifetime) Hits 76 Doubles 9 Triples 2 Home Runs 6 Train Boxcar Fatalities 1 RBI 30 Runs Scored 22
  2. OilCan

    2015 MLB Draft

    I love what I have been reading about Tyler Jay and Carson Fulmer. Dillon Tate as well. Maybe it's my way of thinking, but I would love the Sox to just pick Tyler Stephenson just to give them a challenge to develop this guy, at a premium position, to prove doubters wrong that they can develop big league talented hitters consistently. The Sox DID help to develop hitters like Thomas, Ventura, Baines, Ray Durham, Aaron Rowand, Joe Crede...you could also say to some small degree that they have helped to develop Jose Abreu and Alexei Ramirez. I realize that the track record of the White Sox isn't great at all regarding developing hitters. But, if you have this kind of talent at a premium position to select, why not? If the Sox have their choice of Jay, Fulmer, Tate, Stephenson, or even Benintendi; that will make my day. I would personally be ecstatic if they chose Stephenson, but I understand it is, and should be, best player available on their draft board.
  3. OilCan

    5/24 Games

    Why was Cleuluis Rondon hitting 5th in today's lineup?!? Can someone explain this to me?
  4. OilCan

    5/24 Games

    QUOTE (fathom @ May 24, 2015 -> 02:38 PM) Seems like a lot of players are slumping hitting for the Sox minors. Davidson looks like he's going to end up being a massive bust unfortunately. I know I might be in the minority, but is anyone else disappointed in the progress of the system so far this year? Maybe it's kind of "OK, here we go I expect some BIG things from some of Rick Hahn's draftees/acquisitions" and although they've been good, they haven't dominated. Hawkins is developing well at AA. Still only 20. Danish too. Thompson, for his lack of batting average the last two years, is doing well at AAA. Montas is learning his craft. So is Adams...Rodon as well in a "learn on the job" phase ala Alex Fernandez and Jack McDowell. Tim Anderson is hitting the ball well at AA, just need to develop a more patient eye, perhaps? It's on the upswing, guys. Keep the faith. Go Sox.
  5. OilCan

    5/24 Games

    When it mattered, the big bats came through at the end. Good job Knights!
  6. OilCan

    Sell me on Cleuluis Rondon

    QUOTE (wsiskel @ May 12, 2015 -> 05:39 PM) Nick Capra, Director of Player Development on Rondon: “Offensively, he’s getting much, much better from the left side. It’s a matter of mechanics. We are trying to get him to use his legs more – he doesn’t use them all that much in aspects of the game – both offensively and defensively. He has a chance to be a special player,” said Capra. Article Link: http://www.chicagonow.com/future-sox/2015/...-kirk-champion/ That is an awesome quote from Capra....and an awesome writeup...thank you Will. Plus...that assessment on Hawkins FTW. :gosox
  7. #35 Joseph Dvorsky Position: RHP Height: 6-2 Weight: 195 Bat/Throw: R/R Class: Senior Hometown: Woodway, Texas High School: Reicher Catholic HS http://www.txstatebobcats.com/news/2011/3/...0323111130.aspx
  8. OilCan

    And "it" begins once again

    I'm not sure how to reply about the girls thing.
  9. OilCan

    And "it" begins once again

    Very much never snows here in South Texas.
  10. I collected from the late 80s to 2000 very heavily. Since then it's a pack here and there per year. Mostly focus on the Topps Gypsy Queen and Bowman Baseball, nothing else. I'll go on Ebay nowadays and spend a few bucks on what exactly I'm looking for, but that's about it. I haven't bought a pack since last fall.
  11. OilCan

    2014 ♪♫ Thread

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Jan 20, 2015 -> 08:35 PM) Any of you thirty somethings listen to the Lithium channel on SiriusXM? I'm addicted. Yes, says this 40 something. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, NIN...ah yes when Q101 was king. This is my fav along with the R&B/Soul stations on SiriusXM.
  12. OilCan

    And "it" begins once again

    What the happs...
  13. According to Bleacher Report via SCScoops, Justin Gabriel has quit the WWE. http://www.sescoops.com/breaking-news-just...riel-quits-wwe/
  14. OilCan

    Sports Related Bucket List

    Baseball parks to go to: SF, San Diego, Seattle, Colorado, Pittsburgh Football: GB, Dallas, Seattle, KC, Pittsburgh Hockey: Montreal, Toronto Basketball: NYK - The Garden SEC Football - Alabama, LSU, Florida Big 12 - Texas PAC 12- Oregon MWC - Wyoming Big 10 - Michigan, Ohio State International - Soccer games in the UK
  15. OilCan

    And "it" begins once again

    Good day to be a White Sox fan.
  16. OilCan

    Sox Prospects: Stock Up/Down

    QUOTE (fathom @ Sep 4, 2014 -> 02:29 PM) With the Sox minor league games all but over, I was thinking of who improved their stock/hurt their stock this season. Thoughts? Stock Up: 1- Frank Montas 2- Tyler Danish 3- Andy Wilkins 4- Tim Anderson 5- Chris Bassitt 6- Trey Michalczewski 7- Carlos Sanchez 8- Rangel Ravelo 9- Cleuluis Rondon 10- Adam Engel Stock Neutral: - Micah Johnson - Courtney Hawkins - Chris Beck - Scott Snodgress - Keon Barnum - Marcus Semien - Josh Phegley Stock Down: 1- Erik Johnson 2- Matt Davidson 3- Trayce Thompson 3- Andre Rienzo 4- B. Ortiz/A. Mitchell 5- Jacob May I like to add Andre Wheeler and Jordan Guerrero for stock up. Those two lefties in Low A are ones to watch, especially since Wheeler was name by FutureSox's pitcher of the month for August. Hawkins and May should be stock up.
  17. OilCan

    2014 Minor League catch all thread

    NSS, you have the Saberhagen touch.
  18. Paul Heyman. WWE HOF 2015.
  19. OilCan

    2014 Films Thread

    So.....I wonder who will be Robin Williams when Hollywood eventually makes a biography on him. Would be interesting.
  20. OilCan

    8/10 Games

    Good day for Jared. 2-3, 2 walks, did not strike out today. Good day.
  21. OilCan

    8/10 Games

    QUOTE (Timmy U @ Aug 10, 2014 -> 02:19 PM) I understand that it is totally foolish, but I haven't 100% given up on Mitchell yet. He is striking out less. If he puts the ball in play, he has a chance of being a DeAza type with better defense. Still not worth drafting ahead of Trout, but not a release candidate right now IMHO. It's not foolish. Hopefully, he's starting to figure things out and finally bringing it all together.
  22. OilCan

    7/27 Games

    http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?c...mp;ymd=20140727 Charlotte: Erik Johnson Birmingham: Mike Recchia W/S - James Dykstra Kannapolis - Jeffrey McKenzie Great Falls - Brian Clark
  23. OilCan

    Red Sox to sign Rusney Castillo

    Assuming the Sox don't resign Dunn for next year, which is a fair assumption (sarcasm), you can use that (some of it) for a play at Rusney.
  24. OilCan

    Sox Call Up Taylor Thompson

    ......and I didn't see this thread, and copied FutureSox's tweets about Thompson's promotions in other threads. Sorry guys.
  25. OilCan

    7-20 Game thread Sox vs Astros

    JJ Stankevitz @JJStankevitz #WhiteSox purchase contract of RHP Taylor Thompson and bring him up to the majors. Felipe Paulino moved to 60-day DL to make room on 40-man. FutureSox.com @FutureSox Taylor Thompson: 6'5" righty, FB 91-94 T95, SL, splitter. 26 yo, drafted 44th rd (1333rd overall) in 2009. Been nails since May this year.