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    White Sox sign Micker Zapata for $1.6 million

    If the White Sox still have $600K, I would expect them to take a long look and use that allocation on a player/players. Remember, having Marco Paddy aboard, this brings credibility to the Latin America/international movement that the White Sox are now trying to do. And...they can do what the Cubs did earlier...trade a player for prospects and some teams' allocation money, in order to increase the White Sox's international pool. They're not done yet IMHO.
  2. 6'6" 210 lbs RHP Johnson County Comm. College
  3. OilCan

    How and why did you become a Sox fan?

    Our family used to live at 26th and Wallace St, just blocks away from Comiskey. Even when my Grandpa was a Cubs fan and I used to watch Cubs baseball with him, I remained a Sox fan. My first live Sox game was when I was 4, during the summer of 77, Sox v Tigers, and the Sox won.
  4. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Nov 1, 2012 -> 10:55 AM) I cant post the link because im at work but if you go to deadspin, there is a video of an Indy Wrestler blowing a moonsault and landing directly on his head. Absolutely terrifying YouTube: http://youtu.be/gKQ_s9nyYKE Yeah, that silence is something else. Eerie. Tried to embed the video on Auto Linebreak Mode but for some reason it's not working with Chrome. Might be my settings somewhere. Here's what the Indy Wresting Group is going to do for Charade, the wrestler who almost died from that spin. http://lookmanofans.com/store/live-event-t...arity-chowdown/
  5. OilCan

    Bassitt pitches Dash to best record in MiLB

    QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Sep 3, 2012 -> 01:23 AM) It seems like the Sox are good at developing pitchers and OF. What are the catcher and 3b prospects like? These seem like a major area of need. The Sox lack a Santiago Perez/Jesus Montero type at C, however guys like Kevan Smith, Michael Blanke, Josh Phegley and Miguel Gonzalez do offer some upside with either their bat or glove. Plus, drafting Jose Barraza and Sammy Ayala, who was a tough sign, at this years' draft offer good depth for the Sox, quite possibly for the first time ever. At 3b, you could say the quality of depth is lacking. Rangelo Ravelo at Kannapolis is arguably the lone WS prospect at that position. He's been on the restricted list for most of the year due to a family matter, IIRC.
  6. OilCan

    2012 Minor League Catch All thread

    Keon Barnum hasn't played since 8/13. Is he injured again?
  7. OilCan

    8/18 Sox @ Royals Gamethread

    That was a Soxfan with a Youk jersey. He should get tix for life.
  8. OilCan

    Post your Top 10 Sox Prospects

    1) Courtney Hawkins 2) Trayce Thompson 3) Keon Barnum 4) Keenyn Walker 5) Carlos Sanchez 6) Jared Mitchell 7) Erik Johnson 8) Simon Castro 9) Nestor Molina 10) Chris Beck I can see flip flopping Mitchell and Johnson, but Jared's power numbers are his saving grace. He won't be a prototypical home run hitter but he'll hit a few. The K's will always be there. I still have faith in Nestor Molina. Marco Paddy must have seen something in the kid to have KW want to trade for him. I'll give him a chance.
  9. First, YouTube Videos: Second, some interesting tidbits, such as http://www.perfectgame.org/stories/06_10_2...a_championship/ Review #16 - wonder if Chet gave the Sox some first hand scounting on the kid! Third, the bio: http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/ev...jsp?mc=griffith Nevin Griffith was one of the most sought after HS pitchers in the 2007 First Year Draft. Here is some more tidbits from Minor League Baseball's website: Focus Area Comments Fastball: Griffith throws his fastball in the 91-93 mph range and pitched consistently at 91 mph. FB Movement: When he keeps his fastball at around 91 mph, it has some nice tail and dive and it runs well. When he ups the velocity, it flattens out a little. Curve: Griffith is working on a hard curve in the 86-88 mph range, but doesn't have confidence in it yet. Changeup: He has a changeup, at around 81 mph, but he doesn't throw it much. It can be an effective pitch, but he doesn't believe in it yet. Slider: Griffith throws a good sharp slider, 79-83 mph that he commands well when he's on. Control: Command of his secondary pitches is not great. In this particular outing, he wasn't as sharp due to a layoff of almost two weeks. Poise: Griffith is extremely even-keeled and handles adversity extremely well. Even though he allowed two runs in the first inning of this start, and didn't get help from his defense, he never lost his cool and tried to pick his teammates up. Physical Description: Griffith has a good projectable body, with long arms and legs and big hands. Medical Update: Healthy. Strengths: Demeanor beyond his years, Griffith is smooth and quiet on the mound, always under control and methodical. He rises to challenges well, such as facing top hitting prospect Michael Burgess for the third time in this outing and handling him well. Weaknesses: He doesn't command his secondary pitches consistently and needs to improve his changeup and curve. He wasn't particularly sharp in this specific outing. The flip side of his cool demeanor is that sometimes scouts wish they saw a little more fire in him out there. Summary: Griffith is a projectable right-hander with two average or above-average pitches right now in his fastball and slider. If he can improve his curve and changeup, he has the chance to have four usable pitches. He stays very even-keeled on the mound and shows maturity beyond his years when adversity comes his way. *This has already been reported throughout soxtalk.com. *As of 6/21/07, Nevin Griffith has not been signed yet, however: http://www.sptimes.com/2007/06/14/Sports/L...ranks_not.shtml Posted 6/14/07: QUOTE: No contracts have been signed and no decisions have been made, but all definitely is not quiet on the area baseball front. A week after being taken in the Major League Baseball amateur draft, one local talent is leaning toward turning pro and three others say they are giving professional baseball a serious look. The leaner? That would be Middleton pitcher Nevin Griffith, who was taken by the Chicago White Sox with the 89th pick. Griffith met with the team the day after the draft. "We went to dinner and (the team representative) introduced me to the White Sox, " Griffith said. "I'm really happy that's the team I went to." No formal offer has been made, but one could be coming soon. Once that happens, the 6-foot-3, 185-pound Florida International signee soon might be on his way to the minor leagues. "I want to sign, " Griffith said. "When (the offer) happens, I'll go from there."
  10. OilCan

    2012-13 Music Thread

    QUOTE (Cali @ Jul 30, 2012 -> 03:46 PM) Just out of curiosity how many new albums do you guys buy during the year? (And you know what I mean by "buy") I'm at 19 right now. But I have some more nerdy music friends who get 50+ sometimes... Just purchased Sonny Rollins' Saxophone Colossus. Magic stuff. The only other CDs I've purchased in the last year are Foo Fighters' Wasting Light, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' self titled album. Both are very very good CDs, especially GP&TN. Grace's voice - WOW. Janis Joplin-esque.
  11. OilCan

    The Dark Knight Rises thread

    Saw the movie Friday. Best. Movie. Ever. Okay, I've stuck my neck out, but that's how I feel about TDKR. It was THAT much more excellent. Magnum Opus. I previously felt Alien was the best I've ever saw, then The Searchers, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Godfather, etc. Bane was on a different terrifying plane than the Joker. To compare the two villans, and the Actors who portrayed them, is indeed comparing apples to oranges. The story in TDKR was a great conclusion to the trilogy.
  12. OilCan

    Dave Cameron on Kenny Williams' style

    QUOTE (thxfrthmmrs @ Jul 30, 2012 -> 04:15 PM) It's obvious but it's true. When was the last time Kenny has bought high on a guy through trade or free agency? Jim Thome?
  13. OilCan

    Chick-Fil-A and Homosexuality

    QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Jul 19, 2012 -> 11:47 AM) They are already discriminating against Atheists, Muslims, and Jews by being open 6 days a week but not Sunday. The ACLU should file a huge lawsuit to try to force them to be open on Sunday. In fact, the ACLU should file a lawsuit against every single business that isn't open on Christmas and force them all to be open. If that happens, you can expect ChickFilA to never remain open. They probably would rather stick to their ideals or not remain open. Aaaaaaaannd after reading the 2nd page of this thread, I've been had. Very stupid of me.
  14. OilCan

    2012 White Sox Catch-All thread

    Only thing is on Myers, when was the last time he started a game? Physically can he handle the rigors of the AL as a full time starter? And would he hamper the bullpen if Coop/Ventura do switch him as a starter? IMHO he's fine where he is in the pen.
  15. OilCan

    Joseph (Joe) Martin Dvorsky

    He's doing well in Great Falls...he may be ready for a promotion. Can't have too many good relievers. http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?s...&pid=607516 Pros: 12 games, 20 IP, 3 Saves, 3 BBs, 18Ks. 2.21 ERA. Cons: 23 hits allowed though. Opponents are hitting .284 against Joe.
  16. OilCan

    2012 Minor League Catch All thread

    I found this story after updating my AAP on Jeff Soptic. If this was already discussed, apologies. Found something rather interesting on Keenyn Walker's injury. From the Charlotte Observer's Sister Site:
  17. OilCan

    AAP: Jeff Soptic

    From the Charlotte Observer's Sister Site:
  18. OilCan

    AAP: Nevin Griffith

    Well......the good news is that he's just 23.....WELP. In July, he went backwards, again. 1-2 8.53 ERA 12.2 IP 13 Hits allowed 14 Runs. 12 Earned. 14 BBs 15 Ks. His 2010 year seems so long ago.
  19. OilCan

    AAP: Jared Mitchell

    I have to post this regarding Jared. From Seedlings to Stars: Hmmmm..........good company indeed.
  20. OilCan

    AAP: Kevan Smith

    I think I should update this guy. He has been promoted to WS. Combined A Stats: .279/.338/.439/.777 He's only played 5 games for the Dash, so it's not enough to make assumptions of his promotion just yet. He does have 9 HRs this year which is good, 7 of them were at Kanny. From Seedlings to Stars - Another view of Kevan.
  21. OilCan

    AAP - Erik Johnson

    Update - Stats on EJ Combined Single A Stats to date: 11 Game Starts 3 Wins, 4 Losses 2.67 ERA 57.1 Innings Pitched 51 hits allowed 24 Runs Allowed, 17 Earned Runs Allowed 21 Walks 48 Strikeouts .232 Batting Average allowed by opponents 3 HRs allowed Not bad so far for his first taste of the minors. His last start - 6IP, 6 Runs allowed, all earned. Interesting recap and quote from the Manager.
  22. OilCan

    AAP: Courtney Hawkins

    More accolades about Courtney. 5A is the highest level of play in the state of Texas, based on enrollment of students. Currently batting .280/.320/.413/.733 at Bristol. http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?s...&pid=621445
  23. OilCan

    Top 20 Prospect List

    QUOTE (Marty34 @ Aug 1, 2012 -> 09:46 PM) Outside of Quintana, I think this is overstated. IMHO, the sum of all the callups are greater than each of the parts. Given all of the circumstances that the rookies and first-full-year players have contributed, without them the Sox may just be under .500.
  24. OilCan

    2012 Films Thread

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jul 27, 2012 -> 05:33 PM) WOW. this...can't wait.