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  1. Going over a few things... I can't believe AD just went to Washington. So much for AD coming back to San Antonio, like the papers and internet postings were saying. Speaking of San Antonio, they have signed Fabrice Oberto to a 3 year deal, according to this web site. Also, ESPN had this writeup as well. Looks like the Spurs are the envy of scouting in the NBA, something my hometown Bulls are trying to emulate. I'll tell you this...I live 60 miles east of SA, and when the Spurs where going to put their championship DVD on the market Tuesday at midnight, there were lines waiting a mile long according to the TV reports...with one TV station actually showing via helicopter just how long the line was!!! Man, ever heard of Amazon.Com??? Look what else I found here in SA...Anyone got $5 on them???
  2. OilCan

    Midseason Top 20 Prospects: 20-11

    Wow. Good list guys! I luv to see the next 10!!! If Valido is #12 in your book, then the top 10 is getting to be interesting.
  3. OilCan

    Hurricane Emily

    QUOTE(Texsox @ Jul 20, 2005 -> 06:51 AM) It didn't even wake me up last night. Now it appears we will have a ten day rain. Just a little rain, about an inch last night in quiet ol' Luling too. It's just cloudy and a little dark outside here at work in SA, but not much else. How are you doing today Texsox?
  4. OilCan

    Hurricane Emily

    QUOTE(Texsox @ Jul 19, 2005 -> 07:27 AM) It is strengthening over the Gulf. Cat 2 now, expected as a 3 when it lands. We are holding our breath. Over the next 6-8 hours it should start to swing to the left (west) and bear down on Mexico, if it doesn't turn soon, I'm directly in line. Current forecasts National guys: All are pointing 50-60 miles south of me Local guys: Half are predicting a repeat of Buehla which hit the mouth of the Rio Grande. Any ideas on how to hold down a trampoline? I really do not want to disassemble. I'm laying in some Stout, figuring it's my favorite beer when warm. I have 3,000 gallons of water at the ranch and another 750 gallons in a mobile tank. Hey TexSox, where are you at? I'm in Luling. We should be getting some of the outer bands up here which won't be much. Get some more Shiner and Bud down there!
  5. OilCan

    Is Borchard Finally Ready?

    I thought this was already discussed in the Minor League/Future Sox thread..... And that's still going on over there too! Hope he stays though.....
  6. OilCan

    Joe Borchard...Discuss

    Comeback or just smoke and mirrors??? His BA is now @ .243 w/15 HRs, but 96Ks in 296 ABs. Rob Deer reincarnated???
  7. OilCan

    7/12 Games

    QUOTE(danman31 @ Jul 12, 2005 -> 10:48 PM) Charlotte through Kanny all off because of All-Star Break/Game. Great Falls lost 8-6. Allen 2-5 with a HR. Richard with another solid start. Chirino got shelled. Updating box score Bristol got suspended due to rain. They trailed 1-0 through 2 innings. Brooks pitched. Box Score If Richie does good again in his next few starts, IMO it'll just be a matter of time before he goes to Kanny. Danman, do you think he's THAT good to skip Kanny and go straight to WS at this time?
  8. OilCan

    Phil Rogers Article on Barons OF

    QUOTE(SoxFan101 @ Jul 11, 2005 -> 03:16 AM) depending on what we get in return I wouldnt mind if any of our OF prospects were traded. If its for a true ace I would be very happy with it, although if its for Kip Wells, Ted Lilly, or Zach Day type pitcher it would be hard to see one of them go. If it was Zach Day from last year, that would be a good, low risk trade. But Zach has been running into all sorts of trouble this year. Poor guy...also has a high BB/K ratio, even for a LHP. Ted Lilly? IMO, Pass....I would rather take a Zach Day this year. Ted has good stuff, but I think he's a couple barrels apples short of a full barrel. I said it the other day....I wonder what a Barry Zito trade would command.
  9. OilCan

    Joe Borchard...Discuss

    QUOTE(SoxFan101 @ Jul 8, 2005 -> 12:29 PM) You are far from the only sox fan who would love to see Borchard succeed. While in general most fans probably hope to never see him again those who know him and know how much of a hard worker and overall good guy would love to see him be successful if not with us, somewhere else. Hell you would like for him to succeed if for nothing else that we invested so much into him. Well SoxFan101...long story short. I'm from Chicago, and been a die hard White Sox fan since birth - 1973. Lived at 26th and Wallace, next to Rosie's Diner there on the corner when it was there. Rooted for just about anyone and everyone since being a Sox fan. So yep, that includes Joe. Regardless of how much jack management gave him from 2000. And if I'm the only Sox fan left on this earth still rooting for Joe to make it, so be it. I still luv my Sox. Drink a Leinenkugel on me!
  10. OilCan

    Joe Borchard...Discuss

    All right, since I started this mess....mind as well finish it. I'm probably the only White Sox fan who would love to see Joey B back. And promptly tear the baseball off its cover. If he hits over 25 HRs, 70-80 RBIs and Ks a ton w/a .230 or .240 BA, that's OK with me. I just hate to see a player who seems to finally "get it" (the proverbial light finally clicking on in his head) and succeed with the Pale Hose. Just plug him in the 7 to 9 spot in the batting order and see what he can do. He does bring a left-handed bat in the lineup that can bring balance and power to a mostly right-handed lineup still, which is a plus anywhere. The problem with Joe is the quality of depth in front of him now. Podsednik - Rowand - Dye with Carl Everett are in the club. KW isn't going to just let go Timo to have Joe sit on the bench. KW will have to trade off one of the outfielders (which I just don't see happening) in a fantastic deal in order to bring Joe back to the club. I just hope he does get a 2nd chance.
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    QUOTE(YASNY @ Jul 8, 2005 -> 12:22 AM) Let the national media say what they want. I look at the standings and that tells me all I need to know about the White Sox. Honestly Sox Fans. After all this time, does anything that f-in four letter network does anymore surprise us? Let's just keep flying under the radar then. And to quote Milk and Cheeses, :finger ESPN, this is for you!!!
  12. OilCan


    QUOTE(nvxplorer @ Jul 7, 2005 -> 11:35 PM) The Twins are going to make a run for what? Beer? Shiner Bock to ya my new friend! LMFAO.
  13. OilCan

    Sickels looks at Top 20 Sox Prospects

    Something tells me from #13-20, there will be quite some turnover! We may see names like Lance Broadway, Rich Brooks, Aaron Cunningham, etc soon.
  14. OilCan

    June Stats

    Bad signs - Brian Anderson (AAA) with no stolen bases?!?!? Wes Whisler (A) - 12.39 ERA?!?!? Ugh....move him to 1b. Good signs - Looks like Greg Norton (AAA) is ready as a pinch hitter for the Sox: .424 .565 .365 OBP/SLG/AVG Josh Fields (AA) starting to heat up in AA - .264 BA in June, 5 HR. Robbie Valido (WS A) - 11SBs! .378 BA!!! Rock on! Adam Ricks (A) with a great June - .319 BA.
  15. OilCan

    June Stats

    QUOTE(Gene Honda Civic @ Jul 2, 2005 -> 03:57 PM) That's a sick line from Young... 17BB 19K 8HR. Incredible. It's also encouraging to see that while he struck out 19x, he walked 17x in June as well. Also, he had time to steal 7 bases. Not bad CY!
  16. QUOTE(SoxFan101 @ Jul 4, 2005 -> 06:08 PM) I think this is John Danks fault, if he hadnt already got a 2 million plus contract b4 Jordan maybe Jordan would of skipped college to get some money, but now his family is obviously secure financially with the 1st danks contract. Um, OK. So not getting more money makes sense, right??? If that was the case, you betcha John's and Jordan's parents would've pushed Jordan to get drafted WAY earlier in the draft, say the first round, and signed for some serious bonus money. Let's look at the facts: 1. John Sr. used to play for the 'Horns, albeit in another sport. The fact is if you've ever been in Austin, and seen the sights and sounds (like 6th street on a Saturday night), trust me, it's a no-brainer. Plus the school's not bad too. And this is coming from a South Sider who's living in TX right now. 2. Yeah, John Jr is in the minors. So, the Danks can look at the pros and cons of why they should allow their younger son to join John Jr in the minors, or take a closer look at furthering his education, get a free ride and play for a recently two-time national champion. 3. Jordan's parents DID send a letter to all 30 teams stating "Do not draft Jordan because he is going to school". At least John Sr. did say that he would allow the Sox to re-draft Jordan if Jordan ever changes his mind. So it wasn't as if the Sox didn't know what was going on. 4. Round Rock TX, where the Danks reside and where Jordan graduated, is only 10-20 minutes away from downtown Austin, depending on traffic. So they KINDA know about Austin already... If the Danks were selfish, then they would've said to Jordan, get drafted and let's party. But they didn't. In the end, it's Jordan's decision. And a pretty smart one at that, IMO. At least, John Sr. is being very professional and courteous in what he's saying to the press. Hopefully the Sox will get another chance at a talent like Jordan in the near future. Shiner Bocks to all my friends....
  17. OilCan

    Clemens Rumor

    QUOTE(Milkman delivers @ Jul 5, 2005 -> 11:50 AM) Yeah, and I bet it's mainly due to being in the NL now. We forget that this is the same NL that houses teams like St. Louis, arguably the best NL team right now. Also they have teams like Atlanta, Florida (who's hot and cold right now), Washington (yes, those ex-Expos) and the hot-and-cold Dodgers. And color me curious, but don't they play small-ball in the NL too? He wouldn't miss a beat here. His current stats are here... Those seven NDs that he has can all be Ws if the "Stros gave him any run support. On an unrelated note - Lance Berkman would look damn good in a Sox uniform.
  18. OilCan

    Where do we most need an upgrade?

    Upgrade the starting rotation. Three-fifths are a lock with Garcia, Buerhle and (finally!) Garland. However, Orlando and Jose, Los Dos Cubanos, are a little disappointing this year. Especially Jose. The guy seems, IMO, to have a track record of being stubborn in not throwing his fastball early and often to set up the forkball. That's exactly the reason why NYY finally gave up on him two years ago. While Orlando has his moments (big games vs Minny for example), his recent two swings to the DL should put up an instant red flag, especially in the last couple of years given his recent history. Therefore - don't wait Kenny. Strengthen up the rotation. Instant rumor/suggestion from an Armchair GM - Your future White Sox pitcher just pitched against you guys Sunday. If Moneyball talks, see what you can do to get him, such as trading high and mid-level prospects. Having another lefty in the starting rotation will give you better balance anyway, while not sacrificing what you have now. Plus, the Pale Hose have been drafting a ton of pitchers within the last two years...the time is now. Great job this year Kenny, keep it up!
  19. QUOTE(JimH @ Jul 5, 2005 -> 10:21 AM) Here is one thing Bajenaru and Jenks have in common: They both walk guys at a rate of one every other inning. Do you guys think maybe, just maybe, KW wants guys who provide a totally different look (stuff wise) on the pitching staff? All the starters have totally different styles. Bajenaru has the power slider, much like Vizcaino and Hermanson. Jenks is a 100% totally different look, he has the monster fastball and the huge big breaker curve. No one on the Sox staff has that, particularly in the pen. That makes it tougher for opposition hitters to adjust. This is exactly why I believe Jenks got the call vs. Bajenaru, but call me crazy ... after you think about it for a few minutes. Excellent observation. And great perception too. You can't have all slap hitters and no power hitters, or just all power hitters and no speedsters/no grinders. It's the same in the rotation....too much of something is a bad thing. If Baj's best pitch is the slider, and that is the same as Vizcaino and Hermy, then I would look to replace Vizcaino if he continues to struggle. Baj should and could be up here soon....maybe there's something about the guy himself that could be the reason why the Sox haven't promoted him yet. I don't know. It is peculiar though, as good as he has been for the last two years, why he's not up here. On a completely unrelated note. is it just me, or does Kevin Walker have the proverbial "deer eyes in headlights" look every time he's on the mound?
  20. OilCan

    Clemens Rumor

    QUOTE(chi-guy2 @ Jul 5, 2005 -> 10:55 AM) hes too old i dont want him, rather have a younger pitcher That's what Boston said when Toronto came calling back in the 90s. People also said the same thing about Nolan Ryan back in the 90s too, he stayed for quite a while as well. He's a living legend, a winner with two, two World Series rings - two more than any of the Sox players have (didn't El Duque and Jose C win one?), and he can teach the pitching staff a thing or two. Plus, he would make a damn good rent a player for 2005. What's not to dislike about him? If the Rocket says Yes, get him!!!
  21. OilCan

    6/30 games

    Is it too early to start the "Make Wes Whisler a position player NOW" bandwagon?
  22. Tell you what, they didn't play like a dynasty in the last minute of the 3rd Q, however the core pieces are there for the Spurs to be a dynasty. If they do win this year, one more additional championship will cement them into the D status. They have Tim Duncan for a few more years, Manu for seven more and Tony Parker for five more years beyond this year. If they resign Horry and Nazr, as well as Devin Brown, they will be tough to beat in the West, no matter what anyone else does, or how fast teams like Phoenix and Dallas shoot.
  23. OilCan

    Sox @ Rockies 6/8/05 Game Thread

    Kat's stats for May: 7.2 IP 10 H 5 ER/R 6 BB 9 Ks ERA - 6.25 Now, his last May game was that abyssmal game vs Tex, which he gave up 4 runs and 4 hits in 1 inning of work, soooooo if that game didn't happen.... 6.2 IP 6 H 1 ER/R 5 BB 8 Ks ERA - 1.50 Those walks are just killing him. I've only seen him three times on TV so far, and his control looks way off. Just how much more of a leash will Ozzie give him?
  24. OilCan

    Sox @ Rockies 6/8/05 Game Thread

    Kat just gave up a solo to JD Clausser. Nice.... 15-5 pale hose.
  25. OilCan

    Sox @ Rockies 6/8/05 Game Thread

    I wonder if the Sox will request a return trip to Coors Field for next year???? WOW, this is great. Nine runs after the near beanings to Gooch and Dye. Eat snow Rocks!!!