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    AAP: Courtney Hawkins

    Arguably the best encompassing draft video on Courtney, from behind the scenes, the backflip, the one on one time with KW, and beyond. Your browser does not support iframes. Here's a link for a better view. http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_...2072073&v=3
  2. OilCan

    AAP: Courtney Hawkins

    Courtney Hawkins ‏@CHawkins10 NOW I'm OFFICIALLY a CHICAGO WHITE SOX!!This lockerroom is crazy LIVE!!!getting to meet alll the big leaguers pretty legit!! Courtney Hawkins ‏@CHawkins10 Time to hit Bp!!!!!!!! Courtney Hawkins ‏@CHawkins10 Lockerroom http://pic.twitter.com/yjbQGdZD
  3. OilCan

    AAP: Courtney Hawkins

    White Sox Talk ‏@WhiteSoxTalkCSN Courtney Hawkins signs his contract. Photographic proof: pic.twitter.com/LjDyg5cm Chicago White Sox ‏@whitesox #WhiteSox agreed to terms w/1st round pick Courtney Hawkins & he will begin career w/Advanced Rookie @BristolSox of the Appalachian League MLB Draft ‏@MLBDraft 13 Jun RT Courtney Hawkins @CHawkins10 Chi town bound MONDAY awhhhhhh yea lets do this!!!!!!!! #pumpedup #excited @whitesox
  4. OilCan

    The Jose Quintana Appreciation Thread

    There is no way Quintana heads back to the minors. Then again..........
  5. OilCan

    6/17 Games

    K-Town Intimidators ‏@Intimidators Erik Johnson done after 5 scoreless innings of 1-hit ball. He walked 4, struck out 5. Second straight scoreless start. KAN up 2-0, Mid 6.
  6. OilCan

    6/17 Games

    I see what you mean. .277 against lefties, .251 against righties. Even weirder: 4.24 ERA at home, 1.52 ERA on the road. He has 8Ks through 5 IPs today.
  7. OilCan

    6/17 Games

    Leesman has been really, really good the last few games. Makes me wonder if Thornton gets traded, if Leesman gets a crack at the bullpen for the Sox?
  8. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    Jon Savarise, 31st round pick, going to NIU.
  9. OilCan

    6/13 Games

    I think that my AAP Jeff Soptic is finding out quickly that just because you have a high 90s fastball does not make you invincible. Especially after today's game. OOOOOF. Better get those offspeed pitches refined.
  10. OilCan

    Jared Mitchell named to All-Star team

    http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_...2208581&v=3 MLB has him as a Top Prospect.
  11. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    QUOTE (floridafan @ Jun 12, 2012 -> 09:35 PM) Eric Grabe Selected by White Sox My son Eric Grabe signed in the 24th Round and is now in Arizona. Heading to Bristol Tennessee around the 18th. We are thrilled! Congrats on your son Eric!
  12. OilCan


    QUOTE (sunofgold @ Jun 12, 2012 -> 05:15 PM) Sore iano to DH Dunn to lf Tank to 3rd There you Go kenny. Nice one. Soriano can go to another team.
  13. OilCan

    Chance of being in 1st by ASB?

    If Floyd and Humber do not turn it around, we're probably in 2nd place by ASB.
  14. OilCan

    6/12 Games

    QUOTE (balfanman @ Jun 12, 2012 -> 03:43 PM) What do you think that the chances are of him getting called up to play 3rd base? If Hudson doesn't start hitting soon don't they have to try something? In the majors, according to Baseball Reference dot com, Dan has played a grand total of 9 games at 3b. And, 4 in LF.
  15. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    I asked Mark Gonzales on Twitter about the Barraza story. Referenced George Takata's tweet and story too and retweeted it to Mark. I haven't seen any response from him yet. George Takata ‏@georgetakata Jose Barraza leaves Thursday to begin his pro baseball career with the White Sox. (as of 16 hours ago) Link here again: http://www.cbs47.tv/sports/story/Windy-Cit...kHTYgws.twitter Here's a reply that I received from George Takata: George Takata ‏@georgetakata @joelrobertperez Barraza had dinner with White Sox reps last night as well. They're excited to have him on board.
  16. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    FutureSox has Thomas McCarthy signed.
  17. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    14 (441). Anthony Bucciferro, RHP, Michigan St, MI has signed. He signed last week, it seems.
  18. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    Joey DeMichele will sign soon.
  19. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    Question...why isn't Storm's name bolded?
  20. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    Just a writeup. re Derek Thompson, 13th rounder.
  21. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    QUOTE (fathom @ Jun 10, 2012 -> 06:18 PM) Any news about Hawkins yet Not yet. Courtney's team lost in the 5A championship in a stunner-like fashion. So we may not hear about him until Tuesday, IMHO.
  22. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    George Takata ‏@georgetakata Follow EXCLUSIVE: Sunnyside HS catcher Jose Barraza signs his contract with the White Sox. The story coming up tonight on CBS 47 at 11! http://www.cbs47.tv/sports/story/Windy-Cit...kHTYgws.twitter
  23. Courtney Hawkins ‏@CHawkins10 Last time Illl be at my home church proud to give all the thanks to the man above for blessing me with everything I have! #LivingMyDreams (as of 11:56 am Sunday 6/10)
  24. OilCan

    2012 Minor League Catch All thread

    According to Kanny's Twitter, Snodgress was hitting 95-96 mph today. Not bad!
  25. OilCan

    You're KW, what next?

    It would be a minor replacement, but demote Stewart to AAA and bring up either Doyle or Axelrod. Live with Hudson at 3b until the end of June and see what you have from there. Humber/Floyd ??? Don't even know. If Humber doesn't have any options, move him to the pen until he gets his act together. Floyd, IMHO, is still trade bait.