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  1. BigSqwert

    Gun Violence in America

    When I did a ton of travel for work, I would often not even get MSNBC in the hotel's cable package. Fox News was always available and often times the default station whenever the TV was turned on.
  2. BigSqwert

    Gun Violence in America

    Fox News has the most viewers. I consider them mainstream media.
  3. BigSqwert

    Gun Violence in America

    Favorite response to the Texas Lt Governor's comments:
  4. BigSqwert

    2018 Music thread

    Digging the new Parquet Courts album. Anyone seen them live? Seems like it would be a good show.
  5. BigSqwert

    Gun Violence in America

  6. BigSqwert

    Gun Violence in America

    Let's see if he can dig up something about video games too.
  7. BigSqwert

    Gun Violence in America

    Is it too soon to talk about Sandy Hook?
  8. BigSqwert

    2018 Films thread

    Looking forward to checking out HBO's Fahrenheit 451.
  9. BigSqwert

    2018 Films thread

    Yeah you're right. They should have just turned it into an unofficial sequel to that franchise with completely different characters and backstory.
  10. BigSqwert

    2018 Democrats thread

    Dems are a joke
  11. BigSqwert

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    Why is the media so scared to call him a liar? He lies all the time.
  12. BigSqwert

    2018 Films thread

    What are you talking about? This was supposed to be loosely based on that 80s video game.
  13. BigSqwert

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    The 1% will be fine. That's all that matters.