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  1. BigSqwert

    2018 Democrats thread

    As is being a Democrat who votes for Trumps' garbage policy.
  2. BigSqwert

    2018 Democrats thread

    Well at least you admit you don't care about doing the right or wrong things. It's all about optics.
  3. BigSqwert

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Didn't watch the game but was shocked to see such lousy running numbers for the Bears, especially with so many guys missing from the Seattle D. Just assumed they would run it down their throats. Were they stacking the line, forcing the Bears to pass?
  4. BigSqwert

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    They had the worst $ investment in their O-Line in football for a number of years. It shows!
  5. BigSqwert

    2018 Music thread

    Get to see Lauryn Hill, De LA Soul, and Shabazz Palaces tomorrow night. Hopefully she shows up!
  6. BigSqwert

    Midterms 2018

    "He speaks so well"
  7. BigSqwert

    2018 Democrats thread

    They even added the prepaid postage on the envelopes starting this year (in Washington).
  8. BigSqwert

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    Misdemeanor crimes, like coming to this country illegally 25 years ago, are definitely zero tolerance. Conspiracy, fraud, and obstruction of justice are debatable.
  9. BigSqwert

    2018 Democrats thread

    They could switch the candidates to the Green River serial killer (R) and the Pope (D) and the republican would still win. We're talking about Texas here.
  10. BigSqwert

    2018 Workout Thread

    Yeah, we got lucky that day. One of the few days recently where the forest fire smoke wasn't too bad.
  11. BigSqwert

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    Who could have thought that a man who paid out $25 million in a fraud case is involved in more fraud?
  12. BigSqwert

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    When will this witch hunt end?
  13. BigSqwert

    2018 Democrats thread

    Alos pretty funny that this is what is getting people riled up.