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  1. rowand's rowdies

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Dec 14, 2017 -> 11:40 AM) That's more than a calculated risk. Max I'd do is something like pick 2 of Rutherford/Fulmer/Cease/Dunning, and a less regarded guy like Jordan Stephens, Clarkin, or Puckett is the final piece. Anything more than that it just doesn't add up. I agree with the max that you would give up but that doesn't match the news (possibly fake) that we had the best offer. Many other teams would have definitely been willing to beat that for even 1 year of Machado.
  2. rowand's rowdies

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    It could have been an offer like Timmy Anderson, Giolito and Fulmer, which would be the best offer likely out there. It is a calculated risk like Rick said, we have the depth to rebound pitching wise and lose the risk on Timmy. We would also be "cashing" in on an early contract Rick signed like always. I wouldn't like that trade. Or even two of those guys for a rental and showcase of the greatness that is WhiteSoxdom, but I could see something like it happening.
  3. rowand's rowdies

    Rule 5 draft preview

    QUOTE (bmags @ Dec 14, 2017 -> 09:55 AM) Yeah definitely concerned about losing to prop up our rule 5 position give me a break. I did not say I wanted to lose for better Rule 5 position. We also could have traded basically nothing to the Phillies for him anyway. Drink some coffee, stay warm and calm down.
  4. rowand's rowdies

    Rule 5 draft preview

    So which 2 wins last season do we blame for not getting Burdi? Picking an OFer to trade for cash to an AL team with a wide open bullpen and a few bech spots open as well? Can anyone explain this logically? What am I missing?
  5. rowand's rowdies

    8-5 Games

    Here's a Twitter list I put together with as many of our prospects on Twitter as I could find. Good way to follow them and interact. https://twitter.com/MrGoodTunes/lists/chicago-white-sox Jordan Stephens is offering free autographs if you send him a card and return card. https://twitter.com/J_Stephens27/status/893695264585895937 Enjoy.
  6. I posted this a few weeks back. Was this it? Baseball America Organizational Talent Rankings 2010 TB TEX CLE SF BOS 2011 KC TB ATL TOR NYY 2012 TEX KC SD AZ TOR 2013 STL SEA TEX TB MIA 2014 PIT BOS MIN CHC HOU 2015 CHC BOS LAD MIN NYM
  7. rowand's rowdies

    Melky thread

    Someone will give us something for him. He is a solid bench option if nothing else. We don't want to chip any $ in I'm sure so we are just waiting until the deadline so he is owed less $. No one is willing to pay an extra $100,000/game for him but they will before August 1st. I would think we get two prospects similar to the last 2 in the Cubs Q trade.
  8. rowand's rowdies

    How do you rate the rebuild so far?

    Greg has been much better laying out his thoughts. His thought process on the draft position is a little puzzling but he does have past situations (Fulmer at 8, Sale at 13, and on and on) that show his thought process. Like I have said, top 5 is critical and top 3 can be franchise altering. I don't know about a rebuild grade now, I like the trades to varying degrees, but what I can tell you is that our best team above Low A is 17 games under .500. I'm all for rebuilding and losing games at the MLB level but the lack of wins in the org is not acceptable to me. That isn't the way to build a winning culture. If they don't improve dramatically (minor teams) between now and the end of the year, some heads should roll. I know Charlotte will be losing some talent but from what I've heard Grudz should be gone anyway. Anyone else bothered by the last place play across most levels?
  9. I hope some of these savings and low payrolls get put back into quality minor league instructors & coaches. They should also be paying retired former White Sox players to come back and sign autographs at every home game for the fans who will have to suffer through some bad games this year and next. Baseball America Organizational Talent Rankings 2010 TB TEX CLE SF BOS 2011 KC TB ATL TOR NYY 2012 TEX KC SD AZ TOR 2013 STL SEA TEX TB MIA 2014 PIT BOS MIN CHC HOU 2015 CHC BOS LAD MIN NYM Just interesting to see how those farm systems were ranked and how they have fared in the 3-5 year window since being ranked.
  10. rowand's rowdies

    Q may get moved "sooner than you think"

    Speaking of other team's fans... it would be nice to have the best posters/bloggers/people with sources from other MLB team's chat boards on here as well. An invite from one of our Mods or someone on here with sources looking to do the same on other boards should be able to get something worked out. They would love the extra attention for their blog/website/Twitter account and would be great sources of info for us all here. Maybe a separate sub-forum for each team's sources? They can post whenever (as Soxtalk members) or respond to questions we ask them. Right now we could be asking experts from the Brewers, Braves, Dodgers, Yankees what they are hearing and what they think about the prospects we keep mentioning as possibilities and for their scouting reports. Who's up for a project?
  11. rowand's rowdies

    7/9 games (Lopez, Flores + Futures game)

    Proud Papa Kopech on Twitter... https://twitter.com/KopechDad Read a long story about Michael and his dad. What a great story. Congrats to both of them and best of luck obviously with their bright future here on the south side. https://twitter.com/KopechDad/status/884157052414808064
  12. rowand's rowdies

    Day Two Draft Discussion

    This draft tells me that they very much intend on competing in 2019 and 2020. I like the picks so far.
  13. rowand's rowdies

    Day Two Draft Discussion

    Got Gonzo!
  14. rowand's rowdies

    Day Two Draft Discussion

    The MLB feed online won't work on Google Chrome. There is live coverage now on the feed. Try Internet Explorer or another browser.
  15. rowand's rowdies

    DRAFT TRACKER 2017, and Day One Discussion

    He's a lifelong White Sox fan. If nothing else he won't want to embarrass himself and will want to make a name for himself. I don't believe 11th overall picks get paid that well? It's not like he is set for life. If he works hard for 6 years he can get himself a 100+ million $$$ guaranteed pay day. They have some of the best training facilities on earth in AZ and a great training program. I'll admit he kind of reminds me of the kid in Trouble with the Curve but it's probably just his size and accent. An arm bar is different than a hitch, no? He may never pan out, but if anyone has some extra reasons to succeed, this kid has them. Excited to have a couple mashers in the system with Sheets as well. We're the Chicago White Sox for crying out loud. Excited for today thanks everyone for the scouting reports and input. A lot of us don't know anything about any one of these guys.