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  1. mr_genius

    French Newspaper Attack

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Jan 9, 2015 -> 11:47 AM) Thats likes 210 seconds of sex
  2. mr_genius

    French Newspaper Attack

    QUOTE (Soxbadger @ Jan 9, 2015 -> 10:07 AM) Are we now going to blame the hostages for being or associating with Jews in France, because being Jewish is offensive to certain people? Yes, it is their own fault. They knew that Jewish people are offensive to the terrorists so they should not associate with them. If Jewish, they should convert to a religion that is less offensive to the terrorists. If they don't they are using poor judgement and can't complain when something bad happens to them. Well, at least that what I was told previously in this thread; If you offend terrorists, you get what you deserve.
  3. mr_genius

    French Newspaper Attack

    QUOTE (Swingandalongonetoleft @ Jan 7, 2015 -> 11:00 PM) Going to the zoo and accidentally falling into the lion exhibit is different from going to the zoo and willingly hopping the fence into the lion exhibit. I'd also compare it to someone smoking 3 packs a day knowing full well the danger of doing so, and then magically ending up with terminal lung cancer. idiot
  4. mr_genius


    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Dec 29, 2014 -> 11:19 PM) What's funny is that the people who start the gentrification process often get booted from the neighborhood. It's all cyclical - hipster can't afford top neighborhood, moves to neighboring poorer community - gentrification begins in poorer community, overall quality increases - developers and investors see increase, start scooping up property left and right - as neighborhood keeps improving, so do rents and housing costs - hipster can no longer afford neighborhood, moves to neighboring poorer community It's like what happened to Wicker Park and is now moving to Logan Square and /or Pilsen I think the hipsters are already being priced out of Logan Square. Wonder what neighborhood they will move too..
  5. mr_genius

    Ferguson Riots

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jan 2, 2015 -> 02:48 PM) How dare you attempt to justify breaking the law. whats that picture from in your new avatar?
  6. mr_genius

    Ferguson Riots

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jan 2, 2015 -> 02:40 PM) Plus...poor people being hassled by the police and used as a revenue source for cities that don't want to raise taxes on the important people is a significant piece of the problem anyway! some of the revenue raising stuff, like speed cameras that ding you with $100 ticket for going 5 over the limit, are ridiculous.
  7. mr_genius

    Ferguson Riots

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Dec 31, 2014 -> 08:35 AM) Meanwhile, the NYPD isn't exactly covering themselves in glory right now. From turning the funeral of a slain fellow officer into a petty protest to a work slowdown that's meant to demonstrate....something?, they're only making themselves look silly. I think it was a brave and needed gesture by the NYPD. De Blasio's reckless rhetoric and actions have lead to an environment where many people think shooting these two police officers is justified. Of course now he is backtracking. I think it's a solid protest move. The city is sure losing a lot of revenue among other things. And low and behold De Blasio has sure changed his tune.
  8. mr_genius

    North Korean internet

    QUOTE (Tex @ Dec 24, 2014 -> 08:49 AM) I told North Korea not to switch to Comcast
  9. mr_genius

    Ferguson Riots

    Well looks like I was right about the Michael Brown case. He did attack the police officer. Awaiting for many of you to admit you were wrong.
  10. mr_genius

    Job Hunt Thread

    QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Nov 21, 2014 -> 12:33 PM) If you are a hiring manager, how do you notify interviewees that they didn't get the job: A. Call from yourself to inform them B. Email from yourself to inform them C. Call/email from HR person to inform them D. No contact at all Now, I'm not talking about the larger pool of people who applied, just the smaller pool of people who actually made it to an interview with the hiring manager. As a hiring manager, I always do (A), but as an interviewee, I can't remember the last time I received anything other than © or (D), with (D) being far more frequent. C because it's company policy. Option D is really unprofessional and shady.
  11. mr_genius

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Nov 14, 2014 -> 11:13 AM) good breakdown but I meant to ask how do the prospects for the 2015 draft look because the Bears should have a pretty decent pick. oh i'm sure they will manage to end up 7-9 and get a mediocre pick
  12. mr_genius


    QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Nov 14, 2014 -> 09:33 AM) You are using logic there, and the Republicans in Congress don't respond to logic because their biggest donors are right-wing nutjobs who hate Obama so much they want him impeached and aren't even thinking about the consequences. Their biggest donors actually are cheap labor enthusiasts and support Obama's executive action on immigration, they especially like the mega increase in guest workers that are tied directly to an employer. If the GOP tries to stop Obama on this, it is because they are afraid of voters turning on them if they don't.
  13. mr_genius


    QUOTE (Y2HH @ Nov 14, 2014 -> 10:58 AM) Well, that's laughable. Where are they going to go to make more money, even if they took a pay cut here? A competing single payer system? There is nowhere for them to go, and they won't just "stop practicing medicine", as it's likely their only method to make a living. ^^^
  14. mr_genius


    QUOTE (Alpha Dog @ Nov 14, 2014 -> 08:55 AM) And yet nobody complains about the costs of the CARE, just the costs of the insurance. Oh, my insurance is too high! Well how about that $120 for a 5 minute office visit? Or the $32 for a plastic disposable razor if you have a hospital stay? $40 Tylenol? $12,500 for an anesthesiologist to work 45 minutes during your knee operation? Yep, exactly. I've been saying it for years but it seems like something most people are not able to comprehend. The knee operation will probably also have an "assistant surgeon" making $300,000 just to stand around and watch one operation.
  15. mr_genius

    Election 2014

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Nov 7, 2014 -> 01:53 PM) 2 people are in an elevator. Suddenly the scent of a fart appears in said elevator. Clearly this case is unsolvable. WHICH IS THE REAL KRUSTY?