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  1. Steve9347

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

  2. Steve9347

    Site BackOnline

    Great job, guys.
  3. Steve9347

    2017-18 official NBA discussion thread

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Apr 5, 2018 -> 11:54 AM) Kyrie done for the year He's headed towards a label nobody wants.
  4. Steve9347

    2018 Workout Thread

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Apr 3, 2018 -> 09:58 AM) I’ve heard good things about OT...I just don’t like other people enough to workout in a group setting like that. Everyone is motivated by different things, however. I’m still plugging away on the bike. Hoping to get back into some circuit training sometime soon. Also going to get into outdoor riding when things settle down around here. It's funny. There's a bunch of people there, but it feels like it's just you and the trainer. The room is darkened with an orange hue. The other people simply serve as motivation for me to keep going/push harder/go all out in a bit more impressive fashion. Yeah, to each his/her own. I have definitely found something I'm enjoying!
  5. Steve9347

    2018 Workout Thread

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Apr 3, 2018 -> 09:48 AM) Yes, you've joined my cult. Its addictive as f***. I've been a member for going on 3 years. Its amazing. The endorphins keep me sane. My goal from now until June 1 is single digit body fat. My trainer gave me a plan, lets see what happens Awesome to hear. I can't believe how much I am enjoying it.
  6. Steve9347

    2018 Workout Thread

    Alright, starting this thread up for one specific reason. I am obsessed with OrangeTheory Fitness. This is exactly what I've needed to get better, more varied workouts. Shut your brain off for an hour, do what you're told, burn 800-1,000 calories. This is my new therapy.
  7. Steve9347

    **Game 3 of 162: Sox at Toronto**

    Great double play.
  8. Steve9347

    Gun Violence in America

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Feb 26, 2018 -> 11:54 AM) Well, folks, this incident has about run its course in terms of the news cycle (not blaming anybody for that; it's what happens). Source?
  9. Steve9347

    Sox vs Mariners

    Supposed to be on MLB Network but this Red Sox game will unsurprisingly go 4 hours.
  10. Steve9347

    2017-18 official NBA discussion thread

    It looks like Jimmy Butler just tore his ACL.
  11. Steve9347

    Gun Violence in America

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Feb 22, 2018 -> 09:16 PM) I f***ing hate the NRA. The NRA are not the problem. The people elected and running the country are. You heard Marco Rubio - he does not buy into the NRA's agenda, the NRA buys into his agenda. He believes everyone in America should have firearms, and deadly ones at that. The solution is simple - activate the people who align with your beliefs and get them to vote democrat. Hope enough of them outweigh gerrymandering initiatives and the folks on the other side. The NRA is doing their job. Our job is to silence them by taking the people out of office who are sitting on their hands we mass shootings become more and more frequent.
  12. Steve9347

    CarGo to Sox?

    Kenny always gets his guy. Eventually.
  13. This is awesome. That station has incredible range.
  14. Steve9347

    2018 Watercooler thread

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Feb 7, 2018 -> 10:50 PM) Altered Carbon is decent but very uneven and dragged down by a few really bad performances. A few episodes I really liked, and any time Matt Frewer was on screen I adore Altered Carbon. First 2 eps took some time to get going, but since then it's just been f***ing wild.