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  1. Unbelievable. This is the most stacked Sox team of my lifetime, and it’s not particularly close.
  2. You don’t get the guaranteed producers by never dealing away prospects expecting everyone to turn into Shane Bieber. Also there’s nothing in the advanced metrics nor in how they pitch they likens Dunning to Bieber. Completely insane take.
  3. People can say what they want. For example, you can post this despite its inaccuracies and sadly no one can make you do some research first. You get to click. The agreement, however, is we get to reply. Adding a legitimate workhorse ace over Dunning and his career 34 innings and inability to go 6 is a marginal upgrade for this season is the shittest of takes ive read in awhile.
  4. You’re clearly ignorant of how good Lance Lynn is. Take a moment to educate yourself and then come back here. He puts any season Quintana’s thrown to complete shame.
  5. What on earth am I reading here. This is Dane Dunning ffs. Hahn turned Jose Quintana into Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease. Am I in the twilight zone?
  6. By this time next year, we have a better chance of hoping to open Sox World Champions gear on Christmas morning than we did 40 minutes ago. that’s the window we’re in now, not some pray the 26 year old nobody turns into the second coming window.
  7. Lynn, 33, has been excellent the last two years with the Rangers, delivering a combined 3.57 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, and 335 strikeouts in 292 1/3 innings (46 starts) while garnering down-ballot American League Cy Young Award votes. But yeah we gave up a 26 year old with 7 starts and 34 IP under his arm so Soxtalk is getting out the pitchforks. /s Negative reactions tonight are only one of two things: ignorant or insane. Can be both I guess.
  8. I would imagine the Rangers would’ve balked. Every report said their price was outrageous, and Dunning hadn’t done shit yet. we just go a horse who skits the rest of our rotation much better. This is a great night.
  9. Dane Dunning a low end 2? Homers be homin’ I guess.
  10. Wow. Some of the takes in this thread are just unreal. Dane Dunning flashed potential. So what? Lance Lynn is a bonafide ace who can throw 120 pitches every start. He’s the exact type of horse you bring in when you want to win a World Series. my only regret is they didn’t make this trade a few months ago because we’d have beaten the A’s.
  11. Steve9347

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    This is anti-Bulls so I sign off immediately.
  12. Steve9347

    White Sox @ Royals - 9/5/20 - 6:05 CT

    Obviously Frank is first. I said second best.
  13. Steve9347

    White Sox @ Royals - 9/5/20 - 6:05 CT

    Is Jose the second best hitter we’ve ever had? I’m ready to discuss.
  14. Steve9347


    Holy shit, man. You want Hahn fired... now? The vision is finally coming together and you want him fired? Calm tf down. Ricky has to go. He will this off-season.