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  1. ObamaKnowsBest

    Free Agent Tracker

    Two updates that I noticed were missing on the original post. Orlando Cabrera to the Reds and Mike Sweeney to the Mariners.
  2. ObamaKnowsBest

    White Sox @ Cubs, 1:20 PM, CSN

    How close of a play was it at the plate?
  3. ObamaKnowsBest

    White Sox @ Cubs, 1:20 PM, CSN

    Can we get an explanation of this double play?
  4. ObamaKnowsBest


    QUOTE (knightni @ Aug 26, 2009 -> 10:23 PM) Was this a thread about people who step on hot coals? I think that was the intention. Everything else is oddly off topic.
  5. ObamaKnowsBest

    Why Chris Getz Injury Is Good for the Sox

    I don't agree with the premise either. I don't think we're looking for a quasi-power hitter that Nix is at 2B. Getz is a solid hitter and before he got hurt I believe he was leading all rookies in base hits. Listen I like Nix a lot too, but Getz is another left-handed bat and I think will be the better player at 2B than Nix will be. Nix was AWFUL at SS and I don't see how the act of fielding a ground ball, which he frequently couldn't do, changes from SS to 2B. To me, when you have to bring up stats that most people haven't even heard of, I think you're reaching to try and prove your point. Baseball isn't that complicated of a game.
  6. ObamaKnowsBest

    8/17 Sox vs Kansas City 7:11pm CDT - CSN

    Well that was much more interesting than it should have been. Linebrink needs to get his head out of his a$$ along with the majority of the bullpen.
  7. ObamaKnowsBest

    8/17 Sox vs Kansas City 7:11pm CDT - CSN

    Ladies and gentleman. Mr Clutch. Scotty Pods
  8. ObamaKnowsBest

    We love you Gordon, oh yes we do

    "Who cares about baseball, it's all about the ESPN commericals" Beckham seems like a pretty funny guy. Can't go wrong with a little Scott Van Pelt
  9. ObamaKnowsBest


    I'm really interested to hear what Peavy thinks after watching today's game. Don't know if he'll get interviewed or not about it. In the 8th when Thornton was blowing away guys FOX showed a quick shot of Gavin and Peavy smiling and I thought that Peavy looked real comfortable. Probably think's we're all world after seeing today's game haha
  10. ObamaKnowsBest

    The Carlos Quentin Activated from DL

    Then Carlos hits a home run tonight. I swear there is no figuring this team out.
  11. ObamaKnowsBest

    Richard causing good problem

    I think in this case you have to look at the worst case scenario. If Colon has one or two games, I'm pretty sure Richard will get put right back in the rotation. Is it going to hurt a young kid like Richard to save himself from more innings now, when he has a future ahead of him. Cooper said that if he doesn't become a mainstay in the rotation in the future, the Sox orginization will have failed him. I would rather see what Colon has right now and pull him after a few starts then have Richard get worn out for the end of the year when come playoff time (if this happens) we want him in the pen. To me if Colon sucks, then we can fall back on Richard. But if Richard sucks, can we fall back on Colon? Not sure if this is the right move, but I think it is safer when taking in consideration the present and the future.
  12. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm guessing Wise has spent most of his minor league career as a leadoff hitter
  13. QUOTE (southsideirish71 @ Jul 24, 2009 -> 11:31 AM) Letting the worst hitter on your roster get the most ABs in a game is crazy. Sliding a guy up for a game isn't going to rock the boat. He also has the most experience as a leadoff hitter. He's the grinder type that Ozzie likes to see at the top. He's got speed and if he makes contact he can make things happen. I'm glad Pods is getting a day off and think Wise deserves some playing time today as a thank you. He doesn't hit consistently, but I doubt the one extra at-bat he gets this game is going to be the reason the Sox win or lose this game