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  1. jloveswhitesox35

    White Sox vs. Tigers 12:05 p.m. CT

    QUOTE(HeGone33 @ Apr 12, 2006 -> 01:06 AM) Not only am I 1-0 in game threads this year, but today is my birthday!!! LETS GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets continue this 8 game winning streak!!!! Happy Birthday and GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. jloveswhitesox35

    I didn't see the game yesterday but a win is great

    QUOTE(rangercal @ Apr 11, 2006 -> 02:45 PM) I guess she did a great job of keeping up with soxtalks offday tradition. One 10 + page thread with not one thing that makes sense. And rock, I have four youngers sisters. I would never use the word hot. Ill say yes for all my sisters. But the bad news for everyone here is Im the one in charge of looking after them. they are all great looking girls. mike, That was my other sister at the tailgate against the Dodgers. Gotta do that again whenever you guys go out. She just loved steff and talks about that night every time we go to a sox game. YOU CAN PUT IT THAT ON THE BOARD... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. jloveswhitesox35

    2006 White Sox Photos

    QUOTE(SSH2005 @ Feb 17, 2006 -> 01:05 AM) Thanks for the pictures!!!!!!!
  4. jloveswhitesox35

    New Grinder Ball Rules posters

    QUOTE(SSH2005 @ Jan 27, 2006 -> 05:56 PM) Thanks for the PICS! go sox!!!!!!!!!!! http://twoxfour.com/webfiles/soxgrinders/
  5. jloveswhitesox35

    Crede signs 1-year deal!

    QUOTE(SSH2005 @ Jan 17, 2006 -> 11:04 AM) According to WSCR 670 The Score's latest scoreboard update. I believe the guy said 1-year, $2.675 million. Our roster contains no more arbitration-eligible players so barring trades, our roster is complete. YOU CAN PUT THAT ON THE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. jloveswhitesox35

    Thank You Frank Thomas.

    Thank you Frank for all the memories with the White Sox. You are a hero to all White Sox fans that been with you from the starting of your career. You will always be the BEST White Sox Player ever. You will be missed by all. Thank you!
  7. jloveswhitesox35

    Official: Konerko Signs With White Sox

    QUOTE(Soxfest @ Nov 30, 2005 -> 12:51 PM) Pk and Thome instead of PK and Everett is a fantastic upgrade ....... You can put that on the board...YES!!!!!!!
  8. jloveswhitesox35

    "World Series Shuffle"

    QUOTE(whitesoxfan101 @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 11:49 PM) Not sure if this was posted yet....if so, sorry...but either way, check this out if you haven't seen it. http://media.putfile.com/World-Series-Shuffle30 Thanks for the link to the sox world series shuffle!!!!!!!!!!!!GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!
  9. jloveswhitesox35

    Pablo is back..

    yes! this is amazing to have pablo back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. jloveswhitesox35

    White Sox Movies and Slide Shows

    Thanks for the video!!!!!!! I like it alot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. jloveswhitesox35

    This was for you, Frank....

    Frank Thomas is my hero!!!!!!!!!And Always been. He deserves this Worls Series Ring!!!!!!!!! I love you FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. jloveswhitesox35


    We are the world champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU CAN PUT ON BOARD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. jloveswhitesox35

    if they win tonight

    If they arrive tonight I will not be coming to scholl for the next 2 days.
  14. jloveswhitesox35

    Sox @ Houston - World Series Game 4

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That game was amazing I did not get any sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey it eas worth it for the White sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go WHITE SOX