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  1. bats3280

    Cubs @ White Sox 3:05 CDT

    QUOTE (Nokona @ Jun 27, 2008 -> 12:26 PM) We've got the WGN feed rgiht guys? yes. wgn. c'mon boys! shut the chubs down.
  2. bats3280

    Konerko update

    back to paul-leeee i heard last nigh,t over the game broadcast in the tenth, that it was just a bruise. nothing broken....
  3. bats3280

    I Punched AJ Shirts

    they're available in XL only. sox pride club members only, as previously stated... $21.95
  4. bats3280

    Official Ozzie/Mariotti Thread

    QUOTE(Jordan4life_2006 @ Jun 21, 2006 -> 10:47 PM) I was LMAO when Ozzie started calling Jay "A garbage." me too. jay aka 'hiney bird' interviewed on the score 670 this morning. he voiced his hatred for the sox. i stopped listening. such a jerkoff motion.
  5. bats3280


    QUOTE(Jordan4life_2006 @ Jun 16, 2006 -> 03:26 AM) Pitching match-ups: Friday: Robertson vs Rusch Saturday: Verlander vs Marmol Sunday: Rogers vs Marshall Any questions? I thought it was announced Prior was coming back this weekend. Possible start on Sunday. was i hearing things? anyhoo, >gulp:sweep:
  6. bats3280

    Who else is Sick of the Bad Defense/Play?

    QUOTE(J-MAN @ Jun 9, 2006 -> 11:17 AM) We can pick on Brian Anderson for not hitting but I don't think he would have misplayed the ball allowing second base and may have cut the second one off faster allowing a real play at the plate. agreed. last night's defensive blunders were nauseating. :puke
  7. bats3280

    Pictures from Last Nights Game

    nice shots. you got me, too. P6080019.JPG we're in the third row of that first club level section in the bottom left of your pic. section 335. too bad we couldn't dust off the brooms... let's get the indians. go sox!
  8. bats3280

    Christmas Ornaments

    All you could possibly want for a white (sox) christmas
  9. bats3280

    the World Series Shuffle

    here's the shuffle it's kinda funny. i personally like the hawk remixes....
  10. bats3280

    The lucky pumpkin

    QUOTE(bmags @ Oct 26, 2005 -> 12:32 PM) i admire your carvemanship. thank you... it took a while.
  11. bats3280

    The lucky pumpkin

    i did one of those too!!!
  12. bats3280

    The United Center

    QUOTE(FGarcia34 @ Oct 25, 2005 -> 01:19 PM) I got row one setion 232 for wednesday and row one section 233 for thursday (if necessary ). I didnt get to request location, I just kept trying until I got row one somewhere, which migh end of being a mistake. i'm in row one section 232 on wednesday also! see you there!
  13. bats3280

    Who should throw out the first Pitch for game 1?

    frank kicked off the series against boston with a bang, maybe i'm just super superstitious, but i say give him the ball again!
  14. bats3280

    Managerial Question

    thanks, guys. my mom brought that up tonight, i knew someone here would know.
  15. bats3280

    Managerial Question

    I understand that Ozzie is the first Latin American manager to make it to The Series. How rare is it for a manager to make it to the World Series in his second year of managing? Thanks, and GO SOX!!!