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  1. ceffa2000


    Congrats Jose on a fine dandy of an outing. It was nice to finally give our bullpen a night to sit back and relax. See that Mark? Get the competitive juices flowing and pitch better than Jose!
  2. ceffa2000


    QUOTE(YASNY @ Aug 10, 2006 -> 11:27 PM) Any win is a good win. Exactly. I was just pointing out the flawed theory. I'm tired, but happy as can be.
  3. ceffa2000


    QUOTE(whitesox1976 @ Aug 10, 2006 -> 11:25 PM) If the Yankees hadn't committed all those errors we never would have won it. However it is a win and I'll gladly take it. All. part. of. the. game. If Brandon hadn't put it on a platter for Cabrera then it wouldn't have been a nail biter. Fielders make mistakes and its not a good win. Pitchers make mistakes and its a good win. Frustrating thing about baseball but thats the way it is.
  4. ceffa2000


    QUOTE(whitesoxfan101 @ Aug 10, 2006 -> 11:16 PM) BIG WIN. We played pretty bad all 3 games, so to get 2 of 3 from them despite that is huge. Detroit is coming in with a rare 2 game losing streak, maybe we caught them at a good time. Both teams didn't play overall in the series. But this series reminded me a little of last year. Not pretty but we ground it out. Don't forget, Twice our starting pitchers allowed 4 or less. You do that consistantly, we can still win a lot of ball games. QUOTE(Jordan4life_2006 @ Aug 10, 2006 -> 11:13 PM) Awesome? His WHIP had to be something like 9.50 or something. He survived. That's it. He did SURVIVE. And given the situations that he put himself in, he got the job done when he needed to. Against this very good Yankee lineup, SURVIVING is a very good case scenario.
  5. ceffa2000


    QUOTE(shoota @ Aug 10, 2006 -> 11:08 PM) I'm thankful this series is over because this umpiring crew had a very tight strike zone. Sure, it was equal for both sides, but I really thought Mussina ended an inning striking out Anderson. Fortunately for us, BA doubled later in that at bat and Pods drove him in with the winning RBI single. Not sure if I would call it tight but tonights was just terribly inconsistant. Up/down, in/out? Fishin ridiculous.
  6. ceffa2000


    Big hats to Javy for grinding through 5. Did we see him turn a corner after the last two games? He had about 5 chances to crack and he strapped it down and didn't. He made me sweat but he pulled it out. Hats to Bobby tonight too.
  7. ceffa2000

    2006 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE(greg775 @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 10:32 PM) If ... Jim Thome has raked a mammoth home run in the ninth, instead of grounding out, how happy would we be right now? Would it have been monumental celebration on this board? We would have declared a turnaround. Instead . . . .
  8. ceffa2000

    ST Poll: Who's the most clutch player on the Sox?

    QUOTE(TitoMB345 @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 11:01 PM) I listened to that for 45 minutes straight one day... my mom asked me I was on drugs. I'd have to wonder too. Unless you were someone who had watched the game. Personally, I completely understand.
  9. ceffa2000

    White Sox Loser

    QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 10:56 PM) This one by far. In 04 we had the injuries, we had the 5th starter by committee. We had that horrible stretch in August and Joe Borchard was our RF. I didnt expect to win then. I thought this year was going to be a cakewalk into the playoffs. I knew our O would be good, but I thought our pitching would show up. I never estimated how many bad moves Ozzie would make this year. See you guys tomorrow. Be nasty Javy.
  10. ceffa2000

    White Sox Loser

    QUOTE(DABearSoX @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 10:55 PM) exactly how i feel and probably most others.....but i gotta say though that 5 spot problem almost gave me a corenery that season Yeah but it was easier to have lower expectations. We didn't know what this rotation is capable of.
  11. ceffa2000

    White Sox Loser

    QUOTE(DABearSoX @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 10:52 PM) so what season has been more frustrating, this one or 2004? This. Once you taste the shuga . . .
  12. ceffa2000

    White Sox Loser

    QUOTE(Kalapse @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 10:47 PM) Lefty One Out Guy Y AKA Kelly Wunsch. AKA (supposedly) Mike Myers
  13. ceffa2000

    White Sox Loser

    QUOTE(TitoMB345 @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 10:44 PM) ???????? I'm so confused by what you mean by that? Do you think I'm telling you you can't say he sucks? Cause I'm not, I was just telling you I highly disagree. No problem. Lets move on class . . .
  14. ceffa2000

    White Sox Loser

    QUOTE(fathom @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 10:42 PM) Hawk repeats this line very often, stating that Ozzie would have won 2 World Series championships in his first two years if these guys didn't get injured. Thanks. Aaah, the Hawk "if-onlys . . . " Haven't heard him in awhile.
  15. ceffa2000

    White Sox Loser

    QUOTE(TitoMB345 @ Aug 9, 2006 -> 10:37 PM) Are you sure about that? He sucks? Hmm....... Ooo, sorry, is that a swear violation? I didn't read the policy and haven't been psting in awhile.