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  1. Sonik22

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    You're not alone. Favre was my favorite player growing up. We've had Bears season tickets my whole life.
  2. Sonik22

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    I am quite excited. Nice to have some energy come back into the program. A lot of the fan base should be re-energized by this.
  3. Sonik22

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Meanwhile, this Ohio State team has been so hit or miss this year and frustrating to watch. I thought Keyshawn Woods was going to bring so much to the table this year but has a habit of dribbling himself to a corner in close games. This team turns the ball over way too much. Tough remaining schedule, have to win both against Northwestern, and steal at least 2 of the 5 remaining against ranked B1G teams. Sadly, just not sure if they can do it. Losing Potter right before the season killed our depth and the second KWesson gets in foul trouble we get in trouble. I had very low expectations coming into this year so a tourney bid would be a success but I just don't see it with last night's loss. Congrats to you Illini guys though, you are playing great basketball, and it's nice to see it looking like the program is making the turn.
  4. Sonik22

    Job Thread

    I'm actually a recruiter in Accounting and Finance in the Chicago area. I'll be honest that we do mostly work on contract and contract to hire positions but if you're open on opportunity it might be worth a talk. We do occasionally see Direct Placement roles as well too. Feel free to shoot me a DM.
  5. Sonik22

    FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

    Still pissed the USA blew the opportunity and missed it. However, I will watch as many games as I possibly can. Die Mannschaft!
  6. Sonik22

    Sports Media discussion

    I've recently started watching "Good Morning Football" on NFL network in the morning before I leave for work and I really enjoy it. I feel like "Get Up" tries to mimic their model but just does it in a way that is nowhere near as appealing. Completely agree on the no chemistry thing as well. I also notice when I've watched it, somebody will be talking, and then they will pop up a picture in picture of one of the other people as if they will have a reaction but half the time it doesn't even look like they're paying attention.
  7. Sonik22

    2018 Travel Thread

    Seattle is awesome. I was there for 3 nights last July. Def go to Mt Rainier. I spent a day hiking out there and it was absolutely gorgeous. While i was in Seattle it was sunny and 70-80 every day so that helped. It was about 55 degrees up in the mountains during my hike. Do a ferry boat to Bainbridge island and walk around and look at the houses there. Obviously there is tons of fun stuff in downtown Seattle as well and awesome food. One of my favorite things was the observatory deck at the "Smith Tower" which is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle. You pay $20 to take the elevator to the top and there is a really nice cocktail bar/restaurant up there with tons of history and views in every direction. Well worth the money.
  8. Just got home from New Orleans. As a passive wrestling fan I'd like to say how incredible of an experience it was. While it was a very long show, I had such a great time and can't recommend going enough. Ended up grabbing tickets last second to RAW on Monday as well and the environment was so much fun. Also, with Nola being my favorite place in the world, I can't think of a better place to have Wrestlemania. That town is just perfect for it and it was so much fun to be there while all the wrestling tourist were in town for it. Wish they could have it there every year.
  9. I also will be at Wrestlemania. Going with two buddies who love Wrestling and I'm more of a passive fan. Mostly going out of my love for New Orleans, but I am super pumped.
  10. Sonik22

    **2018 Arch Madness**

    Go Dawgs. Limping in to say the least. Really don't like our odds to have to probably beat Missouri State and Alize a 3rd time.
  11. Sonik22

    2017-18 official NBA discussion thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Feb 19, 2018 -> 11:06 AM) I would be fine with just taking the top 16 teams. Conferences be damned Bill Simmons has talked about this multiple times as an idea. Also, with the idea of the bottom 14 teams playing a round robin tourney to get the 15/16 seeds. Which would be awesome.
  12. Sonik22

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Feb 15, 2018 -> 09:06 AM) i see no evidence to the contrary Sean Lloyd won that game. What a half.
  13. Sonik22

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Jan 11, 2018 -> 09:36 PM) Barry Hinson continuing on at SIU. ... Yay or nay? God, I hope not. I don't care about the injury excuse, this team needs a young coach who wants to build their way to a larger Power 5 job.
  14. Sonik22

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Jan 4, 2018 -> 11:37 PM) Im just happy we didnt get the "just like football" chant. But I do like we were picked fr 11th in conference and we are definitely going to outperform that. It's been a lot more fun watching the team this year, I like the energy. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high, but being 3-0 in the B1G is quite nice. I'm still not trying to think of them as a tournament team, but if they come close, those losses to Clemson and Butler with double digit leads are really going to sting.
  15. Sonik22

    2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    College football is both my favorite and least favorite thing in the world. One loss can doom the whole season. That loss to Oklahoma Saturday really sucked. Have to win out to have any chance but I just truly don't feel like JT Barrett is a championship quarterback. OSU has all these blue chippers at WR and can't do anything with them. I'm not sure what Urban is going to do going forward, but its frustrating to watch the same offense that showed up for most of last season and if the secondary doesn't get it together as well, this could be a very disappointing year. Rock, I'm interested to hear what you think about all this. Obviously JT could put up huge numbers the next two weeks and we wouldn't know if a problem is fixed. I also don't think putting Burrow in is the answer. I have no idea if Haskins is ready. There's no way I's want to burn Martell's redshirt either.